Ghost of Tsushima Dev On Samurai Specific Features:‘You Want To Be Surprised When You Play The Game’

Sucker Punch's Chris Zimmerman says the studio will showcase more of these features "as time goes on".

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capjacksparrow137d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing more on this game, the graphics were picturesque. I like Sucker Punch's games, and I hope this one is better than their other franchises.

BiggerBoss137d ago

I loved Sly Cooper, and like Infamous, but this game just looks like the next level. I'm hyped beyond belief.

UCForce137d ago

This is major step up from Sucker Punch. From a cartoon game to superhero game to dark,gritty and mature game. I really like that.

Jinger137d ago

I look forward very much to seeing more of this game. The E3 gameplay already sold me, now I just want to know more!

Shiken137d ago

Not me. I want to go into this blind. E3 was all I needed to know that this is day one.

Jinger137d ago

I don't really want story stuff. Just what sort of cool combat stuff we can expect.

Relientk77136d ago

Agree, I love going into games and movies blind. Makes it much better in my opinion.