David Cage Talks Detroit DLC/Sequel Potential, Says He'd Like To Do A Narrative Multiplayer Game

Quantic Dream's David Cage talked about a potential DLC or sequel for Detroit: become Human. He also said he'd like to do a narrative multiplayer game next.

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codelyoko119d ago

How would MP even work with his games?

Araragifeels 119d ago

An idea is that there no pause menu to think about your choices. There a small group of players who choices might effect the others, they have the choice to save or kill you(good or evil).

Chaosdreams119d ago

There's absolutely potential there. Either for a long run or more of a stage by stage survival setting.

jznrpg119d ago

Everyone’s decisions will have consequences for each other. It’s a great idea actually , a lot you could do with it.

rokkbrin119d ago

Think Hidden Agenda by Super Massive Games.

Obscure_Observer118d ago


"How would MP even work with his games?"

If Cage says it´s possible, i belive him. More than that, i´m already interested on what a Cage´s Narrative MP game is about.

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ccgr119d ago

Interesting concept, hope it works out

jznrpg119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Multiplayer can be fun with choices . I mainly enjoy single player games because most Multiplayer games are grind fests or just so repetitive but this could be done in a way that would be fun . Who knows if it will even happen but I am open to it

yeahright2119d ago

Yeah I'll pass. I understand that many enjoy multiplayer, but it just kills any enjoyment I have in a game, at least the types of games I favor. It would need to be something like a fighting game or racer for me to have some level of fun with multiplayer, and even then, couch MP. And in those scenarios, the fun only last for about a hour or so. And I can't justify $60 for 1 hour of fun.
I get that it's fun to others, just not my cup of tea at all.

getbacktogaming119d ago

There were like 2 Playlink games already that were narrative driven multiplayer / local coop games... Haven't tried them yet though.

Gamist2dot0119d ago

Hum... we started out as freshly built androids at the factory. How many players can escape without getting caught or infiltrate the factory to save others? Or the stand-off part where androids vs humans - oh gawd, Fortnite....

ClayRules2012119d ago

Interesting. I’d definitely support QD with whatever they do next.

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The story is too old to be commented.