Snag an extra PS4 DualShock controller in any color of your choosing for just $40

It’s time to stock up on new PS4 controllers because eBay is hawking them at just $40.

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Psychosious936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

Be careful of knockoffs, the stickers will usually tell, if not the lack of responsiveness will assuredly tell you what’s what. Knockoffs are prevalent on eBay, especially at dirt cheap prices like that.

ZombieKiller936d ago

thank you for that. I want a new controller and the $40 is a good deal but I want an official only. I would be PISSED if I got a knock off.

thank you again!

FITgamer936d ago

I've picked authentic controllers on Ebay for cheaper. Also this seller is pretty established and for what it's worth it says "Authorized Sony Dealer - Brand New - Full Warranty".

Psychosious936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

Wasn’t saying anything about the specific seller, and I really doubt you get new PS4 controllers any cheaper. Guess if you’re a coupon clipper, or some junk, but whatever.

Just saying be careful, I got burned on a ps3 controller while back turned me off from eBay electronics.

Silly gameAr936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

What I've noticed is, when youre buying an off brand controller it will usually say in the description or not mention the companies name. If it's official, it will usually say Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, ect in the description. If it doesn't, then it might not be legit.

rainslacker936d ago

While true, $40 for a new DS4 isn't that unheard of. These deals come along every once in a while. Distributor pricing can be kind of cheap if you buy a lot, so sometimes, the sellers just want to make a quick buck, instead of maximizing profit.

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KwietStorm_BLM936d ago

Nope. Getting that Scuf Vantage.

Fist4achin936d ago

They are usually around that price during the holidays if you can hold out that long.