Hideo Kojima Reveals Information About Damage Censor Tape In Death Stranding

We know very little about Death Stranding at this point. Hideo Kojima has not exactly been very clear about what the game is about, but we have now learned about a brand new gameplay mechanic that will be in the title.

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JokerBoy422201d ago

All the sudden Metal Gear Survive isnt so bad when compaired to this overrated walking simulator. Ugh... I was really looking forward to this when i saw the first trailer with the skeleton soldiers, but the more that is revealed about this the more it becomes apparently clear that this should have just been a movie. I hope im wrong and this game is amazing. Based on what ive seen and fanboyism aside, its just doesnt seem good. If no one knew Kojima made this would it still be this hyped? No. Again, i hope im wrong.

BiggerBoss201d ago

As an ACTUAL Kojima fan, I can't believe that you would think this. Either you're a troll, or a very unintelligent person.

I'm hyped for Death Stranding.

I'm a real Kojima fan, and honestly, people like you can hate all they want, but I'm gonna buy it anyways.

KillZallthebeast201d ago

Let's just say when when he sees a sign that says no rolling he has to check in his wheelchair.

UCForce201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Metal Gear Survive is pretty bad actually. Because it has sub par story, gameplay is major downgrade from MGS V and stupid MT. Kojima did want create a game that was supposed to be finished like MGSV which some content have cut from MGSV. I’m sure Death Stranding will be a complete and polished. I remember MGS1,MGS2,MGS3 and MGS4 were a complete game.

mkis007201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

It is because Kojima made this that people are curious. His pedigree is unquestionable. You have to deserve it. He deserves the benefit of the doubt.

We already know it deals with time as a focus. One of those times is WWII.

justsomeoffdude201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

I love the way this guy is trolling us fans, he knows we're super eager to learn anything about the game and he's giving us info on some tape rather than the plot/premise of the game.. :-D

andibandit200d ago

Tape huh? I wonder what tidbit we are going to get next