The Majesty of Video Game Grandeur

Video games are fantastic in many ways, least of which their awe-inspiring penchant for grandeur. How great is it when a game takes time to enjoy the quieter things?

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UCForce111d ago

That demo just amazing. I love the cinematic style and reminds me of old samurai movies. Even Sucker Punch said the story will be fictional, but they done their homework much better than cough”Dice”cough”. There was actually female warriors in Japan who called themselves are Onna-bugeisha. Here :

Even I like how Sucker Punch portrays female not some kind of a “fanservie” type in GOT. Don’t get me wrong, I do like fan service. But this feel refreshing to be honest.

UCForce111d ago

Here another funny thing, the Xbots made a dumb comparison GOT to Ryse Son of Rome in term of gameplay. I was like “facepalm”.