Dark Horse Reveals The Art of Battlefield V

Dark Horse has revealed a pending book which focuses on the art of Battlefield V. The book is the latest in a series of video game art books which have been very popular with gamers.

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Garethvk115d ago

Typo. There were plenty of women who served and fought in WW2. The French Resistance was filled with them.

Psychosious114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Yeah, all of them had claw hands, take a shot to th chest no problem, and could shoot down luftwafa with a lmg.... get out of here with this crap. Woman rarely see frontlines, even in today’s battlefield. Get real, your cowering will only get you an alomony payment and an exwife who thinks very little of u.

Garethvk114d ago

Misogynistic thoughts aside; I did. Ot say any of that was true. I said lots of woman were involved in WW2. It's a video game and if you are after reality your in the wrong place. Also, been married a long time. The amount of sexism towards the game is appalling. Say you dont like the design and play mechanics; ok fine. But to throw a fit because a woman is featured in the game just shows me that we have some serious problems in society.

Hungryalpaca114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Less than .5 % who fought were women. They didn’t fight on the western front on the front lines. Sorry bud. Didn’t happen.

While some fraction of women fought, that fraction is certainly not represented in this game at all. Had the women been Russians no one would have questioned it. Had they been French resistance in the streets of Paris, no one would have questioned it. But what we got was women in the positions exclusively filled by men in areas they didn’t take part in.

French resistance is not the same as an army. Try harder.

isarai115d ago

Never understood art books for games based in reality. Seems pointless and boring, I can just look outside

quenomamen114d ago

I can't wait to flip through all those pages about a game based on WW2 and look at all the cool illustrations of Prosthetic Arms, Japanese Swords, Blue Face Paint and stuff.

Garethvk114d ago

Yet you commented twice now.