Crackdown creator David Jones on what his departure means for the franchise

Crackdown series creator David Jones has shed some light on what it means for the long-delayed third entry to the franchise following Epic Games' acquisition of Cloudgine.

Speculation abound following the news that Cloudgine, which provided cornerstone technology for the game's ambitious multiplayer destruction mode, had been sold and Jones would be leaving the Crackdown series along with it.

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gangsta_red1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Interesting...I read from someone on N4G that, "he got fed up of the crap, after so many showings and very few that illustrates why it should be good, or holds up to the original grand claims of the "cloud destruction"". Could this person have been wrong....again.

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darthv721177d ago

My previous comment on this matter was pretty much cloudgine and Reagent's work was done and he went with cloudgine which was bought by Epic. Nothing detrimental like others were speculating and now his interview confirms it. Sumo is finishing it all up to be ready in time for February.

joab7771177d ago

This. Tech was sold and he left with it. I think that’s it. The problems w Crackdown 3 are their own. It just needs to be released. And we can move on.

bolimekurac1177d ago

he explained they dont need cloudgen anymore, now its done through stacks

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KwietStorm_BLM1177d ago

We get it. There's a lot of fools in n4g. The irony of pointing out their foolery ad nauseum isn't lost on me.

gangsta_red1177d ago

It can't be stressed enough

Bhai1176d ago

Yeah, the other day I "vast"ly read a guy proclaiming XB1 was generating more $ than the PS4 hahaha XD !

yomfweeee1177d ago

This article doesn't even address why he left. So, it doesn't prove that person wrong. Don't know why your believing random commentors anyway.

gangsta_red1177d ago

Absolutely positive it does. He over saw the beginning of the tech, managed his portion, it was done, he bounced.

I definitely believe these commentators. They seem to have the inside knowledge on most everything. So I do get surprised from time to time when they're wrong, a lot.

rainslacker1177d ago

I think anyone that puts forth that a game is doomed because someone leaves the project is just an idiot, or worse, a fan boy. Idiots have an excuse for saying stupid things.

Not pointing towards you, just adding my two cents.

yomfweeee1177d ago

You didn't read the part where he said in an ideal world he would have been there to the end? Sounds like he was pushed out or had to leave.

gangsta_red1177d ago

Because his business was bought by Epic and he left to take a position there. He left on his own, he was not pushed out or fired.

In an ideal world I would be a millionaire and have four or five of the baddest dime pieces on deck. Unfortunately i only have three on deck. Things don't always go according to plan hence, "in an ideal world".

NXFather1177d ago

You don't say! I saw that also. Here it is, I found it.

NXFather1177d ago

You'll have to scroll down a little.

dreue1176d ago

Crac is bad game, and ms is doing bad in gaming.... If it was not for sony we wpuld have now only games like forza and shooters and state wich is ok game, sea of thiefs also a bad game....

Gaming4Life19811176d ago

I've always seen you hate everything MS so your hating now is no shock.

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NeoGamer2321177d ago

So essentially, Jones and his studio were just directing and guiding Crackdown 3 at the start, and he says that Sumo Digital have always been the main developers. So, now that the directing and guiding is done they have moved on.

gangsta_red1177d ago

Pretty much...far cry from what we heard in the previous article.

Jinger1177d ago

Sounds about what it means. He came in to direct and establish a foundation for the title, a vision. At least this can be put to bed and no more speculation and "Doom and Gloom" articles about his "Abandoning Crackdown".

Goldby1177d ago

Well anyone who thought he was abandoning probably either didnt read or chose not to read that he went with epic for cloudgine.

And at the same time, abandoning could have different definitions to different people.

To one person abandon could mean running from the sinking ship, while others might see is as someone leaving their vision for a new one.

The latter is where I see it, but not abandoning it in a bad way, just moving on to something new.

letsa_go1177d ago

Who cares about David Jones, really! He left the GTA franchise before GTA 3 came out, and has regretted it ever since. He has been chasing that pot of gold since then, releasing subpar clones like APB: All Points Bulletin. What a crapfest! I personally think Crackdown will be better without him, and it already does look improved since he left.

TheRealTedCruz1177d ago

Sooo ... Crackdown 2 was better than the original?
And nothing cement is to be seen of the third; though he obviously helped direct that one.

So you're basing that the series is better off without him based on ... what?

Jinger1177d ago

You know he created the original Crackdown, right?

letsa_go1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

@Jinger You know Crackdown is a subpar clone of GTA, right? It was average at best. The only reason it sold was because it included the Halo 3 beta.

@SlapHappyJesus I think the series is better off without him based on his work on the original crackdown and APB. And yeah crackdown 2 is worse. What they showed of crackdown 3 at E32018 looks better than when David was working on it. So there you go.

Do I think Crackdown 3 will be amazing? No, but I think it will probably be a solid 7-7.5, based on the extra time being put into it.

And yes I played/completed Crackdown 1 & 2 back when I was an xbox fanboy. I had to take what exclusive scraps I could get back then!

NeoGamer2321176d ago

Crackdown was a cult-hit on X360. True people got it because of the Halo beta, but people also loved the fun in the game.

