Why Sony doesn’t need to budge on cross-platform play

Sony will probably keep refusing cross-platform with Microsoft and Nintendo, at least in near to mid-future, as it seems in Sony's best interest.

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bobsmith115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

doesnt need to but should its just going to make xbox and nintendo look good and playstation look bad wanting to split up gamers
people complain about paid dlc maps splitting up community should also about cross play

Rimeskeem115d ago

Not really, the only people who care are MS. Playstation players can play with PC. Not PS fault MS was the asshole last gen.

bobsmith115d ago

lots of people gona have ps4 and switch not be able to use same fortnite account or have someone1 on each to play together but if you have xbox you can so looks good for them bad for playstation

Goldby113d ago


Simple solution, make a new epic account. It is free.

ZeroX9876113d ago

There's switch also, not just Xbox. Nintendo never really had an online platform before, so they're kinda new in this aspect. Actually that's the worst part, most people comlaining about crossplay are multi console owners with a PS4/switch. Or Xbox fans just trolling because they can.

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Jinger113d ago

360 crossplayed with the PS2 for a Final Fantasy game. It came up again later in the gen and MS said they couldn't guarantee stability and security letting people play together with the other Network. Sony didn't even comment on the issue at all. Then the PSN got hacked and that was kinda a big issue...

PSN is much better this gen though, to give it credit.

Prince_TFK113d ago


So that’s why this gen Sony has to be the asshole instead? Give me a break.

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ZeroX9876113d ago

PS5 will probably be the earliest that Sony accepts crossplay at it's full extension.
On the business side, there's absolutely no reason to accept it. I want crossplay with other consoles, but I do understand why they won't allow it.
They can say "For the Players" all they want, but in the end Sony is a business and revenues are what drives them to do more and bring us more exclusives. Can't blame them on this one.
As for the fortnite fiasco, I'm pretty sure it'll get resolve pretty quickly.

WelkinCole112d ago

When Sony said for the Players. They meant PS players that buy their consoles obviously.

trooper_113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

So Sony should bend over to peer pressure?

Give me a freaking break.

81BX113d ago

You right. Screw the gamers. Now let's get back to making the gamers happy! /s

113d ago
trooper_112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

They deliver the best games on console. How exactly are they screwing gamers? Just because a small minority of 'concerned' gamers want crossplay?

Where the heck were you people last gen? Why all of a sudden this is an issue?

Please, get out of here with your delusional nonsense.

Saigon112d ago


Sad to say they are not getting it and they won't try to get it. Last Gen when the shoe was on the other foot, no one complained. MS got away with no cross platform play and did it with a clean slate and everyone said...oh its just business. With Sony however, its them being arrogant, not playing nicely, against gamers, etc. It is pure in the sense of ridiculousness.

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uth11113d ago

this will be forgotten in a month as everyone focuses on the next outrage

Prince_TFK113d ago

Not unless MS and Nintendo continue to team up and have crossplay for all multiplatform games from here on out.

Razzer113d ago

"Not unless MS and Nintendo continue to team up and have crossplay for all multiplatform games from here on out. " mean the small fraction of multiplats that will run on both Xbox and Switch? Guess that is fine for the low-spec F2P and indies, but that is a hell of a long way from "all multiplatform games".

113d ago
rainslacker112d ago

This things been going on near 2 years now. Every little thing flairs up the discussion again. It's about the last thing that people have to criticize Sony over, so they're doubling down on it. The only other thing they have to go with is that Sony is somehow now Cocky, and very few people outside the fan boys take that argument seriously.

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fonger08113d ago

I mean they've already come out and said they're looking for a solution, so I'm sure they'll do something. They've been put into this position before (rumble, trophies) and came back and did the right thing.

Jinger113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Plus I think they learned a lot from the PS3 hack as far as making a more secure network.

fonger08113d ago

They definitely have. They setup some manged 3rd party security to help check over and automatically update firmware. That was the basic problem the first time, they were trying to manage their entire network themselves and as it grew they became strained... the whole security breach basically was because of a missed firmware update. But they fixed it and are on par with the other major online network(s).

rainslacker112d ago

I think in this case, security is more about moderation than it is protecting against hacks. An extra layer to connect to another network is going to be more of a pain to hack than going directly to the source, as it means going through two different security layers, and these kinds of connections are not exactly the best way to hack a network anyhow.

darthv72113d ago

Perhaps this is not the game to convince Sony to change but that isnt to say there may not be one that does.

SuperSaiyanGod41113d ago

Though fortnite is the biggest f2p game out right now huger game studios like rockstar, Activision, ea and many others don't really care for it. U ask why? It's simple just for the fact that they rather see people buy their games on multiple platforms because it makes them more money. There are many gamers who own multiple consoles and would buy one or 2 copies to enjoy them with friends on different platforms. U think these huge corporations are sitting there and siding with Microsoft and Nintendo just to lose money? If that were to happen then one has to give in meaning that now u can expect loot boxes to be ok now because these big corporation's need to makeup the cash from somewhere this is why I believe crossplay is not going to be a big factor right now.

The 10th Rider113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Except the creative director of FIFA said crossplay is better for players, they've looked into it and would like to implement it, and that there's a lot of issues to work through with first parties.

Sony is the first party that doesn't want to allow crossplay with other platforms, it is be entirely possible we could see crossplay with games like FIFA if Sony opens up their doors.

SuperSaiyanGod41113d ago

Why would Sony do that though if it's going to hurt them and help out the competition?

A good example is last gen when Nintendo was leading in sales they didn't care about none of this crossplay because they were in the lead but now that they are in the race late with Microsoft not to far from them but Sony is way ahead, now they want to cook marshmallows together with Microsoft all of a sudden. U know why? Because they will do anything in their power to get the top dog to give in especially if it is going to benefit them more. In reality it's all about money and being on the team winning and Sony has that edge. Say all u want as a gamer but in the end as a business it's all about money.

