Todd Howard - Gamelab Legend Award Interview

GameReactor caught up with Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard in Barcelona as he received his Gamelab Legend award to talk about Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls, Starfield, and more.

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F1 24 Q&A - Codemasters Talks AI Improvements, Confirms NVIDIA DLSS 3 (Frame Gen) Support

With two weeks left before the launch of F1 24, Wccftech interviewed Codemasters to discuss some of the improvements fans will find in the game.

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Dfooster7h ago

So it looks like they have abandoned unreal for future iterations of the game and are sticking with ego. So that means no decent VR support on PC and none on console seeing as the ego can't handle it properly. I think I'm done with this franchise it's turned into fifa with a hefty price tag and no innovation from one year to the next. Time for someone else to have a go at this licence


Japan: Nintendo death threats suspect charged by police

Japanese police have charged the man responsible for sending death threats to Nintendo.

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ZeekQuattro2h ago

All that because a canceled event. Dude needs to rethink his life. Videgames ain't that deep.

gold_drake2h ago

i dont quite understand the motivation behind that sorta thing.


Level 1,000 Fallout 76 player advises new and returning players

There are many who want to help out new Vault Dwellers but this level 1,000 player offers the best advice after spending hundreds of hours in the game.

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Shane Kim17h ago

I have an advice. Go outside more.

OtterX16h ago

You wouldn't say that if you lived in a fallout shelter! ;P

Fonsecap15h ago

Save your time and play something else...