GameStop to get into comics, but should trade-in itself for a fistful of dirt


After the news broke that troubled retailer GameStop was considering a buyout, I entered into a phase of deep self-reflection. We had just lost Toys R Us, are we ready to lose another staple of pop culture and gaming brick and mortar?

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MasterChief3624116d ago

If they're trying to break into a new market that is flourishing, comics are not the way to do it. Yes, superhero figures and movies sell like hotcakes. But the actual comic book market is on the downturn. It seems all the life and money that comics used to have is now aimed at the movies. For a market that has been around for the better part of a century, it is in a very volatile position right now. So it would be unwise to invest, in my opinion.

PhantomS42116d ago

Honestly, as long as they don't try to mark up new prices and keep them in the sleeves then I'm not mad. The only comic book store in my town closed a year ago and I'm not paying for shipping and waiting a week for new comics and the closest store is an hour and a half away.

indysurfn116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

isn't this the second time they will be selling comic books. Wow. At any rate Walmart and Bestbuy entered the used games industry over 8 years ago, and for the first time they had real competition. And on top Amazon gives consistent deals better than them. With bad customer relations for people feeling fleeced this may spell a hard slow death for them. via circuit city!

SierraGuy116d ago

They should just go digital also.

Inzo115d ago

I am a big comic book fan or at least I used to be before the SJW's got a hold of the industry and brought it to the brink of imploding on itself but I believe there is still hope for it because luckily there are comic book pro's like Ethan van Sciver and Richard Meyer who are flipping the SJW industry on its head and bringing back comic books to what it should be.

Null1980116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Funny enough, Toys'R'US is still alive and kicking here where I live overseas. (Portugal) Many people still use it, we still go for our daughter. (I'm from the States originally until my 30's, so I know the importance of growing up a Toys'R'Us kid) There aren't really any better options for toys. Portugal does not have an Amazon of its own: (YET. It's coming) The closest we can order is from Spain or France.

On the flip side of the States, Gamestop already died off a number of years ago in our country. (6 years now, I think?) They couldn't compete with the bigger outlets like FNAC or Worten who began doing used games. (on their websites also) But the real killer is that digital games are often cheaper for people here. €69.99 (about $81.50. I've seen it fluctuate as high as $92) for new releases in the stores. (Usually the same on PSN at launch), but then PSN does WAY better discounts for this country than the stores do.

Myself, I still use my American accounts for PSN and Steam/Microsft PC games. Makes more sense for me, as the lower dollar makes the games cheaper than buying them in euros here.

So basically, in my circumstance, I have become an all digital gamer this gen out of necessity and huge savings. I have bought exactly 1 physical game and that was because it was on such a ridiculously cheap clearance. (I'm also probably one of the last people still using my Vita for Remote play on my PS4! lol I love being able to scroll through the 3TB of games I have installed. No disc changing. I also Remote Play from my PC some. With exceptionally good internet speeds in this area, I can stream near perfect from our house to my inlaws 15 minutes away. Best with PC.) I've saved way more money buying digitally American PSN games in a European market than I ever would have if I bought physical games from the European market and did the whole trade and play, trade and play thing.

As for comics, it never would have taken off here. There are already a number of well liked, reputable indie comic shops in Lisbon and the outer region of Cascais (where we live). FNAC has always done comics and graphic novels as well, but only new ones. There is a comic book market, but it's not THAT large. Gamestop needs a huge financial gain to save itself. Comics isn't going to do it.

Anyways, enjoyed the article. I lost the desire to trade in games somewhere in my early to mid 20's. I don't mind having a library of digital games that I may go back and play again some day. My own Netflix of Games. Especially with trophies and achievements I may want to finish off one day. I used to trade off stuff impulsively too and regretted many of them. XBox One is showing that many people are wanting to go back and play games they traded in regrettably or ones they have held on to. I've held onto my old systems lately, but I haven't always.

Btw, this is coming from a former Assistant Manager at a Gamestop store back in my hometown in Florida. 2005-08.

TheColbertinator116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Very interesting story. I tend to forget the price fluctuations in different regions of the world so I see the benefits and negatives of physical purchases.

Null1980115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Yea, Colbertinator, I'm not suggesting that the world is ready for all-digital, or go that route. Many people still love having their physical collection. I know the feeling. Been gaming since before the NES.

For one thing, storage space on these systems still is nowhere enough. I traded out my PS4's hdd for a 2TB and I have a 1TB external hooked up and I'm still constantly having to delete stuff because I own so many games. I do need to get a bigger external or look into one of those 3rd party extensions that can add a PC's bigger sized hdd to the system.

Also fast internet speeds are not as widespread as they need to be for an all digital world. We're lucky we're in the vicinity of the largest city of our country. I know my parents' internet back home is crap and they pay more for it.

I forgot to mention that my PC, at least the one I use the most for work and gaming is a gaming laptop. (ASUS ROG) So it's nice to have my games all loaded up ready for on the go. We're headed to the States this Fall for the holidays. I'm particularly looking forward to the PC release of Forza Horizon 4, as I do my XB One gaming on it. The plane will have power sockets, so that means some serious gaming on that long ass flight over seas & a 4 1/2 hour layover in France.

Even then, I still need a bigger HDD in my laptop. *sigh

chobit_A5HL3Y116d ago

lmao yeah, good luck there gs, and an advanced "good riddance" lol

phoenixwing116d ago

I'll probably buy a few comics from them and then realize how badly i got ripped off in that market instead of the game market they usually rip people off on and quit going again.

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