Amy Hennig: Atomised development, not crunch, will lead to games industry unions

The outspoken critic of crunch culture says it's driven by passion, and it's up to management to protect developers.

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JKSimmons2217d ago

What a woman! The industry is luck to have her.

MuddyWaters2217d ago

She is again highlighting the problem with the big studios and trying to get the game out in time. The veterans are leaving and wanting to work in a normal environment and without the pressure of producing franchises.

BiggerBoss2217d ago

I don't know what you're saying, bro.

The veterans are the people that we need to continue making great games and franchises.

Amy Hennig hasn't had a lot of luck in the past couple years, but veterans like her are the people we need to make great games and franchises for the future.

MuddyWaters2217d ago

Yes we need veterans but we also need better managers in charge. There is way too much pressure to get games done at a certain release date and budgets have ballooned out of control. Why do you think we see many big star actors do small movie roles?

indysurfn2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Oh Ic she is a director a very high level management position. She says Unions are not the answer. To sum up what she is saying. WE WILL PROTECT THEM FROM US. That is her answer. And no one is picking up on this? Wow just WOW!!!

No wonder the Unions got busted people are falling for the EXACT SAME LINE WORD FOR WORD still.

BiggerBoss2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

The fact that you have so many disagrees is pretty concerning.

Great developers like her are what we need in the gaming industry, despite the fact that she's a woman.

Misogynists can be damned, because she is factually an incredible developer, and honestly, I'm going to buy whatever she's worked on, because she's that damn good.

bluefox7552217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

She's calling for unions. Unions definitely had their place in society in the past, but these days, all they really do is destroy industries.

indysurfn2216d ago

Maybe they are using her (A MANAGEMENT LEVEL PERSON) to stop unions. Just like they did with all other kinds of unions.

BiggerBoss2216d ago

I don't know why you guys are so against unions.

I'm in the film workers union, and they make sure that I'm treated fairly and get good wages.

Non union work exists in my state, but I refuse to take those jobs, because they don't pay well and don't have benefits.

Why do you think unions are bad?

Razzer2216d ago

"She's calling for unions. Unions definitely had their place in society in the past, but these days, all they really do is destroy industries. "

No.....she is not calling for unions.

"I don't think unionising is actually the answer because most people do it out of a passion for what they're doing,"

"I believe that the key creatives that make up the hub of [a project] are going to become more like free agents as they are in the film business," she said. "And I think that will force the change sooner than some sort of unionisation around crunch is going to. "

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AspiringProGenji2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

> Leaves one of the top developers in the world (and that's ok).
> Joins the church of EA to work on her dream project (Of all publishers, EA)
> Talks about how SP games aren't making money and are at risk thanks MP and Twitch (an Obvious EA influence)
> EA closes down Visceral and her game gets back to the drawing Board for not being MP
> Her dream project gets shelved by EA
> Independent is now the way to go for the industry

-Foxtrot2217d ago

After all that though and she wastes her talent on a VR game...I love Amy but is that what she's been reduced to

BiggerBoss2217d ago

I love Amy too bro, but hating on her isn't the answer.

We should encourage her (and great developers like her) to continue making great games instead of selling out to the "games-as-a-service" model.

-Foxtrot2217d ago

How the f*** is that “hating” on her...are you serious?

I’m hating on VR more than anything

rainslacker2217d ago

Henning has done more for the industry during her time in it than most any other developer there is. She has quite literally written the book on the ideal ways to make games, produce them, treat those who work in the industry, and how to not only get, but retain talent within the industry.

Her recent perceived failings may cast shade on her, but never should her accomplishments or place in the industry be questioned. Everyone goes through a rough time. Everyone makes mistakes. But that doesn't lessen their impact on the industry, or mean that she hasn't had direct influence on a great number of developers who deliver us the games we love to play every day.

81BX2217d ago

Cliffy B says different bro bro!

Razzer2217d ago

Nicely put, rainslacker.

"Cliffy B says different bro bro! "

How is that again?

81BX2216d ago

You're just mad she couldn't come up with a glitch that resets your MP stats back to zero.. 2 games in a row mind you

indysurfn2216d ago

Got news for you people like her are high level. They are the face that takes credit for many peoples work. She is the management that is taking advantage of people. And now she is doing the exact same thing other executives did to stop are kill unions. Tell people that Management will protect workers from management. All she is doing is pretending she is not part of the management. SHE IS VERY HIGH LEVEL!

Razzer2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

"You're just mad she couldn't come up with a glitch that resets your MP stats back to zero.. 2 games in a row mind you "

No idea what you are talking about.

rainslacker2216d ago


She has written a lot of literature about the problems with gaming management, and why things don't have to be the way they are. She's very candid about it, and never once proclaimed she isn't guilty of it, because in the end, she has her own producers to answer to.

But unlike some that just complain, she actually does offer solutions, and those solutions she posits in many thesis papers, and through many lectures at trade shows to try and influence change.

She can't cause change, but she more than anyone has been very outspoken about the need for change.

Unfortunately, it's not an issue that can be solved easily. It will take time, and possibly even require that devs unionize. But unionization may not solve the problem, because the industry has to accept the unions authority, and as it stands, most devs are not staying in the industry long enough to make unions effective.

None of that however changes anything she has done or accomplished. Her portfolio work may have not been as impressive in recent years, but she is still an activist for the industry and the devs who work in it. There isn't a game dev student today that doesn't know her name, because she is cited quite often about the ideals that can exist.

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BiggerBoss2217d ago

How is he naive? Amy Hennig is an incredible game developer.

Why are so many people on this site hating on her? I don't get it.

BiggerBoss2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Amy is a great developer, I don't understand why you have disagrees.

I guarantee that whatever she makes in the future will be a great game.

Edit: lots of salty Xbox fans downvoting, lmao

CaptainOmega2217d ago

Why can't PS fans dislike Amy?

BiggerBoss2217d ago


Why don't you actually explain why you dislike her then??

deno2217d ago

I don't dislike her but don't make the woman sound like she's the Miyamoto of gaming. I get it you're a fan and she has done some good work.

BiggerBoss2217d ago


I've LITERALLY said in other comments that I don't think she's Kojima or Miyazaki.

I don't see how that makes it okay for you guys to act like she's garbage though...

CaptainOmega2217d ago

I dislike her direction of Uncharted 3 and the direction she wanted to take 4. I dislike her inability to compromise, and her problem meeting deadlines and making the right decisions.

We can give her credit for what she has done,. But not what she's doing now.