Overwatch hero 28…is a hamster of death

Overwatch's latest hero might just be its most bizarre one yet. Say hello…To a hamster of death.

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-Foxtrot115d ago

Everyone was expecting a Chimp or something along those lines because of Winston but this is just f****** amazing




*mind blown*

UCForce115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

I don’t mind with a Hamster. They are just awesome. And that was surprising.

NiteX115d ago

Wonder if it's a tank or damage.

PhantomS42115d ago

They only thing they seem to focus on now is damage. They will release it and then nerf it the next week making it pretty worthless like they do with all the new characters...Doomfist got the worst of it.

jznrpg115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

All hamsters are hamsters of death. You ever put 2 of them them in a cage together? The next day one will be missing a head and it will be in the others stomach. Well bear hamsters anyway .

Godmars290115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Well, its not like the game actually has - an in game - story...

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The story is too old to be commented.