Is PlayStation Finally Coming Around to Cross Play

On this week's episode Host Joseph and special guest Tammi talk about Sony and Playstation CEO, Shawn Layden addressing the issue of cross play drama, that has been plaguing PlayStation for over a week. Why, his words have us optimistic for the future of PlayStation and cross play. PUBG inc. Drops their lawsuit with Epic games over possible copyright infringement over Fortnite. GameStop's future is more uncertain then ever. Lastly, the gang address wether Playstation 5, and the Xbox "Scarlett" will be the end of physical media, and the beginning of game streaming.

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rivaldoo777940d ago

Most likely not. They are going to release fornite bundle instead lmao!!!. Idiot who spent more than 300 bucks on f2p game will be seriously wounded and their puzzy will be bleeding lmao!!!

UCForce940d ago

It’s include Save the World mode which isn’t free.

UltraNova940d ago

As long as Epic doesn't deal with Sony in sharing the money gained on PS through skins etc when gamers want to play on another system with all their stuff carrying over then no xplay will not be allowed.

Frankly speaking, this was not the standard. No one expected or was promised cross platform account transfer. If Sony finds a middle ground solution, then good for anyone interested. If not its business as usual.

RauLeCreuset940d ago

UltraNova gets it. This thing Epic has implemented is customer sharing. Don't kid yourselves. If PS4 has 500 users playing Fortnite, Xbox has 200, and Switch has 100, Sony risks losing 500 customers for 300 in return.

Shortsighted people have been attacking us as anti-gamer corporate shills. But if you're smart and pro-gamer, you know that consoles make money by having their customers buy within their ecosystem, sometimes selling the hardware at a loss just to make the money off of subs and content sales on the back end. Mess with that at the risk of Sony's wallet getting a little tighter when it comes to those exclusives, charging their players more in other areas to make up for it, or (worst case) bailing from the console market.

UCForce940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

@UltraNova @RauLeCreuset Another problem that I had stated in my previous comments that I got a lot of disagreements from N4G community.

I’m sorry, but I can not trust the partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft. I just don’t. Because like I said before, It’s usually involves backstabbing and stealing. I still remember how Nintendo stabbed Sony back in 90’s. I think Nintendo will do that again to MS when MS let their guard down or MS will do that to them. I could be wrong, but this business move have hurt so many companies. I will say this again, their partnership won’t last forever.

RauLeCreuset940d ago

It's not even a partnership. It's a cheap PR stunt being hyped up as more substantial than what it is.

UltraNova940d ago

Its a blatantly transparent smear campaign, plain and simple.

UCForce940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

@UltraNova @RauLeCreust People said N4G run by pony and said how toxic they are. But when N4G done with pony, they will be gladly be taken by Xbots and Ninty fanboys because the “partnership” between MS and Nintendo. Isn’t that ironic ?

I can tell you guys that two fanboys will be shocked when one of their company stab each other and they will lose their mind and start another “console war” which will be much worse than the old one.

I have been predicted this back in 2017. Ever since the cross play fiasco of Rocket League began, people started side with MS and Nintendo and blame on Sony which i’m not talking about it, but Xbots and Nintendo saw this and they joined with the crowds not because the boycott, it’s because they want revenge on pony for what pony did to them and they were enjoying this a lot even so they went beyond trolling and death threat.

Even someone like green gangsta who was psycho Xbots have created multiple accounts and started trolling and spamming. Me and others N4G members have reported him and mods finally shut him down for good, but we don’t know when he will come back.

In E3 2018, i already knew MS will “win” E3 before the show started and they did. Not because I was panicked. It’s because I knew this from beginning. I’m not a psychic, but my father taught me about business which I still need to learn more and how the cycle will repeat itself.

That’s it. I have nothing more to say. In the end, that’s up to the gamer, the fanboys and the company to decide what they think and choose their own future.

darthv72940d ago

@UC, What sort of back stabbing do you think is going to transpire? MS isnt being commissioned to make anything for Nintendo. They are simply opening up their online doors for players to come together.

Cross play has already passed the first step which is bridging console and PC players. The logical second step is expanding that reach to include all compatible devices.

TheCommentator939d ago

"No one expected or was promised cross platform account transfer."

"This thing Epic has implemented is customer sharing. Don't kid yourselves. If PS4 has 500 users playing Fortnite, Xbox has 200, and Switch has 100, Sony risks losing 500 customers for 300 in return."

"I’m sorry, but I can not trust the partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft. I just don’t. Because like I said before, It’s usually involves backstabbing and stealing."

