Why Sony is in Danger of Losing its Audience Before the PS5

Fortnite and E3 suggest Sony is getting over-confident.

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Pancit_Canton937d ago (Edited 937d ago )


Games > Crossplay

Fortunately for Sony, they have both.

naruga937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

Why Gamerevolution is in danger to become crap site ?? .....because they always keep writing baseless , shtty articles with clickbaity titles that are far from reality

To take the audience from PS base you need games (and not just simple games , i mean good games) ...not imaginary, non existant, overrated quarrels of a supposed "dissatisfied" game community

Eonjay937d ago

Next they will be saying PlayStation will die if it doesn't enable Shaeplay to Xbox consoles.

Skull521937d ago

Could be, I remember when Sony said “Next gen doesn’t start until we say it does”

That was followed promptly by selling half as many consoles as the did the generation before.

DialgaMarine937d ago

@Skull And yet, they still eventually outsold the competition console that launched over a year earlier, and supposedly had the better online and exclusives.

937d ago
Skull521937d ago


Are you talking about the 360? The console that sold more than three times as many consoles as its predecessor in comparison?

1/2 vs 3x, that is a six fold difference for comparison.

XabiDaChosenOne937d ago

@Skull 521 "Are you talking about the 360? The console that sold more than three times as many consoles as its predecessor in comparison?"
And still lost.

PepsivsCoke937d ago

@Skull Yes, he is comparing Sony’s worst console generation beating Xbox’s best ever even with a whole year headstart and using tech which for a time was being developed by Sony and IBM.

RauLeCreuset937d ago (Edited 937d ago )


He's talking about Xbox's best gen selling less than PS' worse gen (even with RROD repurchase included). Remind me again. How many Xboxes have sold compared to 360s?

Skull521937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

It was like 25 million for the original and 80 million+ 360s roughly. That equates to massive success for Microsoft.

Selling like 180 million PS2s and only 80+ million PS3s equate to a massive failure for Sony.

I’m not sure how selling a fraction as many consoles from one gen to the next constitutes a win but that is Sony fanboy logic for you.

Alucard_420937d ago

let me remind you Skull the OG xbox is one of the shortest lifecycle of any consoles made, it was even shorter then the WII U. So to say that the 360 sold way more then the OG xbox is not much of an accomplishment as that would not be that hard to do if you make a proper console.

ClanPsi1937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

@Skull521 "It was like 25 million for the original and 80 million+ 360s roughly."

And over half of those were re-buys because of RROD. They actually sold to only 30~35 million households. Still a better ratio than Sony, but nothing to brag about. Actually, those are numbers that they should probably hide.

Skull521937d ago

RRoD was a fairly widespread problem, but Sony fans like to ignore the faulty disc drives in PS2s. I didn’t know a single PS2 owner that didn’t get dirty disc errors and have to send them back to Sony for repair. Far more of a problem then RRoD, and Microsoft remedied it with an extended warranty for 3 years. Sony just let people buy the new slim model instead or made them pay for the repair.

RauLeCreuset937d ago


I'm sure you understood the first time, but how many Xboxes (not OG Xboxes) have sold compared to the 360? But if you want to insist on invoking first gen systems, how many PS2s sold compared to OG Xboxes? How many PSXs sold compared to any Xbox system? What gen has Xbox ever won, because PS won the first one it ever entered against two established powerhouses in the market. Come on, now. You're calling others fanboys, but only a blind fanboy would be silly enough to try to fight the fight you're picking to fight.

RauLeCreuset937d ago

You can't be serious. You're trying to give Xbox points for getting stomped so badly in their previous outing while holding PS' success against it. You're killing whatever credibility you had left.

Ceaser9857361937d ago

Its funny how Xbox fanboys can't accept their failure and try their best to downplay PS.. Carry on trolling. We gonna enjoy the best games on the PS4.

UCForce937d ago

@Skull521 What happen when MS and Nintendo become arrogant again ? How would you react ? The thing is that MS and Nintendo have been arrogant with their Xbox 360 and Wii. I can bet they will become arrogant again in the next generation. About MS working with NT, good luck with that. Because i’m sure Nintendo will stab MS in the back just like they did to Sony back in 90’s.

