Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus thrives on the Nintendo Switch | Polygon

The compromises worked out for the best.

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BiggerBoss938d ago

Lol, the worst version is better!!

The Doublespeak is real...

michellelynn0976938d ago

It is better. The motion controls are better than the cumbersome sticks.

BiggerBoss938d ago


That is such nonsense that I'm not even going to entertain it.

Everybody knows that sticks are better than motion controls, hence why motion controls have pretty much died as a whole.

Neonridr938d ago

I mean I wouldn't praise the motion controls. But having the whole experience on the go is the defacto standard here. Enjoy playing on your TV. I will play wherever I want. A good chunk of the sacrifices made don't show up on the smaller screen, so I am fine with the lower resolution and some muddier textures. I can play the full game anywhere I want. Yes please.

But I understand the traditional mentality. You're used to being hooked up to your TV with a cable. Freeing yourself has some sacrifices. But it's a great experience in the end.

BiggerBoss938d ago

I get what you're saying, Neon, but the whole "mobile-console" thing just isn't for me, personally.

I understand that a lot of people enjoy that though, so no hate from me.

Prince_TFK938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

How can you play the game on the go on other console, Biggerboss?

“I understand that a lot of people enjoy that though, so no hate from me.”

I could have sworn you are on every Switch article downplaying it though.

BiggerBoss938d ago


My entire argument is that I DON'T want to play the game on the go, because that is the inferior way to play.

Did you really not understand that?

michellelynn0976938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Wrong rabid fan. I have played all three versions have you? If not, then your opinion is moot.

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michellelynn0976938d ago

Thanks on my part. Better controls. Only shallow gamers care about looks.

BiggerBoss938d ago

Better controls? That's hilarious. The Switch version is the worst. It has the advantage of mobility, but that's it.

The_Jackel937d ago

so all those xbox x fans wanking over 4k are shallow gamers?
your words not mine

Psychosious938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Wow, the idiocy of this article. How can a gimped version of anything thrive? It’s like saying my two legged dog is thriving rolling on its side in the dirt.

blawren4938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Your logic is flawed, but you analogy is amusing.

The version is what it is. It is only gimped if you are unfairly comparing it to more powerful non portable systems. If you are a multiconsole owner, then get the game on your preferred system and don't look back, but If I have only a Switch, I don't need to know or care what other consoles have. Same back in the day with SNES and Genesis games, it simply doesn't matter since I can't play those versions. My PC is crap for gaming, but I'm not checking to see how good it could be IF I could play at max performance. Performance on other systems is irrelevant to many...or can be overlooked for the portability/off TV play aspects. I'm more concerned with how good it is on a system I have access to. If a game is fun and runs ok, I'm sold. By all accounts, this is true for this game. That is the mentality that will make a "gimped" version thrive.

StrawberryDiesel420938d ago

Well said. I have all current gen and last gen systems. I could and have played this on my PS Pro but i got it on Switch for portability.

BiggerBoss938d ago

Lol, this version is the WORST version.

It doesn't matter that it's "portable", because it still is the worst version.

Shiken938d ago (Edited 938d ago )


It is the best portable version, worst console version.

If you value portability, Switch is the best version period. If not, get it for PS4 or X1. Not rocket science dude.

Majin-vegeta938d ago going to hell for laughing at this xD

Neonridr938d ago

dude.. have you looked at the size of a switch compared to a ps4? The sheer fact that this thing even runs is like technical wizardry. Do you honestly expect something that is the size of a Galaxy Note (referring to the center section) is going to perform the same as a full fledged console that is 20x the size? Grow up

BiggerBoss938d ago

Of course it isn't going to perform like an Xbox or PS4, but that also means that people shouldn't pretend that it's the "best" version.

It absolutely has certain advantages like portability, but I don't know if that makes it the definitive "best" version.

Neonridr938d ago

@BiggerBoss - well "best" is a subjective term. Maybe best to you is being able to play the game wherever you want. Because wouldn't PC always be the "best" version if you want to talk about graphics and framerates? That would be a closed conversation every single time. PC wins, everyone else go home.

