Spider-Man PS4 Is Just the Start Of a Bright Future for the Marvel Video Game Universe

Marvel Games has confirmed that Spider-Man is only the very beginning of its exciting game-based universe.

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yeahright2477d ago

Yeah getting away from activision was the best move. It just seemed to reek of somebody going "who makes the game with the highest sales? Get them to make the spiderman game."
I will say though, even being a PS4 gamer primarily, I don't like the exclusivity. xbox and nintendo only gamers should be able to play it as well.

477d ago
yeahright2477d ago

I dunno, games witcher are multiplatform and it turned out ok.

mkis007477d ago

Well sony holds the license for now if marvel is to be believed.

starchild476d ago

@ MoshM
Yikes. Are you saying that multiplatform games look and run like shit on PS4? Because they certainly don't look or run like shit on my PC. I think you're full of it though. Multiplatform games do not look and run like shit on PS4. You're just doing the typical fanboy crap of bashing multiplatform games and putting exclusives on a pedestal for worship. Will Spiderman likely be a great game? Yes. But there are many great multiplatform games too.

Hardiman476d ago

The fact it is exclusive is the reason it looks and plays better than any third party developed title could dream of!

I know it's popular to hate exclusives nowadays but exclusivity can be a wonderful thing and give consumers a reason to buy a particular console and Spider-Man looks worlds better than anything that's come before and looks as good if not better than it'd contemporaries!

There are many, many reasons at this point to own a PS4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro so there's really no reason a person would miss games like Spider-Man!

Dragonscale476d ago

@yeah, xbox and nintendo gamers can play it if they buy a PS4. Sony own the license, PS4 gets the exclusive end of.

OB1Biker476d ago

I believe MoshM was talking about Spider man games. Starchild got carried away.
I would certainly be annoyed if it was Xbox exclusive so I can see where your coming from. However are we really going the way of saying exclusives are a bad thing? All the creativity that brought so many amazing games because they are exclusive and specially develop and funded for that same reason? Who knows if this game could have come to be without Sony support? What happens when exclusive games are not a thing any more? Does that mean we actually get less quality games and kills creativity? Don't you want the platforms to compete and bring about the best possible games?

yeahright2476d ago

I got no problem with exclusivity when done right. But deals like street fighter 5, what we though tomb raider might have been. I do take issue with. When you have an established multiplatform franchise, that has fans on multiple systems and you pay money to keep some of those fans from buying it... that seems wrong.
There are exceptions of course, bayonetta comes to mind right away. there's a franchise that would have died without nintendo. so I'm cool with that.
But for a game like the two I mentioned above, if I had any interest in street fighter I would have bought it used. And tomb raider, I waited until it was dirt cheap on PS4 so that they got some money but not their full asking price. Now I also have a gaming PC, so I could have bought both of these much earlier, but I felt it more important to stand with my fellow gamers getting the shaft.
More simply, if Sony goes out and say hey, Ubisoft, we'll give you some money if you make a new game just for us, that's fine by me. But if they say, here's some money, make the next watch dogs just for playstation. Then I'd take issue.

I will say I'm on the fence about spiderman though. It's almost like a new IP as it has nothing to do with previous games but still being a character like spiderman, i dunno, still kinda rubs me a bit wrong for some reason. I'm probably better off thinking about it like MLB the show rather than street fighter.

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Gamist2dot0477d ago

Yes, put an end to crappy release superhero games. They deserve the quality development.
Waiting on Iron-Man.

yeahright2476d ago

if you have PSVR I highly suggest megaton rainfall. It's basically a Superman vr game in all but name.

XxSPIDEYxX477d ago

Guess they didn't hesitate to sweep Marvel Vs Capcom under the rug. Unfortunate, but the future is very bright. They were right to choose Sony, and Sony was right to choose Insomniac.

DemonChicken477d ago

Guess the same applies to the TellTale Guardians of the Galaxy game

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