UltraNova936d ago (Edited 936d ago )


Any logical person that happens to prefer the xbox, would realize at some point, that talking about consoles sold (no you apparently can not have guessed it) not in his/her favour and only helps accentuate this gen's loss of any and all market share gained during last gen by team xbox. Gone, puff, eradicated.

Congrats, you have officially sunk to a new low...and the even sadder part is that you haven't even realized it.

bouzebbal936d ago

Media not only are stupid for the most part but they draw the conclusions they want..
As long as Sony brings the games and powerful systems at the best price , they shouldn't worry.

Sony themselves have proven this this gen in NA where xbox is king.

Death936d ago

The console that “wins” shouldn’t be based on sales numbers, it should be based on the enjoyment you get from it. More people clearly enjoy PlayStation, but that doesn’t mean for some Xbox isnt the better choice. For others Nintendo is best. Is this really that hard to understand?

subtenko936d ago

Dude these stupid idiodic game sites are becoming as dumb as the news. FTS crap people and crap sites invading gaming I wish they would GTFO! I would take Jack Thompson over this BS!

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-Foxtrot937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

If people decided to leave Sony and the PS consoles behind because of cross play despite all the support they give us in terms of games and exclusives then I honestly don't know what to say

I understand if the cross play games were big hitters like COD, Battlefield, Titanfall, Destiny, Fallout 76, Doom, GTAV and the like but it's's Minecraft and Fortnite

rainslacker936d ago

Even if it was those big games, most people don't play across multiple consoles. The multi-platform owner is a pretty small percentage of the market. Of those that own multiple platforms, PC and handheld tend to be more prevalent than having something like xbox and PS, because Xbox and PS are basically the same console outside of the exclusives.

People haven't been clamoring for cross play with those games despite the feature being available long before MS decided to make a fuss about it. I can't really see why people are making such a big deal about it now, which leads me to believe that the only reason there is such a fuss is because of console war arguments..

Aenea936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

Ehhh, you're being a tad silly, Fortnite is really huge right now, probably earns Epic more than the other games at this moment...

But I do agree, who in their right mind would go "what? no cross-play? ok, no PS5 for me, I go with Xbox!", that's just silly...


This is not about multi console owners, they wouldn't complain, they can play with anyone they want anyways. No, it's about the people who own console X and want to play with their friends on Y and Z...

And yes, nobody before this gen talked about it all that much, it's MS that stoked the fire, it died down a lot then the Fortnite on Switch thing happened and that is not even a cross-play issue but a cross-save issue that normally none of the big companies allow (except somehow for Fortnite they are ok with it, probably to take jabs at Sony)...

TorpeAlex936d ago

You're completely delusional if you don't think Fortnite is a big hitter.

morganfell937d ago

What game only took 6 days to become the most watched game on Twitch? Wasn't that a game about robots or something? Who made that game? What about that other game that came out recently. Some god guy with a boy? Did that game bomb?

Gamerevolution? Try evolution and get your Darwin on and join the 21st century. Bland, unimaginative, and wholly incorrect assumptions from a site that defines wasted click syndrome.

pinkcrocodile75937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

@morganfell - Hey just breathe!

OK, I liken this article to the following scenario.

Your best mate working with you is a brilliant programmer just like you, and he continuously pumps out fantastic code. However each time he does so, he becomes a little more arrogant and a little less inclined to listen to advice or consider the views of his programs users when things could be better.

Over time, the more successful his programs become are only equaled by his view that his software and platforms are perfect and "who the hell are you, to tell me what my users need, I'm the developer and they'll do as there told"

OK, this is an extreme example, but you can see my point. With great success, a little humiliy goes a long way and in Sony's case, they have been good at that up until the end of last year.... In my view that is

dragon_rocks937d ago


Nothing will be impacted as long as the excellent programs he is writing continues to bring in the money and continues to satisfy the majority of users who use them. Also, he is not being arrogant to all his co-workers, only those who used to be arrogant before and have lost their touch now.

rainslacker936d ago (Edited 936d ago )


In that scenario, if the programmer keeps being successful to the point that they can do no wrong, then why would anyone have to tell them to do things differently if the people are buying their products and liking what they have? And that's the point here. People are saying Sony is anti-consumer. That they're cocky. Yet, Sony is delivering some damn good games, on a more than sufficient system at a reasonable price.