"It's a cheap PR stunt being hyped up as more substantial than what it is."

I'm literally crying I laughed so hard!!! Thanks for that, it's super-sad and totally hysterical all at once!

UCForce939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

@darthv72 @Thecommentator it’s everything actually. About cross play with others, Logical step yes, but the business is still remain especially every companies will do anything to become market leader even its good pr or bad pr. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have their own agenda to become the top. Like it or not, Business is War and it will stay that way.

In the next generation, MS will become arrogant again when they are on top of market just like Sony was in PS4 era. After all, every companies can be arrogant when they are on top. Of course, you two won’t believe me and laugh at me and believe MS won’t do anything wrong in the future. You two will let your guard down on MS when sooner or later, they will stab you in the back just like Sony did and it will be too late for you two trying to spin the narrative and create more damage control for MS. Me ? I never let my guard down on Sony, even i’m happy with my PS4 but I do know Sony will screw with consumer somehow just like they did in the past.

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TheCommentator939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

Agreed. From Sony's recent statements, they plan on a solution that will make Playstation fans happy. Judging by the posts I've seen here on the crossplay topic, Playstation fans largely defend Sony's stance so that would mean Sony won't have to do anything. Hopefully Sony is smarter than this though, even if the majority of their fans here are not.

morganfell940d ago

"Is PlayStation Finally Coming Around to Cross Play"

I certainly hope not. And for the persons in the podcast. This issue isn't plaguing Sony. It is plaguing the companies that are unable to leech off their player base.

MuddyWaters940d ago

"I certainly hope not."

Not surprised at all with your response.

"It is plaguing the companies that are unable to leech off their player base."

Actually it could very well be the other way around. Someone could have started playing on mobile or the pc and even bought stuff there but as long as they play just once on PSN Sony forbids them to then be able to play that account on Switch or Xbox One. Sony could be leeching off the mobile and pc players but I guess that is just unfathomable to someone like you. Your true colors keep shining through and through.

letsa_go940d ago

What a drama queen! #triggered LMAOOOOO

940d ago
PowerOfTheCloud940d ago

@granny how are you not banned yet lol ?

I really hope sony shows cojones and won't let their competitors (under the lead of a niche console's manufacturer somehow) dictate how sony has to do business.

If sony gives in, what will be next? A pseudo pro consumer pr campaign to release sony games on the other consoles?

PapaBop940d ago

One of the biggest improvements to the Playstation brand in the last decade has been their online services. Sony have nurtured PSN into what it is today and firmly established themselves as the place to be for console gamers and have been reaping the benefits going by sales figures. Meanwhile Nintendo in the last decade have been chasing soccer moms, kids and that ever elusive casual market.

Now that they have failed spectacularly and are realising the importance of the more traditional gaming market and the shift in online services, they expect those who have worked hard to build their online services to give them access to their playerbase while the Switch's online functionality feels like about eight years behind it's competitors? That's the very definition of leeching to me.

If I was Sony, I'd tell them to go do one, pull their fingers out, improve their online functionality and build up their online playerbase the hard way just like Sony did. Microsoft would have done the exact same thing if it wasn't for the fact they smelt opportunity to put pressure on Sony.

RauLeCreuset940d ago

"Sony could be leeching off the mobile and pc players but I guess that is just unfathomable to someone like you."

It's possible you could have more people jumping from mobile and PC to purchase content on PS4 with the revenue going to Sony. Why would Sony care about that? Their interest is in protecting their business model. It's up to Epic to implement cross-play for their game in a way that respects the agreements they have in place with the various platforms. They could do a one time gift of any content bought on a locked account to a new account, but I never see you raging about that.

Sony isn't obligated to look out for PC (which isn't even a business entity), just like MS and Ninty don't care about Sony's interests when they push this. It's actually pretty slimy for Xbox to be pushing this while reducing the number of their customers who might crossover to a competitor to play and buy content, by locking F2P behind a paywall. It's like the person with a quarter of the pie demanding to share the pie with someone who has half, while at the same time holding out on sharing a portion of their quarter.

XisThatKid939d ago

But the mobile and PC have always been cross compad with PS4

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OB1Biker940d ago

'Is PlayStation Finally Coming Around to Cross Play?'
There was rumours about Sony announcing full cross play before April next year. I believe it will be tied with next gen.
S Layden didn't really say much in the interview though. I feel its just slow news and gaming site have been making a big deal out of this particular case. People really prefer playing Fortnite on the Switch rather than their PS4? I think most people will move on to other games soon tbh

shinoff2183940d ago

I bet the switch version bogs down

wonderfulmonkeyman940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Regardless of where they prefer to play such games, it would still be great if those rumors are true and Sony opens up to it with other consoles again.
That way everyone could go with their console of choice and still hook up with friends.
It's not like exclusives or hardware differences will cease existing if crossplay becomes a thing, so there will always be reasons to own mutiple consoles.

