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Written By one of our Freelance Writers - "Personally, I really enjoyed the original game and if you are interested in what I had to say about it, you can head on over here and have a read. But, if you have already got the original game, love it and been looking for a review on the DK expansion, I might have you covered if you enjoy reading my reviews."

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Killlacrusade115d ago

Really Is a shame this didn't sell well due to its current price

michellelynn0976115d ago

Uh what? The game has sold over 2 million already (not counting digital).

The_Jackel115d ago

why can't you link a source as well to show its sold near or over 2mil its easy to say it has but post proof also.

i am one of the ones who bought this game it was more fun then i expected it to be as at the tike wasnt sure how it was going to turn out. i like the turn base style combat was really put together well :)

Prince_TFK114d ago

From Vgchartz it sold 1.97 millions. But if you want a more legitimate source, Eurogamer said it is the best selling third party Switch game b

The_Jackel114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

@kun (if directed at me)
i know what it says on vg chartz im not disputing that.
but a simple link to it in the post (like you have) stating its sold around 2 mil instead of just saying its sold that many would be better as obviously Killa doesnt do research first before posting.

ZeekQuattro115d ago

Did you click on the wrong article or what? lol

Killlacrusade113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

I based my comment on what Skill ups said on his youtube video, don't get why he said that, perhaps "probably" was used, so yeah I'ma dumbass =D Sowi all

Smokehouse115d ago

Hahaha what kind of review is that? It’s just the ratings and a few bullet points lmao. Is something being blocked on my end?

The_Jackel115d ago

maybe try on another device as its got a whole write up about it.

XentaJones112d ago

can you message me with a screenshot you are seeing, and browser you are using, not seen an issue like this, which you are experiancing .