If Nintendo 64 Classic Gets Released, These Games Need To Be Included

On this day last year Nintendo released news on the SNES Classic console and with that being said are Nintendo fans in store for another classic console news drop? Nintendo 64 seems to be the next in line to receive a mini console and hopefully the rumors are true. The Nintendo 64 is one of my favorite consoles of all time and has harvested some of the greatest gaming moments of my life!

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Neonridr202d ago

Any Rare game, aside from DK64, might have issues showing up. Unless some sort of licensing can be worked out. Not entirely sure who actually owns the rights to Goldeneye.

JROCKNXL202d ago

Can they even release it without Goldeneye though?

Neonridr202d ago

I mean I would hope that Nintendo could work out any issues and ensure that one of the premier N64 titles shows up.

JROCKNXL202d ago

it wouldn't be the same!

darthv72202d ago

well, who knows. Maybe this little collaboration between MS and N will lead to that happening. Having an N64 mini with conker, Perfect Dark and the sort would be pretty cool.

mkis007202d ago

Pretty much the only collab With MS and Nintendo I care about. I want that ,already finished, remaster of Goldeneye.

iofhua202d ago

I agree 100% with Perfect Dark 64. If they get even just one Rare game, it has to be that.

Both Zeldas have to be in there for sure.

I would rather have Turok 2 than Turok 1.

Paper Mario would be nice.

I have a lot of games from my collection I would want added, but probably weren't as popular. Hopefully they can be side-loaded.

Neonridr202d ago

Blast Corps, huge fan of that game. I know it's another Rare title, so again, up in the air there.

Evilryusam202d ago

no if it has to be one rare game it has to be banjo & kazooie.

FernDiggidy201d ago

Donkey Kong 64, Jet Force Gemini...

Geobros202d ago

Yes and yes!! Nice list. I would add Goemon 1 as it was one of my favorite games on console, very underrated.

Chaosdreams202d ago

I find your lack of F-Zero X, disturbing.

FallenAngel1984202d ago

I wonder if Nintendo would dare release a miniature version of the N64 controller

JROCKNXL202d ago

I really hope they dont lol

rpgenius420202d ago

The other two mini systems had normal sized controllers so why would they make this one small? I think it will be normal size.

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The story is too old to be commented.