Top 5: I can't believe I bought that - Wii games.

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Any time a video game console becomes as popular as the Nintendo Wii has in such a short time, surely it can't help but be plagued with a bit of Shovelware. But not every game that we buy and don't like is Shovelware. Sometimes we get tricked into buying a halfway decent game that just wasn't what it was made out to be. After we play such a game we're pissed that we've bought it because it just wasn't worth anywhere near as much as we paid for it. Here are the top 5 Non-Shovelware games that many of us wish we hadn't bought:

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ChickeyCantor5267d ago (Edited 5267d ago )

"and graphics only slightly better than the DS is capable of was made for core gamers so I supported it."

Thats like saying Street fighter HD remix is slightly better in graphics over the SNES version....I's called a freaking artsyle idiot.

Wario on the Wii is like HD compared to DS graphics...
Overall his reasons are shyte

Mr Fancy Pants5267d ago

well in fact you're totally wrong here. high resolution sprites and high resolution backgrounds = better visual = better graphics. SF HD remix has the same art style as it's predecessor or you see any difference here?

something like Street Fighter IV well that's not only different graphics but different art style too.

ChickeyCantor5267d ago (Edited 5267d ago )

Holy crap, where the hell did i say otherwise?

WTF are you trying to contradict?

Mahr5267d ago

"Super Paper Mario"

Revise and resubmit.

Shaka2K65267d ago

Yeah what is what everybody says after they buy a wii even the most stupid of nintendo fankids hehe!

ape0075267d ago (Edited 5267d ago )

super paper mario is an awesome game imo

another hater

red steel,pokemon and dragonball sucks,they should be released in 2001

JonahNL5267d ago

This is the most ridiculous list ever, Super Paper Mario was awesome, Don't regret buying it at all. Same goes for Wario Land: Shake It. Haven't had that much 2D fun in quite a while!

Mini Mario5267d ago

yeh more 2D please nintendo...i miss em! Another 2D metroid would be nice

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