The Top 10 Underrated PS2 Games

The PlayStation 2 was a true powerhouse when it come to both entertaining and experimental video games. FunstockRetro take a look at 10 lesser-known titles worth checking out!

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Movefasta1993202d ago

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams and Genji. Genji 2 is trash but anybody who played the excellent original would probably agree with me.

NovusTerminus202d ago

Genji was an amazing game, and yeah, the second one was one of the biggest disappointments I've ever played.

DialgaMarine202d ago

Never played Genji, but was 2 the one with the historically accurate giant enemy crab?

solideagle202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Shadow Hearts 2 is underrated in the underrated list of games

shuvam09202d ago

True. Genji felt clunky and fluid all at the same time lol...

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morganfell202d ago

Agreed. And to that I will add Cold Winter.

TheSplooge202d ago

Man i remember the getaway. I always wondered how you heal and it took me forever to realize that leaning up against a wall did just that 😅

Xb1ps4202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Midnight club

How can manhunt not be on the list

KwietStorm202d ago

Because there's nothing underrated about Manhunt. That game was the shit and people knew it.

shuvam09202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

PS2 man...
That console could do with Top 100 american, european, japanese, underrated, exclusive games list all at the same time...
Gaming will never be the same again...

And I'd add State of Emergency, Oni to that list...

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Iceball2000202d ago

Dead to Rights
Smugglers Run
The Getaway

Ps1 game: Worlds Scariest Police Chases

crazychris4124202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Jaws Unleashed and were getting somewhat of a spiritual successor on PC called Maneater

Eiyuuou202d ago

That game was one of my guilty pleasures as a child.

gutteranthems202d ago

all of them. Bring me back to the days when games weren't online and have hidden charges.

Imalwaysright202d ago

It was the golden age of console gaming.

As for this article Blood will Tell, Second Sight, Mark of Kri, SMT Digital Devil Saga and many more.

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The story is too old to be commented.