Phil Spencer Talks About Working with Japanese Developers and the Next Generation of Xbox

Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer is working closely with Japanese developers, and looking at the future of the Xbox brand.

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XiNatsuDragnel210d ago

Okay I'm excited to "see" results not "talk" about them. But I can't have my pie and eat too. I just need to wait and see.

SuperSonic91210d ago

If he can do just half of what Don Mattrick has done....

Obscure_Observer210d ago


Nah, thanks. Mattrick almost got the Xbox brand sold. Thanks to Phil Spencer and the Xbox team, Xbox is alive and well.

SuperSonic91210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

As usual you do not know what you are talking about.
Don put the Xbox brand on the map.
Don Mattrick's achievements is unparraleled.
Just think about all the Japanese games that used to be exclusive to PkayStation that he was able to scoop from Sony.
GTA, FFXIII, Tekken, etc and exclusives like Lost Oddysey, Blue Dragon etc
Xbox 360 was able to rival the PlayStation during his rule.

Mattrick gained many Spencer lost many

ShottyatLaw210d ago

Apparently it's you who doesn't know what they're talking about. Japanese GTA, huh?

Literally all of your examples were because of Peter Moore, not Mattrick. At least use Google if you're planning to continue your revisionist history.

Mattrick almost ruined the brand beyond repair.

Obscure_Observer210d ago


"As usual you do not know what you are talking about."

No. YOU don´t know what you´re talking about! Where´s Don Mattrick now? As far as i can tell, he´s nowhere to be found the the gaming industry. If he´s so good, why nobody wants him? Because his name spells disaster and nobody wants have any association with that man. Is simple as that.

Tko1111210d ago

Don Mattrick please. Phil was head of first party and the one that brought you those games you spoke on. Yes Donny approved them but Phil made the deals like he is doing now. All those jap games under Donny was because of Phil the head of Xbox 1st party studios at the time.

Auron210d ago

Super Sonic91
You know nothing! mattrick was trash!! Peter More got the games!

Kiwi66210d ago

Lol makes a list of Japanese games yet include one who's devs aren't even based in Japan and has people agree with you which is just as sad

Saranya210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

@SuperSonic91 Don Mattrick? lolololololololololololol Nah.........He's just need an entertainment more than games on Xbox and you know what, Mattrick's teams has never work on games industries.

bouzebbal209d ago

Same story with those guys: wait and see...

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babadivad210d ago

Hopefully Xbox gamers will get another gem like Tales of Vesperia.

babadivad210d ago

Disagrees, Really? So you don't want great games like Vesperia??

mcstorm209d ago

It's an Xbox game so will get disagrees that's what this site is about. I really hope Microsoft can get bac to making some great IPS like we had with the original xbox. Loved the 360 but for me the Xbox had better exclusives that were never carried across to the 360 if we can get some of them on the one and above would be amazing. Also love to see more games aimed at Japan but I still don't see them pushing Sony out any time soon that said it could help them on a pc side which will be interesting to see.

DerekTweed209d ago

No, Sony fanboys don't want Xbox gamers to get "great games like Tales of Vesperia"

I actually don't know if it's great, never heard of it.

Prince_TFK210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

We already get some results with games like Nier and Monster Hunter and the recently reveal Tales of Vesperia remastered.

xfiles2099210d ago

I personally think having Japanese Games on the Xbox will be a waste of time if the Their Fan Base does not support them. Time will tell

MorpheusX210d ago


I'm not a big fan of Japanese Games. I was a huge Sega Dreamcast fan though.

I liked Sega's Japanese games , but was never a fan of Sony's Japanese Games.

The AM development teams for Sega Dreamcast we're producing some unique & fun japanese style game experience.

Xbox 360 seemed to do fine w/o a host of japanese support, I don't necessarily think Xbox1 needs alot of japanese support.

The main audience of Xbox1 prefers Western style games.

mark_parch210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

@XiNatsuDragnel He has already shown results. I know it's still early days but nier automata coming to xbox and enhanced for x is a great start especially since people thought platinum games would have nothing to do with Microsoft after scalebound. and things like shadows die twice, devil may cry and kingdom hearts showing up on Microsoft stage at e3 shows phil is really trying to push Japanese games on xbox. I just hope they sell well across the board

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-Foxtrot210d ago

How’s Lost Odssey 2 coming along?


porkChop210d ago

I would love a sequel. Even a remaster would be nice.

darthv72210d ago

Not gonna lie... I want this so bad. Hopefully he is able to get it and a sequel to Blue Dragon as well.

