Three Terrible Games So Far Released In 2018

Sheriff: "2018 has so far been a good year for video games. The year has seen the release of exciting games like God of War, which successfully reinvented a classic franchise for a new generation.

Furthermore, lovers of video games also experienced the wonder that is Celeste and countless other titles that have made their mark, including Monster Hunter: World, Yakuza 6, and more.

However, we will be taking a critical look at video games that have failed to deliver and left a lot of us disappointed."

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Joshua13165d ago

Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia was a huge let down for me. Thankfully, with season 3 underway, a new SDS game could still be possible. However, what's worrisome is who will be making it.

MasterChief3624164d ago

"This game was the fourth VR title."

Great information, thank you.

Jinger164d ago

I was so disappointed in Bravo Team :( I was really expecting a solid shooter like Rush of Blood from SuperMassive, but they really dropped the ball on that one.

Venox2008164d ago

i heard (if true) that they were doing too many projects at once (including Inpatient)..and over exausted themselves.. well too bad..I still hope that they will make a proper Until Dawn: rush of blood 2.. first one is amazing

Jinger164d ago

Yeah they had like 3 projects going at the same time. It was a lot.

Joshua13164d ago

Surpsingly enough, Bravo Team just got a patch yesterday. Here's the link:

Kinda strange that no other sites commented on this.

Jinger164d ago

It's not even just the bugs that made the game bad... It was just an all around boring and uninspired game.

DELTABOY04164d ago

sea of thieves, state of decay,Dynasty Warriors 9

Rangerman1208164d ago

Those games were mostly disapppointing than "disappointingly terrible". At least those games are actually getting support to this day.

Meanwhile, S2 characters of Seven Deadly Sins KoB are still yet to be even available on the ps store, despite the free quests clearly showing that the models have already been finished. Is like Dragonball FighterZ making us fight Broly and then later force us to wait more 1-2 months just so we can play as that character.

paintedgamer1984164d ago

SOD2 was really broken upon release but at least they have patched most of it... sot is garbage no matter what even tho it released with great performance and great looking graphics for a cell shaded game.

conanlifts164d ago

The first 2 games mentioned have released patches and updates, including new missions etc. They are both pretty good games. Just curious if you have played them?