Resident Evil 2 remake is giving me serious RE4 vibes and I'm thrilled

"I’m getting serious Resident Evil 4 vibes from Resident Evil 2 on PlayStation 4." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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FallenAngel1984141d ago

The Resident Evil 2 remake reminds me of Resident Evil 6 in regard to how it’s an entry that takes a lot of the series’ elements and mixes it into one package.

bigmalky141d ago

Yeah... I'd rather it was Gamecube style REmake2.

I think this cross breeding of the franchise is killing it. Wish they would just make Resident Evil as it should be.

KwietStorm141d ago

That piece of trash is the last thing that comes to mind. Everyone always wants to make comparisons. It looks like a more immersive RE2 with a over the shoulder camera to me.

FallenAngel1984141d ago

@ big

The GCN version of RE2 wasn’t a remake like the RE1 remake on the system.

How is adding the best elements of previous entries killing the RE2 remake?

- Uses the ammo crafting that functions like it did in Resident Evil 3
- Uses the over the shoulder camera control from Resident Evil 4.
- Uses the ability to move while aiming from Resident Evil: Revelations.
- Uses the engine and a character who expresses fear from Resident Evil 7.

That just means it’ll be the quintessential version of the series.

@ Kwiet

Because RE2 remake incorporates more than just a new over the shoulder camera control. It takes a lot from other installments just like RE6 did.

pinkystinkinc141d ago

good comparison this remake and re 4 can be played back to back along with a nemesis remake

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thepatientgamer141d ago

This looks amazing. I thought RE7 was fantastic, but a little on the simple side compared to the previous classics!

rivaldoo777141d ago

I dont get the hype behind this. Is it cuz I haven't played this game in the old days?

xenz141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

I haven't. You dont need to be a fan to see that this game looks great?

rivaldoo777141d ago

Well I might be bit biased but after cyberpunk trailer and TLOU2 and GOT gameplay trailer most game looks generation behind including this game.

KwietStorm141d ago

We've been waiting for this remake for a very long time and it's great to see Resident Evil go back to it's roots. If you never okayed it and you don't think it looks great, maybe you're not into survival horror? I think it's silly to say games look a generation behind compared to a *trailer* for Cyberpunk though.

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