If Sony is confident, then they have earned that right, and to date, they are simply doing the things which are making them popular....and that's making games. So long as they keep doing that, they'll keep being popular. People are going to have a much more lasing impression because of those games, than they are about a feature that isn't that in demand, and not even really expected. I have no doubt that if Sony stopped delivering the games, that they would receive plenty of flack. They certainly get it when they have games with the whole "sony has no games" thing.

Even with the feature being available between PC and PS for over a decade now, with a couple thousand games being released in that whole time, there are less than 5% of games that actually implement the feature. Publishers don't care that much. Very few devs care about it. Most gamers don't ask for it, nor care if it isn't there, and really don't make a fuss when it is there. The number of gamers that would base a console buying decision on it number in the hundreds, and it would be really stupid to make it a major consideration in a console purchase.

Using your analogy, it's the less successful programmer who is acting like the one programmer is doing something wrong, and it's based on a bias view that they should somehow be just as successful, despite not doing the same amount of work, or being as talented.

Pancit_Canton937d ago

I would probably start abandoning Sony and the PlayStation if they started selling dolls and cardboard instead of games.

StormSnooper937d ago

They have to write about something I guess.

SuperSonic91937d ago

Nevermind it GameRevolution...

Aceman18937d ago

Yea I'm not dropping their console since they offer me the games I love to play, really "gaming media" really.

neutralgamer1992937d ago (Edited 937d ago )


it amazes me how ps4 has twice the number of titles that offer cross play yet sony is against cross play

it amazes me that sony lets you play free to play games without requiring you to sign up for psn plus yet they are anti consumer

i guess backwards compatibility is so important that xbox one is outselling the ps4 oh wait, what about cross play, gamepass, ea access? what is that do you mean to tell me none of these features are game changing or system selling. I know it's hard for fanboys to understand the fact games matter on a gaming consoles not features

switch/xbox one combined maybe 45-50 million

ps4 80 million and more with cross play offered with pc gamers

it wouldn't surprise me if MS is paying these journalists to bash on PS4 it's not like they didn't do and were caught few years ago

who has the best exclusives
who has the most exclusives
who offers the most diverse lineup of exclusives
who actually sells world wide and offers games from all around the globe

rainslacker936d ago

Sadly, MS doesn't have to pay to have people write this kind of tripe. They care more about getting clicks than actually supporting the industry or benefiting their readers. They think their opinions are more important than they are. Dare I say that many of them are....what's the word...."cocky".

jznrpg936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

@rain but they do pay and he could be one of them

hulk_bash1987937d ago

They are definitely not losing me as an avid PS gamer since the original PS1. I dont play Fortnite alot, but I do think they should change their policy to at the very least not lock other service accounts from being accessed on other platforms.

GTgamer937d ago

We ain't going nowhere and not be able to play the next God of War mannnnn get this corny article out of her

REDDURT937d ago

Avid PlayStation fan and no cross play I will buy a Xbox.

PepsivsCoke937d ago

You’ll spend around $300 or more (system and Xbox live) just to play one game with some Nintendo users? Wow! Buy a Nintendo. They have games.

ZeroX9876937d ago

useless article. As if PS fans would switch to another console because of crossplay!
Sure I would love having it as a feature, but the PS5 will be in my home alongside the PS4,PS3, etc. crossplay or not

oasdada937d ago

Ok so when ure having an 11/10 e3 for sime years then u have an 8/10 e3 suddenly ur in danger wow.. And besides that awkward transition at the start of sony e3 the games were awesome.. And can some one remind me again how trying to experiment with the format makes sony over confident.. Then what would u call EA? And following such rules EA wouldnt exist by now

