Media Create Sales: 6/18/18 – 6/24/18

Mario Tennis Aces sold 123,774 retail copies during its first week of sales in Japan, the latest Media Create sales figures reveal.

Also new last week, New Gundam Breaker debuted at 63,790 retail sales and the physical edition of Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition debuted at 61,764 sales.

On the hardware side, Switch sold 48,944 units, the PlayStation 4 family sold 20,295 units, and the 3DS family sold 6,812 units.

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Neonridr1090d ago

8 of the top 10 belong to the Switch. Man it's steamrolling over in Japan. Nice debut for Mario Tennis. Solid start for New Gundam Breaker on the PS4 too.

Lime1231090d ago

Why I only see you in Japanese sales treads?

Neonridr1090d ago

you mean like yourself? I comment in so many articles. You only show up if Sony has a good month here or there.

Geobros1090d ago

Great numbers for Nintendo in Japan! Nintendo Switch is a great console and the japanese know it. I hope to see similar numbers in the rest of the world too.

Kribwalker1090d ago

the switch has definitely been killing it since release in japan

Lime1231090d ago

….while Xbox One is still waiting for 100 000 LTD

Lime1231090d ago

PS4 outsold Switch last 4 months in US, and in Europe is even worse.

Neonridr1090d ago

It's not like the Switch isn't selling extremely well in the US or Europe. Japan just happens to be its best market, but that's how it's almost always been for Nintendo. Look at the 3DS sales in Japan compared to the rest of the world, they account for nearly 50%.

michellelynn09761090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

I know like the Switch outsold the PS4 for six months last year and Pokemon and Smash are coming. And the Switch is catching on in Europe. And what was number 1 in the UK? And the Switch is outpacing what the PS4 was doing at this point in it's cycle. Really must hurt your feelings huh? Grow up.

Prince_TFK1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

Congratulations to Mario Tennis. First it was too of UK sale chart now it is also the top in Japan chart. Glad to see many people enjoy it.

michellelynn09761090d ago

Mario Tennis could have a 400-500k debut week, wow. I expcet Octopath to have a bigger debut.

Prince_TFK1090d ago

Octopath will be huge in Japan. I personally can’t wait for that game.

Zeldafan641090d ago

I think Octopath will be a million seller in every region.

michellelynn09761090d ago

Oh I know. Both games will be huge.

ZeekQuattro1090d ago

Nice rebound for Mario Tennis after the last one bombed. I don't normally care for sports games and I'm tempted to buy it. It looks like a lot of fun. Another solid week for the Switch in Japan. Its going to be really interesting once Octopath, Yokai Watch 4, Pokemon and Smash Bros Ultimate come out in Japan.