Nintendo Talks About the Six Big Switch Games Missing From E3 2018

IGN writes: "While Nintendo's E3 2018 showing was brimming with amazing games and announcements, a handful of notable franchises that were nowhere to be found during the show. So we did a little digging ourselves and reached out to Nintendo to find out the fate of some of our favorite franchises."

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Moonman171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Nintendo, we don't mind getting early announcements like you did Metroid Prime 4. Tease the heck out of us till we beg for the games but don't go silent on us. The shareholders felt the same way. lol Hopefully they have a Direct planned for making up for E3.

Zeldafan64170d ago

I think we'll get another direct in the next month or so.

getbacktogaming170d ago

I hope so... I actually prefer regular updates to yearly shows but either way we need more announcements!

Segata170d ago

They did with Daemon X Machina

Zeldafan64170d ago

The mechs look like they came straight out of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Segata170d ago


No, they look like they came from Armored Core because it's from some of the same staff.

Blastoise170d ago

"Tease the heck out of us till we beg for the games"

Bit of a weird way to put it 😐

TekoIie170d ago

I'm surprised they didnt have a direct leading up to E3 to reveal a few things. I think Pokemon was the only big reveal pre-E3 for Nintendo.

3-4-5170d ago

Nintendo does like 5-7 Nintendo Directs every year. We are getting at least one more in 2018 probably around the launch of the online service in September.

Probably another in December as well that will tell more of the 2019 stuff we can expect

It's like that every year.

deafdani170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

I disagree. I actually prefer it when game publishers reveal their games when they're less than a year away from launch.

Having a game announced only to know it won't come out for several years only saps the excitement out of it for me. That's why I don't really care much about Metroid Prime 4, Elder Scrolls 6, Cyberpunk, next main Pokémon game, Death Stranding, etc. I hate long hype cycles.

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SR38813170d ago

Metroid, F-ZERO, Starfox bayonetta 3, Yoshi, MK9, Metroid, pikmin 4, HD remasters and yeah more Metroid!

gangsta_red170d ago

Mother 3 or a new Mother game....i've given up :(

Codewow170d ago

Just give me a proper animal crossing game already! Not this mobile crap!

Travis3708170d ago

Hoping for another 2D Zelda game or at least a remaster. Would love remakes too

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