DivineAssault 937d ago

This manufactured outrage is entertaining though. All these people flipping out that the market share leader doesnt want influence from the competition. 80million PS4 owners hearing from 60million switch+xb1 owners talk about how much cooler F2P/indies are to play together? Nah... Sony doesnt need to bother & personally I dont care to play against them in those games. Or any game for that matter. My mic is usually off when i play online unless its with personal friends any damn way. If its such a huge deal, they can close their eyes & pretend theyre playing with other console owners. Playing just one PS4 exclusive one time is more important to me than cross play with Fortnite, Rocket League, etc.

rainslacker936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

Absolutely hilarious that these sites think that this whole Fortnite thing will matter in a year or two when Sony finally announces the PS5. Do they really think that gamers have such a long memory? Do they really think that there are millions upon millions of people that will somehow care about cross play when this issue hasn't been a factor at all for the past two years to Sony's sales.

Sony for the past couple years has shown and delivered some of the best looking games this gen. They've delivered hit after hit of highly acclaimed games, and still have people excited for what's to come. That's going to mean a lot more than Sony denying cross play, or apparently refusing to allow Epic to do cross progression with other platforms.

This is the 3rd article in two weeks saying Sony is getting over-confident. But all I really see Sony doing is delivering games. That isn't cocky, that's just what they do. They haven't talked about any of these issues to be able to say they've become arrogant, because their reasons for doing, or not doing, these other things are unknown, and it's pure speculation that it's being done from a position of arrogance.

imtiyaz6936d ago

What’s with all this anti-ps media coverage since e3? It’s like 2007 all over again

Christopher936d ago

You people should know that the audience being discussed here isn't fans who will buy Sony for their games, but the people who previously abandoned Microsoft to move to PS4 this generation who have no issues doing the same next generation with PS5 to go back to Microsoft if they have the better deals.

trooper_936d ago

My God, this crossplay nonsense is going WAY TOO FAR now.

Why was this not a big deal last gen? Why all of a sudden there's this fake outcry over crossplay?

It's getting really stupid now.

Muzikguy936d ago

These sites don’t get it. Just because you jump on something trying to make an issue of it, doesn’t make you a worthy site. Making an issue out of notiing is desperation

Babadook7936d ago

I guess Sony hasn’t done so well lately. Strange, and I thought games were what mattered. Lol

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Thatguy-310937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

LOL keep reaching. If they were in danger of losing its audience they wouldn't be outselling the competition in the rate they've been doing this yr.

supes_24936d ago

I took the bait, I'm guilty. SMH

letsa_go937d ago

I think Microsoft is offering creative writing courses with Office now or something! Earn points for every anti sony article you write!!

monkeyfox937d ago

I was just thinking this. Feels like the Microsoft /xbox /American propaganda machine is in full swing!

fiveby9937d ago

Sony is in trouble of losing it's audience by delivering a great platform and great games? Really? Where is everyone gonna go? MS's ecosystem? Don't make me laugh.

Davidgr2937d ago

You're right, PS4 outsold Xbox One and Switch in the US alone. PS4 keeps outselling the competition globally since launch. I'm sure all those people bought a PS4 to play God of War or other awesome PS exclusives and not overrated Free to Play still on BETA Fortnite.

DivineAssault 937d ago

Sony would be giving the competition more exposure by allowing crossplay with them. 80million PS4 owners hearing from a combined 60million switch/xb1 owners. Nah, sony is in a great place. Theyre not perfect but theyre the best console maker if you like a variety of genres. "Im trading in my PS4 & missing out on Spider-Man because i wanna play Fortnite with even more people." /S SMMFH

G3ng4r936d ago

Because they've never lost any of their audience before right? Keep clutching that pillow until your dedicated lot are all that's left.

Dragonscale936d ago

They won't lose anyone over xplay or bc. With all your comments lately it seems you are biting your pillow not just clutching it lol.

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2pacalypsenow937d ago


PS4 is still outselling the Switch and Xbox, people don't care about crossplay as much as they want you to believe it does.

At least not enough to sway people away from PlayStation.

paintedgamer1984937d ago


This month its sony is anti consumer because of this... next month it will be some other form of mud slinging... just makes ms look extremely desperate outside of xbox fanboys.

REDDURT937d ago

People do care it’s late in the generation .