PS Plus Middle East Replaces Heavy Rain With Another Critically Acclaimed Game For PS4

PS Plus users who are in the Middle East might be able to enjoy a better game in place of Heavy Rain because it is not available on their official PlayStation Store.

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Segata201d ago

Nex Machina is outstanding. Every PS4 owner should play it. One of my fave games on the system.

SilverDemon201d ago

We just got byond 2 souls and I believe they shouldn't have given us heavy rain so soon.
For someone who doesn't like these type of games, I believe they should diversify the ps plus games more.
Sticking to one genre for long is would turn off the people who don't like it.

I like ps plus to be diverse and unpredictable.

Yi-Long201d ago

Perhaps the reason for Heavy Rain being a PS+ title this soon after B2S, is because those who claimed B2S in their PSPlus, were then unable to purchase Heavy Rain separately from the store.

B2S was the lesser of the two, so I'm happy we're now getting Heavy Rain, although with my current backlog I doubt I'll play it any time soon.

SilverDemon201d ago

What?? Why couldn't they buy it??

Also, my point is: they shouldn't give us games from the same genre so soon. They should diversify the line up more.

Sticking to one genre is not why people are choosing PS4.
PlayStation was always the place of diversity in gaming. They should show that in ps plus too.

Yi-Long201d ago

@Silver; I agree with that notion, but like I said, in this case perhaps they chose to rush Heavy Rain into the PS+ because of that issue in the Store, where people who had claimed Beyond 2 Souls couldn't buy the game (HR) separately.

Teflon02201d ago

Glad you think like this. When for like 4 or 5 months straight last year they kept giving telltale games and similar titles. I seen alot of praise, but I hate those type of games so for months they gave me a bunch of a genre I don't care at all for smh

SilverDemon201d ago

THANK GOD I'm not the only one who saw that as an issue

paintedgamer1984201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Im very dissapointed with this months ps+... but the way i see it, id take MONTHS of garbage ass games... erm i mean games im not interested in, if it meant we got them out of the way and actually got good games here on out. Or shit... give gamers the option to pay more... to pick their two ps4 free ps+ games every month... id gladly pay 80$ for that.

Exvalos200d ago

That wouldn't work, because Sony still has toboay for those games, and it would be a bit of a waste if idk 1 million choose 1 game, and only 20k picked another for example.

jznrpg200d ago

It changes every month so not a long wait. Also Heavy Rain is better than Beyond IMO

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_LarZen_201d ago

Heavy Rain is fantastic. But guess the alternative isn't bad. Not played it myself by it's scoring good across the board.

m3la0n4g201d ago

I wish I could change the heavy rain to the nex machina.

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The story is too old to be commented.