Uncharted creator Amy Hennig has departed EA, and her Star Wars game is "on the shelf"

Today, at the Gamelab conference in Barcelona, Hennig revealed to Eurogamer's Rob Purchese that she had actually parted ways with EA as of January this year and was in the process of starting up her new, independent studio - but had not yet had the chance to announce the change or set the record straight.

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UCForce2210d ago

Oh thank god, I hope she can find her place and creat a new home. I know she will work with some publishers.I think Focus Home Interactive will work for her in my opinion.

-Foxtrot2210d ago

This is such great news

I understand why she went to EA, she had just left ND and they offered her a place doing a Star Wars project, who would say no to that EA or not.

I know people like to think she left ND for EA but that's not the case she was gone before they asked her.

I either hope she finds a place in a Sony studio like Sucker Punch or they open a new one and let her be part of it. Maybe whatever problem she had at ND could be resolved someway, who knows, would be nice to see her back there.

UCForce2210d ago

I think she need to start something small that more focus and more consistent for her and her team. Like i said, she could partner with Focus Home Interactive or Develop Digital.

UCForce2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

She did said that she would love to do some VR stuffs as well. What do you think ?

-Foxtrot2210d ago

I wouldn't want her talented wasted on VR

She hasn't made a game for years, I don't want the first one in a while to be VR based. Such a waste

Muzikguy2210d ago

I don’t know. As tempting as it sounds, people need to start saying no or else the craziness continues. I’d be that person to say no

Skull5212210d ago

She would probably be best suited with her own nanny reality TV show

NewMonday2210d ago

setting up a new studio in her old age and being a woman is not easy. why dose she have to start from scratch this late in her carer? aren't there any unions that look after game developers?

Sony should have given her a chance after they fired her from ND, they need to help her now like they helped Kojima set-up so fast.

one of my favorite video game creators who always pushed the narrative aspects of video games. where are all those SJW websites from her predicament? Amy and those in situations like hers are a real cause to champion instead of Princess Peach.

Hardiman2210d ago

Can you imagine the culture shock of going from Sony and ND to working with EA?!?!

MuddyWaters2210d ago

The truth is we are seeing more and more veterans leave the AAA business, it's just to political and cutthroat. Too much pressure to hit release dates and not enough freedom. Naughty Dog are one of the top developers in the world but they've been known to work to the bone with long hours. The two head people at Naughty Dog (one has now left) likely had their own vision and she respectfully left. You can also tell the pressure to keep delivering hits, this whole generation they have not created a new IP.

With Star Wars there is way too much meddling from those in charge of the license and I bet the backlash over Battlefront II and how EA handled the lootboxes likely meant even more watching eyes on the project. Amy likely wants to be left alone and make the games she wants to make. Look at all the meddling with Star Wars Han Solo movie. It's very hard to work in those conditions so I wish her the best and to stay independent.

BiggerBoss2210d ago

People hate on Amy Hennig, but honestly, Uncharted 3 was my favorite, so I think she's great at what she does.

EA is stupid for letting her go.

Kiwi662210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

Why would she work for another studio when she said that she's opening her own independent studio which is stated in the article

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Lilrizky2210d ago

she could go to that studio that microsoft just made in Santa Monica

1-pwnsause-12210d ago

I have a feeling, that could happen...

UCForce2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

But she is also making VR stuffs which is something that MS isn’t willing to support. Like I said, Focus Home Interactive and Developer Digital would be best suit for her.

Lilrizky2210d ago

@UCForce Microsoft make VR games just not for console.... yet

BiggerBoss2210d ago

I hope she does go to Microsoft, maybe then, they'll actually release a decent action-adventure game.

UCForce2210d ago

But the thing is that, she need something more consistent and more focus for her and her team. I will say this again, Focus Home Interactive or Developer Digital would be a best suit for her. Because these two have provided enough resources to independent developers to make game and she did said that she creating a new independent studio.

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UCForce2210d ago

@Skull521 That’s just insulting.

yellowgerbil2210d ago

she should go to Sony like Kojima did and make a game for them so they'll help her build something. Do one game for Sony and if it succeeds she would be able to be independent without the risk that comes with starting out without a safety net.

BiggerBoss2210d ago

She doesn't have the high profile following that Kojima does.

Don't get me wrong, I love her games, but she's no Kojima.

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CaptainOmega2210d ago

Sounds like she can’t catch a break. Just to think where she is now is because of creative differences on Uncharted 4.

neutralgamer19922210d ago

Sony is said to have started a new studio in San Diego to do more UC games and few of the ex ND developers are there already maybe she can join

I never understood how leaving a stable publisher like Sony and one of the best development house in nd to join Ea made any sense

CaptainOmega2210d ago

I don’t want her working on another Uncharted game.

babadivad2210d ago

"I don’t want her working on another Uncharted game."

Me either. She's talented enough to branch off to something else.

rainslacker2210d ago

She's what would be considered a tip teired dev. Her talent would make her be in high demand. As such, if someone like that doesn't feel fulfilled at one job, or they want more creative freedom to move their career forward more, they'll start to look elsewhere.

neutralgamer19922210d ago


Funny thing is she chose EA because we all know they are known for giving creative freedom

Hardiman2210d ago

Because she was going to get to do a Star Wars game but this is EA we're talking about though!