Why I Play Games: Halo - The Future is Looking Bright Once Again

William Kirk at GameCloud writes: "I think it's fair to say Halo isn't what it used to be. I remember a time when Halo was a system seller, and when it was THE reason to invest in Microsoft's foray into the console market. I'm also positive many reading this article will have their own stories of how they first experienced Halo, as well as lots of fond memories playing the multiplayer. So what exactly happened to the series? Well, the most obvious answer is that Bungie moved on to work on Destiny while 343 Industries struggled to ground their continuation of the franchise. For a long time, it's felt like Halo has been trying to recapture its glory days while also chasing industry trends, and it's just never fully worked out. And yet, nevertheless, I still find myself no less excited about the future of the series with the recent announcement of Halo Infinite. There's just something about Halo that sucks me in, something more than nostalgia, and I'd really like to understand what that is."

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Fist4achin703d ago

This article was very well written. I share many points this author has as far as gameplay goes and what the halo franchise has gone through. Halos heyday may have passed especially since there are so many MMO FPS games to choose from. Halo was definitely one that did it well in the beginning and im still a fan!