Star Citizen 3.2 alpha is now available for download on Early Testing Servers

Cloud Imperium has released a new alpha version of Star Citizen on its Early Testing Servers. Star Citizen 3.2 alpha focuses on three major features: Mining, Group System and Quantum Linking, and comes with improved turrets, the ability to Quantum travel at a planet, the inclusion of 600i and the ability to scan areas. As such, it's a build that most Star Citizen fans will welcome.

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Kokyu119d ago

Jesus still in Alpha....

Codewow119d ago

And surprisingly good looking and fun. They’re making two games at the same time. The campaign mode is the most important to them right now, so anything they add to Star Citizen are features being used in the story.

ossyc119d ago

I've bought this game since the start of alpha. I know it's early days; I have a killer PC and this game still runs and looks crappy