XabiDaChosenOne113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

@The 10th Rider must have not read the entire article, it was just PR talk he is not even sure if he is going to ever implement it.

-When pressed, Prior stopped short of confirming cross-platform play would come to FIFA any time soon, but offered a glimmer of hope.

"It's something we're aware of," he said. "I'm not making any promises. But you've seen that [cross-platform play] happen for the first time very recently. If you'd asked me that a few years ago I'd probably have said, 'it's not going to happen. We'll monitor and see.' I think it would be a net benefit to the users.

"One day!"

The 10th Rider113d ago


Okay? There were very few games the Wii (or Wii U, for that matter) could run that would have been able to use crossplay. Also developers weren't really implementing it yet. That's not even remotely a good example, lol.

I really think people are overstating how much it would hurt Sony and how much it would help the competition. Also that blatantly ignores that it would be good for gamers. Since when did helping companies squeezing out a bit of extra cash encourage us to support policies that aren't beneficial to gamers in any way? People have yet to come up with a single reason why implementing crossplay is bad for gamers.


Of course I read the entire article. He said it's a good thing for gamers and that they've looked into it. He also said it's the complicated dealings with first parties that is holding it back. It doesn't really matter if it comes into fruition or not, what was said flies directly in the face of SuperSaiyanGod41's comment, which implied that companies like EA were the ones holding back crossplay.

DerekTweed112d ago (Edited 112d ago )


I don't know how much it would help the competition. If you say because of larger player base, I say games like COD, Battlefield, FIFA have more than enough on Xbox and don't need more players from PS4.

I think it could hurt Xbox though, if I could play Battlefield with my friends on Xbox with a PS4 maybe I don't need to buy an Xbox and buy a PS4 for the exclusives.

Of course this also works the other way around, so I think it could potentially hurt both or just one or neither. I don't see how it benefits anyone other than consumers.

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Wow... so since PS4 has the best exclusives and the stronger hardware (PS4, Switch & X1) that makes it ok to be entitled and not offer more value for THEIR customers? This does not benefit MS or Nintendo since they don't get royalties from cross play. This dude is trying to over analyse and justify Sony's decision but at the end of the day the only person it hurts is Sony

Eonjay113d ago

The goal of Sonys Plus membership is to get as many people playing on their platform as possible. It's the same goal that Microsoft has. By simple virtue of numbers you probably know more people playing on PSN than anywhere else. Sony wants those people to bring you in. Where you choose to play is a choice. If playing with friends matters, Sony wants you to do it on PS4. Sony is under no obligation to make live attractive to anyone by giving you the option to play on their network from anywhere else.

MrBeatdown113d ago

For nearly two decades, online gaming limited to the platform you played on was the status quo. Nobody had a problem. Even when Sony was open to it.

Suddenly a couple games have cross play, and not allowing it is "entitled".

Sure, okay.


I mean his approach to Sony is king of this generation is making it sound like they are entitled when that is not what got them here

SuperSaiyanGod41113d ago


Sony didn't get to the top from service access or crossplay, they got there from delivering great games. All this crossplay crying is because of fortnite accounts.

It's simple to solve this problem. Sell your PS4 and keep your switch. Walla now u can enjoy fortnite on your switch. No one is holding a gun to your head over one free 2 play game u decided to waste tons of money on that doesn't even benefit u in the game anyways.

RauLeCreuset113d ago

"This does not benefit MS or Nintendo since they don't get royalties from cross play."

Say Sony allowed it with Fortnite. I started playing on PS4. Now I can play on my Switch. I play Fortnite on the go on my Switch and decide to buy some add-ons. Who made money on that sale, Sony or Nintendo?

porkChop113d ago

And what of the PC and mobile players? They can buy Fortnite stuff on PC or mobile where Sony doesn't make any money at all. Those players can still use that account and DLC on PS4.

It's clearly not about the DLC purchases. It's Sony taking advantage of their market share to push the community into buying PS and *only* PS. And it'll work this gen, it's smart business. But it probably won't work as well next gen, and I think Sony realizes that.

Shawn Layden did recently say that they're working on some kind of solution though, so we'll see what they come up with. Even if they let us play with just our friends who own Xbox or Switch, rather than full matchmaking cross-play, and have it so our friends play with us on PSN. That would be something, and certainly better than nothing. I'd be fine with that.

TheRealHeisenberg113d ago

Great question. I'm all for opening up crossplay but I have zero knowledge on the business considerations like that there. I certainly would not want my company to lose out on that money. Maybe they all would share it in some fashion.

SuperSaiyanGod41113d ago

pork chop

That is true but PC and mobile aren't a service access like xbl and psn, they are simply hardware or devices just like the PS4, Xbox, switch etc etc.

RauLeCreuset113d ago


How many players are playing on PC and mobile compared to Xbox and Switch? Keep in mind Switch has a fledgling online community and because Xbox locks F2P behind a paywall, Xbox is only making available their Gold accounts, not every Live account. Then keep in mind they are competitors in the console market with their own ecosystems. It's a better deal to allow it with PC and mobile, because they aren't competing systems and Sony has a better chance of customers coming over from those platforms to spend money on add-ons in Sony's ecosystem.


Any sharing arrangement would likely need to include a mechanism to proportionally award the console manufacturers bringing in the most customers. Otherwise, why would I, for example, risk 5 sales for the chance to get 3? But I imagine Ninty and MS aren't as eager to allow cross-play on those terms as they are this current arrangement which lopsidedly favors them.


Epic does make money. That's why they push for it. But notice I limited my question to Sony or Nintendo. Be honest, not evasive. You know which one makes money in that scenario.

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