81BX940d ago

That would be great. Would love to play some games with my bro from my X. Adding options isn't a bad thing. As long as they're optional

FinalFantasyFanatic939d ago

It's about time for its popularity to die off, these games don't have the longevity.

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shinoff2183940d ago

This issue is just becoming very annoying. It's because it's not an issue. People still forgetting that ms told sony no last gen is the bigger issue

Ms is only doing this to try and make sony look bad cause they are 50 million consoles sold down. Period. If ms was winning so to say they'd tell sony to f off again. You know it I know it

Imalwaysright940d ago

"ms told sony no " Here is the false narrative that playstation fanboys are trying to use to defend this... again!! Show me one article where it states that Sony asked MS for crossplay. Just one.

UCForce940d ago

@imalwaysright This was way back in 2013 :

wonderfulmonkeyman940d ago

Even if you're right and there's evidence that Microsoft is the one that told Sony no, that still doesn't change the fact that two wrongs do not make a right, and that Sony is not "the bigger man" for keeping away from Crossplay with other consoles just because they're in the lead.

Don't forget that there was once a time when Sony was arrogant enough to tell people that they should just get a second job in order to afford Sony's hardware.
If we don't want Sony to back-slide into that sort of egotistical mind-set, it's our job to be vocal about the positives of crossplay and why Sony shouldn't repeat Microsoft's mistakes, as well as encouraging others, like Nintendo, to do it as often as possible regardless of how popular they become.

81BX940d ago

Dude give it a break. It doesnt matter if its sony, ms, nin. Its pro gamer! Instead of trying to push blame somewhere else take a moment and say... this is for the gamer

Araragifeels 940d ago

Meanwhile you need to pay for XBox live to play Fornite or any Free2Play games but XBox get a pass for such thing.

DerekTweed940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

@shinoff2183 I don't see in that article that Sony asked Microsoft for cross-play. Although it does say that Defiance developers said Microsoft won't allow it and microsoft did reply to the question from the author of the article with

"Because we can't guarantee this level of quality, or control the player experience on other consoles or gaming networks, we currently do not open our network to games that allow this cross-over capability."

I've seen many people claim that Sony asked and Microsoft said no and after many requests for evidence I have still not seen where Sony themselves asked Microsoft.

DerekTweed940d ago

@UCForce that video still doesn't provide the evidence to prove the claim that Microsoft told Sony "to f off"

However, it does say that Microsoft's Xbox Live policy didn't allow cross platform play.

If Sony was really up for allowing it then, why deny it now?

I suspect that if Microsoft had said OK, Sony would have said no anyway.. of course that is just pure speculation on my part.

Imalwaysright939d ago

UCforce and where does it say that Sony asked MS for crossplay?

UCForce939d ago

@Imalwaysright The thing is that MS said that to themselves that they didn’t want cross play with Sony. That’s why Final Fantasy XIV didn’t come to Xbox One.

Imalwaysright939d ago


The thing is bullshit. Sony didn't ask MS for crossplay period and if they did, show me the article.

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wonderfulmonkeyman940d ago

I certainly hope so.
Being more inclusive would not harm Sony's numbers.
If Sony's own placement in the market is so weak that crossplay could harm them instead of help them, then Sony's got more to worry about than they're letting on.
And we all know their placement in the market is anything but weak, so it potentially harming Sony is just a bad excuse at this point.

In fact, I'll just come out and say it; Sony avoiding crossplay isn't helping its players.

The vocal minority group of anti-microsoft and anti-nintendo players within the Playstation community are pressuring Sony, because they think they're too good for crossplay, but that's all it amounts to.

The good players in the community who recognize that crossplay is a good thing and won't harm them, let alone prevent anyone from purchasing a cross-play game for PS4, will eventually drown out the elitist sods who can't stop crying about wanting Sony to keep away from anything other than PC.

Microsoft capitulated after being stupidly against it all last generation.
Sony will come back around to doing it too, because being able to play with ALL of your friends, even the ones that are on different consoles, is a good thing for any game that allows it.