PiNkFaIrYbOi210d ago

There has already been 2 sequels for Blue Dragon.

gangsta_red210d ago

Seriously, this should have been the first thing to be worked on and announced.

AK91210d ago

Ouch that dog actually hurts my soul

Obscure_Observer210d ago (Edited 210d ago )


"How’s Lost Odssey 2 coming along?"

Why do you care? It´s Phil Spencer talking. The one you like call a liar?

New japanese exclusives will be announced when the time is right.

StormSnooper210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

“When the time is right”? The generation is almost over. All he’s done is talk...

Obscure_Observer210d ago


"The generation is almost over."

What generation? Xbox is done with generations.

"All he’s done is talk..."

And yet he shut the mouth of fanboys. Crow was served.


IRetrouk210d ago

Sorry obscure but no crow has been served, they said the exact same thing at the start of this very gen!! 1 billion invested in first party wasnt it? Yet all we seen was a buyout of Minecraft and a handfull of admittedly sub-par games, micro talk waaay too much and half the stuff is bull, games, cloud power, dx12, the list of things they lied about is crazy, yet there are still people hanging off micros word. Funny people going crazy over cross play etc but ms can lie to their faces all gen? Madness.

StormSnooper209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Soo because MS said “we are done with generations”, it no longer matters that they been under-delivering all generation long?

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343_Guilty_Spark210d ago

Mistwalker has been relegated to mobile games.

DerekTweed209d ago

I've heard these exclusives mentioned but I've never heard of them. Me and all my friends on Xbox never even knew these games existed. Maybe the marketing was non-existent in the UK.

Seems they are backwards compatible, might check them out. (Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon)

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Godmars290210d ago

They're talking up support for the next system, not the XB1.

conanlifts210d ago

I will be very annoyed if the pull the plug on Xbox X in a year or so without any big games.

Eldyraen210d ago

Gears 5, Horizon 4, Motorsport #, Crackdown3, Ori 2... I really don’t know what else yet sadly. Maybe Halo Infinite?

Most of the other games likely won’t be ready until next Console is either released or at least shown off.

IRetrouk210d ago

They wont pull the plug on the x, probably the s but i think the x is safe for now.

S2Killinit209d ago

It wouldnt be out of the question. Microsoft always supports its systems halfway and then focuses on the next console.

conanlifts209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

I am hoping they still support the X . My expectation is that they will redesign the X and release it as a base xbox 2, maybe a slim line version or a bigger HDD or slightly increased CPU speed. But essentially the same console that will become their budget model. Then a premium model which will be a full upgrade and priced similar to the X to offer gamers power. this model I can support. But if they discontinued the X I would not support it, especially as they talked up the X as though it would be supported in the future (no generations etc).

The biggest issue with the X as a base model is likely to be the CPU, everything else would be fine from a hardware point of view.

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Obscure_Observer210d ago


"They're talking up support for the next system, not the XB1."

And it´s gonna be another Xbox One console. In case you forgot, Microsoft is done with traditional generations and all future Xbox consoles will be foward/backwards compatible which means that all games for "Xbox Scarlet" will also run on the Xbox One X a.k.a XB1. ;)

The_Jackel210d ago

easy to be said why is it people talk on here as if its fact... but dont supply the actual facts to prove its facts?

Obscure_Observer210d ago


By Aaron Greenberg:

"We think the future is without console generations,"

The_Jackel210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

see how easy was that!!!! good job man :) proud of you.
i have read that one before and i was talki g in general as alot say stuff and its easy to just post a link also so people can see proof and sorce you read it from

and lolz at Greenberg though, he couldnt orginise a root in a brothal even if they were free. guy talks that much sh*t its hard to beleive anything he says... better to come from spencer or major nelson

obviously not saying thats not what they are doing/facts. i just personally hate greenberg and think he is one person xbox can do without on the team

343_Guilty_Spark210d ago

I think they will drop One moniker

Eldyraen210d ago

Every time they’ve talked about “no more Console generations” it’s been followed by “we think” or “but we’ll see”. “Forward compatibility” has always been followed by “Xbox One Family”. Because the X was in part a test to see how this model would work—their words in many interviews actually. The launch One and S are foreword compatible with the X in this sense.

So if the X doesn’t sell as well as they were expecting or they simply see better viability in releasing an Xbox Two they will basically be making a new generation again next time around. If however they find this model viable, they might just release an Xbox One Y, or some such, that will be the next step in what they “believe” to be the future—or did anyways a couple years ago.