Jones was behind the first Crackdown and I think his vision for it was good. It wasn't near as serious a game as GTA, it didn't have a ton of RPG choices, but it was just plain shoot'em up fun. Crackdown 2 was better from a controls and camera perspective, but I didn't enjoy it as much as Crackdown 1. I was glad to hear Jones came back to help on Crackdown 3. It seems like he did his thing and now he is gone from the picture which is good. Some people are not the types that stick around through whole projects and there is nothing wrong with that.

I am not sure that there were much exclusive scrap issues with 360 when Crackdown originally shipped. For the first 3-5 years of last generation Microsoft was much stronger with exclusives than Sony was. PS3 was pretty dry over the first three years of its life because of the console cost and the difficulties developers had with slow Blu-ray drives and the awkward architecture of the Cell processor. It was only when MS committed heavily to Kinect and brought in Don Mattrick did they start to slide. And that has lasted through the launch of Xbox One. But, I think there are positive signs with MS right now. They just have to deliver on where it looks like they are going. Gamers will benefit if MS delivers. Whether you are a Sony, Nintendo, or MS console gamer, it is good for all three to be solid competition with each other.

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Kokyu1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

And the BS cloud dream MS tried to push at the begin of the gen.....dies a fire death just like most consumers knew it would.

DialgaMarine1177d ago

I almost miss the “Xbone will be the most powerful console for generations to come thanks to teh powah of teh CLOUD!”

It was so entertaining.

“Azure Cloud makes Xbone more powerful than 4 Nvidia Titans” lol

Jinger1177d ago

What part about this suggests that the Cloud Destruction is not there anymore? I mean unless they're all lying and all the footage we saw of it from 2014-2016 got scrapped. All we know is what we have been told and what we are being told is that the Cloud Destruction is still in the MP as designed.

Kokyu1177d ago

No one said it wasnt there still. Ita juat anywhere near what they claimed it would be. Second its the only game even attempting to do the cloud and its not exactly succeeding and now they have sold off the tech company and the main guy leaves. So again the cloud BS MS tried to push at the beginning of the gen is just that a poof of smoke and mirrors.

Jinger1177d ago


Actually the cloud has been used by quite a few games, but just not on the scale Crackdown 3 promised.

While I do agree that it may not be as grandiose as it was first shown, they have been confirming the construction is still there. And when we saw it last at E3 2016 it still looked great. So if in 2 years of extra development it got a massive downgrade then that will definitely suck.

I am hoping that now that we have now seen 2 showing of the Single Player stuff, we now see gameplay of the MP at Gamescom. I think that will be the only way they can calm fears or at least rip off the band aid of a downgrade before it launches.

letsa_go1177d ago

I remember fanboys saying that Titanfall could only be done on the Xbox One because of the cloud, and the PS4 couldn't handle it. Those were good times for sure!

NeoGamer2321176d ago

Although people like to take shots at MS for their approaches, they aren't usually wrong... They may be early but not wrong. And they have pushed consoles forward.

On X360 MS gambled making the console more network centric and charging for the network. It was ridiculed but Sony adopted trophies because of MS, got onto the network bandwagon, and this generation started to charge for their network.

MS also started expanding consoles into online entertainment apps with the Netflix deal.

Sony not only charged for the network but gave free games which MS adopted from them.

MS did fail with its gamble on Kinect. Not really commercially because Kinect sold a lot for a $100 USD accessory. But, more because they forced people to buy it at the start of the generation.

Gamers said that MS' digital dream wouldn't happen, but today digital sales are well ahead of physical sales now. And now, many industry analysts are predicting the death of physical sales in the 2020 time frame. So, how were they? Really they just tried to do it sooner rather than later.

Gamers said online gaming would never take over, but here we are with Star Wars Battlefront, Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, CoD Black Ops III, etc. being the biggest selling games of the generation and all are online focused. There are single player games that are selling well, but very few are selling at the same levels as the big online games. Again, MS was pushing the industry there, but early.

Sony has PSVR, but last I saw was that something like 4% of PS4 gamers have bought PSVR, and I am not seeing the "next big thing" wave from PSVR. It is relegated to a niche product just like flight sticks and driving wheels. Yes, some games use it, but I haven't seen a bunch of AAA announcements for new PSVR games lately. And neither Nintendo nor Microsoft are jumping on the VR bandwagon in a big way so it can't be doing that hot.

MS may not be making all the right moves, But, they have brought some significant things to the table of console gaming over the past 15 years. Sony definitely makes the best story driven game experiences which is a huge contribution to gaming as well. But, MS is moving the definition and use of a console more forward than Sony is. I am not sure why people hate MS so badly. Sony has made their share of mistakes as well. But, for some reason MS mistakes are so much worse according to Sony gamers.

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Harkins17211177d ago

That Microsoft can't hold on to talent

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obidanshinobi1176d ago

Dave Jones was talented, when Moses wore short pants.
Check out the story of APB.
I'm glad he's left the project.

jznrpg1176d ago

If he’s such shit why did MS have him start the project and guide Sumo in the first place? Maybe MS isn’t the best at judging talent

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