Mario Tennis Aces Is Corrupt and We're Blowing the Lid on the Whole Thing

Mario Tennis Aces may be filled with charming characters and a colorful aesthetic that evokes memories of your childhood, but there may be more to this tournament than meets the eye...

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Fullmetalevolust141d ago

I do enjoy satire, it was a fun read. Might pick this up when it's cheaper.

Gman32141d ago

really why not get it now ? unless $60 is too much for you my opinion its worth it its game you can play over and over again

PlayableGamez-141d ago

You can say that about any game.

SenorFartCushion141d ago

Yeah, exactly. This game has a campaign, online, boss battles, mini games and free-play i.e. the old norm.

If this game was released 10 years ago, it wouldn't be such a good thing, but in this generation of Live Services, it only looks generous.

CurbStompin141d ago

Yeah, no. Not worth $60 for me.

DrStronk141d ago

Wasn’t quite sure if this would be worth it aswell as I missed out on the demo but DAMN, this is one of the most addictive games i’ve played in a long time. I’ve actually found myself saying «just ONE more game» all the way down to 4 am.

TekoIie141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

I'd say its well worth $60 but if you're not sold on it then it'll be even better at a lower price.

Mechanics are solid and there's a lot of strategies to learn.

Fullmetalevolust141d ago

I do see the great potential of the game, it looks like a fun couch co-op game and even solo the story mode has me sold. Just gaming on a budget. I still haven't picked up GOW and I def want to play it. My statement wasn't based on my lack of interest for the title, just lack of funds, lol.

BlaqMagiq1141d ago

I'm good. I'm not spending more than $30 on this. Not worth it to me at $60.

BiggerBoss141d ago

I would never pay $60 for a Tennis game, even a Mario one lmao.

CurbStompin141d ago

I played it with buddies over the weekend in our hotel before a wedding. Not saying it isn’t really fun, the swing mechanics on the joycon are definitely cool. It’s just I have a high expectation of a $60 price tag on a game. $50 would be a sweet spot.

techsquisite141d ago

Does the 'G' stand for GameStop?

I kid.

Angerfist140d ago

There is not a single tennis game out there worth 60$ since Top Spin 4.

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1Victor140d ago

Don’t waste your clicks it’s a multiple page click bate article

Prince_TFK141d ago

Care to elaborate as to why exactly?

BiggerBoss141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

I definitely don't think Nintendo are evil (they're not Microsoft after all😂 Kidding, sorta) but they do kinda take advantage of their fan base.

Aside from that, my only complaint about Nintendo is their hardware.

Nobody can deny that Nintendo are top-tier game developers, though.

Doge141d ago

"I react to article headlines only"

itplrbear140d ago

Wouldn't it be Nintendo is evil?

pramath1605141d ago

Lol, that was a good write up

Mr Marvel141d ago

Turn off the stupid special shots (which slow the game down and take waaaay too long to execute) and Mario Tennis Aces makes a pretty awesome classic tennis game.

Nicknasty141d ago

I kinda have to agree. It's hard to find anyone online playing in that mode. Everyone wants to zone shot and all that crap. It's actually a very good tennis game without it. With it is alright, but funner without all the fancy stuff.

madforaday140d ago

To me that was my problem with Nintendo made games, there is no competitiveness to them since if you are losing the game has mechanics to help you win. Or they will have special moves so you can do to secure a point. I sometimes like to take all that stuff out and see who is really good with the basics.

SR38813141d ago

I got it on launch the other day and finished it all in less than a day like a few hours lol not worth £45... Trading it in and buying myself a Xbox lol

pramath1605141d ago

This is like buying FIFA and complaining there's not enough in it to be worth the price after finishing the Journey mode. You don't "finish" Mario Tennis, lol, wtf

BiggerBoss141d ago

Do you think that FIFA is worth $60?

SR38813140d ago

Of course you finish it, it has a story which you finish duh... It was my 3rd venture into sports games and I won't be doing it again, just got my Xbox through and on it now, tis great

Prince_TFK141d ago

Don’t forget that this is also a multiplayer game. Even if you finish SP, there are still things to do and play.

Plus, knowing Nintendo (with games like Arms and Splatoon 2), there is most likely gonna be some sort of weekly tournament to win in game items in the future.

141d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.