Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Already Looking Like A Winner For Switch Players | GB

Smash your way back on stage.

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Neonridr116d ago

definitely one of the games if not THE game of the holidays.

wonderfulmonkeyman115d ago

You can't really go wrong by bringing back every past character ever included in the franchise.

That's how you please 99.8% of a fanbase.

The last .2% is those loonies that wanted characters like Shrek, or the small minority of more sane players who are sad that characters like Waluigi aren't fighters.XD

remixx116115d ago

I just bought a switch finally as the annoucement pushed me over the edge, i repurchased botw, got oddysee and grabbed mk8 deluxe.

They will hold me over till this bomb drops, i havent been this excited for a game since that triple whammy that was horizon, botw and persona 5 all releasing in the same quarter.

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doggo84115d ago

Yeeees! so excited for this game