Indivisible Interview: Lab Zero Talks Character Design, Combat, Cool Cutscene Plans, More

Indivisible was one of the most beautiful games at E3. Wccftech sits down with Lab Zero's Earl Gertwagen to discuss character design, the scope of the world, 60fps importance, and more!

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Alexious113d ago

This one will be memorable, I can feel it.

Jackhass113d ago

Could end up being one of the best crowdfunded games.

TGG_overlord113d ago

I had fun with the alpha way back in 2015 ;)

Teflon02113d ago

Game still isn't ready? Didn't they have the first demo within the first year of ps4?

Jackhass113d ago

Yeah, it's been kind of a long haul, but it seems like they're putting the time to good use.

Teflon02113d ago

Well I guess in that case, it's not a bad thing. I hope it's long because all this time for a short game would be ashame. I know the battle system has some great potential though