But it doesn't work like that.

Supernintendo85938d ago

Lol when Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 was on the GBA, no one complained that it wasn’t like what we got on consoles. EVERYONE knew what they were getting when they bought it. Idk why this should
Be any different. Playing a AAA game like this in the car, at the waiting room in dr. Office, on a train, plane, wherever, shouldn’t even be compared to anything. It’s portable Wolfenstein 2 if you want it to be. This isn’t going to appeal to those who’ve played it on the more powerful consoles, other than portability in mind or cause they like the pro controller better or they just really like the game or whatever the reason. Like the author says, how cool is it to be able to play a game like that with headphones in bed. Again, the people who don’t see the point, it wasn’t created for.

Derceto938d ago

"when Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 was on the GBA...."

So you're saying that the Switch should be graded on the equivalence of a modern day GBA? Alright.

Biunpe05938d ago

We all will consider that a point missed

Supernintendo85938d ago

Exactly, a missed point. I could throw analogies on here all day but at the end it doesn’t matter. The GBA reference was brought up to prove the point that it doesn’t matter what the game looks like people will still buy it if it’s fun and convenient for them. The same game made on the GBA that looked way worse than it did on its home console competition didn’t bother anyone. And here we are looking at a game with a few textures removed along with other sacrifices and the “powerheads “ are all “ The graphics suck, who would play this game?” Be happy and play those games on your suit up PC or higher and consul of choice. And while I’m waiting be happy and play those games on your souped up PC or higher end console of choice. And while I’m At work on break playing through a “less graphical game”, others who don’t see the point, will have to wait to go back home to play.

bluefox755938d ago

Because no one was making the claim that GBA could play AAA games.

Supernintendo85938d ago

And in fact, the Switch is playing a AAA game. I am missing the point of your comment.

BiggerBoss938d ago


The Switch is playing the absolute worst version of a AAA game. Are you proud of that?

wonderfulmonkeyman937d ago


A version of a multiplat that, not long ago, many here, who hate Nintendo, were INSISTING that the Switch NEEDED TO HAVE, alongside other big-name multiplats, otherwise the system wouldn't sell at all.

And now that it's here, and it's got even the SLIGHTEST amount of support behind it, suddenly, here those same naysayers are, playing two-face by dissing it left and right to try and discourage people.

The naysayers need to take all that hypocrisy and shove off; it's only the "worst version" if someone's a graphics and fps fanatic that can't stand a multiplat doing well on a Nintendo system.

Derceto938d ago

"thrives on the Nintendo Switch" "The compromises worked out..."


Shiken938d ago

I know right? I am laughing so hard at those who thought the game could not run portably. Switch having the beat version on the go has people eating crow so bad, that they look like outright fools trying to act like it is a console only experience. ;)

superchiller937d ago

I think you missed the point, too much Nintendo koolaid obviously.

Shiken937d ago

Why would someone currently playing Horizon Zero Dawn on my PS4 Pro be drinking Nintendo cool aid.

I see you are just as transparent as him however, or you would have had more to add than a stereotypical "cool aid" comment directed at someone who has been an avid Sony fan since the PS2.

CrimsonWing69938d ago

Thrives? Don’t you think you’re getting a little carried away here, Polygon.

wonderfulmonkeyman937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

Not even slightly.
It trades a little bit of graphics for better aiming through gyro, and the only other issue is its framerate being at 30, which quite honestly isn't a deal-breaker for most since we've all gamed through the PS3 era, if not earlier, and are totally okay with/adaptable to 30fps.

For being on a system that is a third of the size of its competition that naturally cannot have equivalent tech in its housing, this game runs WONDERFULLY.
And it deserves sales.

But again, you'll have the haters and the naysayers, who were formerly INSISTING QUITE HEAVILY that Nintendo NEEDS to have these kinds of multiplats, that this game and others like it are "The worst version" and "Don't matter".
Like the bunch of salty haters they are.

superchiller937d ago

"...better aiming through the gyro", LOL. No one wants to play an FPS using lame motion controls, except apparently people who make excuses for Nintendo's mediocre hardware. What a joke!

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