Captain Toad on Switch is excellent - but 3DS is the real surprise

Digital Foundry:
"Nintendo has wasted little time in porting most of its Wii U back catalogue over to Switch and the trend continues with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - and this is actually a great thing as it's one of the Wii U's most enjoyable titles. Of course, it's ultimately derived from a mini-game in Super Mario 3D World, but it holds up as a standalone release with a whole host of fun puzzles, beautiful visuals and a superb implementation of the Wii U dual-screen concept. But this is no ordinary conversion project because not only is the title coming to Switch, it's getting a 3DS conversion too."

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getbacktogaming936d ago

Sweet! I always thought it would be a perfect fit for the 3DS!

milohighclub936d ago

Wonder if they'll do a switch 3d?

superchiller936d ago

Since the fake 3D on the 3DS was awful and damaging to eyesight, and most people just turned it off, that's never going to happen. 3D on the 3DS was a terrible gimmick that ruined the system, nothing more.

Nebaku936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

Wow, so much BS in such a short comment, truly an achievement. Firstly, all 3D is fake, and arguably the 3DS's was more real than ones that make you use glasses. Secondly, it wasn't "awful", it worked as it was described to. Thirdly, it wasn't damaging to eyesight, go try and find proof that it did and get back to me. And fourthly, no it didn't ruin the system, it just didn't add much to it. Didn't change that the 3ds went on to become one of the most successful handhelds of all time.

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Platformgamer936d ago

the wiiU version is better, because it's free

Doge936d ago

It's $35 on Amazon with Prime.

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Geobros936d ago

I am not sure if I will buy this game. I played demo and I didn't like it so much. There we 3 small levels. If the hole game is like that I find much the 40 euros. As a port, I would prefer a lower price.

Vits936d ago

I own the Wii U original, and the gameplay is pretty much the same for the entire game. Some levels introduce some new gimmick, but other than that what you saw in the demo is what you will get in the full game.

Personally I really enjoyed it and recommend it. But, I agree that as a port it could be a bit cheaper.

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