Redemption-64940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Do you have to lie in order to feel better or are you just that ignorant? Did you know Sony has been doing cross play far longer than both MS and Nintendo, and also have more cross play games than both companies? Sony not wanting cross play with Xbox or Switch doesn’t all of a sudden erase all the other cross play games they have. But hey, who cares about facts, when you can openly lie and feel good about it.

wonderfulmonkeyman940d ago

I specifically mentioned consoles and that Sony has been keeping away from crossplay with most anything else aside from PC.
Does it feel that good to move the goalposts so you can throw false accusations at others, or are you just that much of a Sony fanboy?

Being able to play with friends REGARDLESS OF CONSOLE is a good thing.
If that's not specific enough for you, then stop wasting my time, because you just don't get it.

Redemption-64940d ago

In fact, I'll just come out and say it; Sony avoiding crossplay isn't helping its players

And just in case you didn’t know, that is a complete lie. Sony has never avoided cross play. The fact that you made sure a false claim and then go on to contradict yourself shows a luck of understanding. I am simply calling you own on that lie. Plus what did I say that is a lie? That Sony has been doing cross play longer than both companies? And have more cross play games than both companies? I never cared about cross play last gen and don’t care about it now. But I don’t need to lie about it

PoopsMcGee940d ago

There are pros and cons to cross play (and nobody has been mentioning the cons).

-larger pool of players, easier to find matches
-play with friends on other platforms

-produces uneven playing field for multiplayer matches
-network issues for one platform often disrupts the game for other platforms (this occurred to me in Rocket League)

The cons outweigh the pros IMO. Especially considering that I never have problems finding a match in whatever game I'm playing anyway.

Cross play is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. I'd rather have a more even playing field for my multiplayer gaming.

Regardless, there ARE legitimate reasons to not be in favor of cross play. It's not all just fanboy BS

wonderfulmonkeyman940d ago

Finally, someone reasonable.

While I can see where you're coming from, at the same time, I don't agree with the cons being 100% legit.

For the first one, calling it an uneven playing field sounds like an assumption that players on other platforms/consoles are going to have some sort of advantage merely by dint of the console they're playing on.
But, they all use the same inputs and none of them have console-specific advantages in a match where everyone's playing by the same rules.

And for the second, network issues are a thing regardless of the console you play on.
And a lot of them can be attributed to bad connections through P2P, which cannot be helped in any case, or by the servers themselves having some issues if you're playing on one, which isn't the fault of the players and, again, can happen to you regardless of what you play on because no service is perfect.

I'm sure there are exceptions, such as the one you've experienced, but the majority of complaints aren't reasonable ones grounded in good sense.
Most of them are just coming from the vocal minority that hate any console other than Playstation and don't want to intermingle.

81BX940d ago

So let me get this right??? You list 2 pros and 2 cons (what uneven playing field btw?) and your siding with scraping the whole thing because you think they won't fix the network issues (if any)? You have to know that live/psn weren't as stable as they are know, years ago. They had to fix it and adapt.

DerekTweed940d ago

I agree about not needing more player, especially on the more popular games. I've never had an issue on Xbox.

The bigger player pool would benefit developers of smaller games, or extend the life of online games.

shinoff2183940d ago

All my friends have playstation except maybe like 1. Guess what he screwed up his fault. Should have made the intelligent decision and went blue holmes

wonderfulmonkeyman940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

The 'intelligent' decision is having more than one console, even if that one console happens to be a PS4.
Not having a PS4 doesn't make someone unintelligent.XD

81BX940d ago

Lol. None of my friends have a ps4 any more. I'm the only 1 in my group

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PhoenixUp940d ago


PlayStation was one of the pioneers of cross platform play since 2002

wonderfulmonkeyman940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

With how many others outside of PC?

Regardless, the fact of the matter is that they're more against it now, at least in regards to between consoles, than they were last gen.
And that's not a good thing.

fonger08940d ago

I fail to see how anyone could legitimately paint this as a bad thing.

ZaWarudo940d ago

It's N4G, they'll find a way.

wonderfulmonkeyman940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

All it takes is one PS4 fanboy who thinks he's better than any member of any other fanbase.
Which there are sadly too many of to ignore, even if they are still a vocal minority.

fonger08940d ago

It blows my mind that people would argue against a new, cool feature that allows you, the gamer, to do more things... all because someone else is doing it. It's like these kids have indebted themselves with the personal financial gain (there is none) for even the slightest chance (there's not) that their favorite console manufacturer will lose sales. It just never ceases to amaze me.