They’ve never outright said that the One is the last hardware family though. Only that they believe it might be.

Obscure_Observer210d ago


"So if the X doesn’t sell as well as they were expecting or they simply see better viability in releasing an Xbox Two they will basically be making a new generation again next time around."

Well, if Amazon´s Best Sellers is anything to go by, i think the Xbox One X is doing extremely well! At least in US, sales performance is Much Much better than Spencer could antecipate since it´s outselling the S by a large margin.

By Phil Spencer:

“The reason Xbox One X was important to us is that we know for that most discerning customer, they want the highest fidelity experience they can get. We are going to sell way more S’s than we will X’s next year. Price point will dictate that. But it doesn’t mean in terms of hours of play, game purchases, the kind of viral network that a person has with their friends and their streaming community…this is a critical customer for us to retain and grow. But nobody should think that of the billion gamers on the planet, that most of those people are going to buy an Xbox One X. That’s not the goal and has never been the goal. We’ve always said it’s a premium console.”

Looks like the X is nothing but a mega hit! ;)

Godmars290210d ago

The XB1/XB1s/XBX aren't going to be made forever. Likewise forward/backward compatibility is only going to do so much. Likewise-likewise if they don't actually use the power of the next system, much like they didn't use the XBX, just used it's higher than PS4/Pro's specs as a PR point, they're going to be in the exact same situation next gen as they are current. Doubly so if they can't manage their studios - or over manage them.

Godmars290209d ago

Again, to be specific, while current Xbox consoles aren't going to be made forever online support likely will. You should be able to play online multiplayer, until the servers for those games are shut down.

Likewise you're not going to be able to play a game from a system that's 2-3 or more gen removed at the same quality of that "future" system. If at all.

As is "future-proofing" is a PR term that has nothing behind it.

S2Killinit209d ago

Does it matter? They are releasing consoles, having people pay for them, then they dont give the support that is traditionally given to a console, and move on to the next console.

Chevalier209d ago

The X is a megahit? Based on what numbers actual facts.....? Right you got conjecture to back up yourself.

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343_Guilty_Spark210d ago

Phil has already stated backward and forward compatibility.

S2Killinit209d ago

Phil also said some other things. Dx12, power of cloud, secret sauce, cant turn it off, etc...

PhoenixUp210d ago

“Speaking about the recent acquisition of five studios announced at E3 2018”

Microsoft acquired 4 studios, not 5. They built the Initiative from the ground by Microsoft Studios like Turn 10.

210d ago
Sciurus_vulgaris210d ago

MS acquired 5 studios, Playground games is made up of two studios.

LandoCalrissiano210d ago

Acquire: buy or obtain. 2. Learn or develop. Acquire is correct.

conanlifts210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

They technically now have 6 extra studios under the MS banner, which is the important thing.

Ninja Theory, Compulsion Games, Playground Games ( 2 studios), Undead Labs, and a brand new Santa-Monica based studio called The Initiative.

Obscure_Observer210d ago


"Microsoft acquired 4 studios, not 5. They built the Initiative from the ground by Microsoft Studios like Turn 10."

More like 5 acquisions and 1 created since Playground Games has a brand new studio working on their Open World Action RPG. ;)

Chevalier209d ago

2 teams doesn't equate to 2 studios. Naughty Dog, Guerilla, Insomniacs for example all have multiple teams working projects and are still a single studio.

morganfell210d ago

"Microsoft acquired 4 studios, not 5. They built the Initiative from the ground by Microsoft Studios like Turn 10."

And Microsoft gained 1 studio that wasn't already making Xbox games, not 5.

Obscure_Observer210d ago


"And Microsoft gained 1 studio that wasn't already making Xbox games, not 5."

Sure, tell us more about those games that only you has knowledge about.

TheCommentator210d ago


Playground has a brand new studio and the Initiative is brand new as well. That's two, not one.

The fact that Ninja Theory and Compulsion won't make games for Sony any more also means that's two more devs gained for exclusivity. They weren't making Xbox exclusives so it's still a gain for MS' 1st party developers.

Undead and the original Playground are the only studios that were "2nd" party devs which only made Xbox games.

PhoenixUp210d ago

@ Sci

Plenty of developers have multiple teams. That doesn’t mean we call them as a numerous entity. Naughty Dog & Guerrilla Games have two teams yet we address them as a singular developer. Same principle applies to Playground.

@ Lando

You can’t acquire a team that didn’t exist prior. Microsoft built the team themselves.

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