RauLeCreuset940d ago

Do any of you understand how console manufacturers make money? It's the opposite of inviting their customers to go spend money in their competitor's ecosystem. That gamble works if you stand to gain more customers than you do to lose. Hence why Ninty and MS are for it; Sony against it. I can petulantly demand my local movie theater stop being "anti-consumer" and allow me to bring in outside food instead of paying for their overpriced concessions, with no concern for their business model being based off of selling concessions, but then I'll probably have to look for another place to go watch movies when they have to either jack up the price on their tickets or are forced to close up shop.

fonger08940d ago

I actually fully understand how console manufactures make their money. Console revenue contributes a lot to total sales, however is NOT where their profit comes from. It comes from software and subscription models. If you think, for one second, that Sony is concerned that cross-play is going to lose them console revenue, they are absolutely not. Besides, do people buy consoles for exclusives or to strictly play games with their friends? Not to mention Sony takes a cut of all in game purchases for Fornite, if anything allowing cross-play marketed with the ability to play their exclusives as well will only end up making more money. You're analogy on a movie theater doesn't quiet work in this instance, as why would you be going to a movie theater concerning yourself with the price food vs what you actually came to movie theater for... which is the movie. The food (to my point) is where a theater makes the majority of their money, the movie/gas station (or Playstation) is not where they make their money.

RauLeCreuset940d ago


"It comes from software and subscription models."

Add-on content sales, like subscriptions, are relatively recent additions to that model. It is a distinction without relevance. They use the console to get you buying in their ecosystem, making money on game sales, including add-on content and services like subscriptions.

"If you think, for one second, that Sony is concerned that cross-play is going to lose them console revenue, they are absolutely not."

You say that with such surety based on what exactly? Let you all tell it, they have no reason for doing it except to be mean to "the players."

"Besides, do people buy consoles for exclusives or to strictly play games with their friends?"

How about both and more? Though I imagine the former is a heavier factor, it doesn't eliminate the latter.

"You're analogy on a movie theater doesn't quiet work in this instance..."

It doesn't work (for you), because you're so busy trying to force a 1:1 comparison that you missed the point. It's about understanding the business models that generate revenue.

"The food (to my point) is where a theater makes the majority of their money, the movie/gas station (or Playstation) is not where they make their money."

Do you actually know what percentage of PS revenue is represented by the sale of digital content? You're the only one arguing about the majority. All that matters to Sony is that it be significant enough to justify their current stance, and I'm sure they're not to thrilled to go setting a precedent of opening up their customer base for their competitors. Even better question. How much of a F2P title like Fortnite's revenue comes from add-on sales? And Sony can't even leverage that to get PS+ subs, because unlike MS they don't lock F2P behind a paywall.

fonger08939d ago

If by recent you mean roughly 12 years ago, then sure a recent addition to the model. But none the less a highly profitable addition to the low margin console performances before hand. Closed eco-systems are fading, that's why Sony, themselves have opened up PS Now to multiple devices and different brands to sell that service. ESports is another rising aspect of video gaming, with these... athletes?... umm lets call them competitors... that don't just want to compete against a closed target of players, but everyone. Not to mention there's a "ton" of money to be had in that realm of the market.

I say that Sony isn't concerned to losing console sales to adding cross-play to having worked 13 years now in finance for various hardware/software companies. Tie ins to software working across multiple devices (hardware) increases brand recognition, with also high margin (profit) gains. Google doesn't close their software strictly on the fact that want people to just buy Google phones/devices. They want people to download/buy use their various software programs to market it back as best used* on google devices. Not to mention, essentially no one wants to be in the hardware (electronic) business anymore, if we could sell our services as SaaS or PaaS then believe me they would. Open platforms are the new model.

Bottom line this fad* of fornite will only carry over until the next fad* which most assuredly have some sort of online collaborative aspect to it. Can you honestly say that the gamers that want* to play the fornites or minecrafts of the industry will not choose a PS4 because it has cross-play so that they can play with their friends that almost certainly own a phone or PC vs just wanting to play with a massively smaller community on a single system? More open software choices are rarely a bad thing.

RauLeCreuset939d ago

I did say relatively recent.

I think it's very premature to say Sony is looking to get out of the closed ecosystem model of consoles. PSNow is still a closed ecosystem. The customers are still paying Sony for the content delivered. The Fortnite model makes it possible for me to be introduced to the game on PS4, but later start playing and buying content on the Switch. Sony would be facilitating me spending money that would have gone to them on a competing console.

And yes, there are plenty of people who buy based on what their friends have.

fonger08939d ago


I think this an "Agree to disagree." But, I did enjoy our intellectual debate/conversation... it's so rare to have one on here.

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