Blizzard Shares New World of Warcraft Classic Details

Although a release date has not been announced, Blizzard has confirmed it is remaking the vanilla version of World of Warcraft.

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xenz113d ago

Cant wait for this. World of Warcraft was litterally the greatest gaming experience I had when I was younger.

Codewow113d ago

Same here. I really hope at some point they do Servers specifically for each expansion. I really want to play BC and Wrath again without setting up my own private server.

xenz113d ago

Agder. That would be cool if they did that

xenz113d ago

This autocorrect on my S9 kills me

PhantomS42113d ago

Hope it works out for you, nostalgia can be a bi**h sometimes. I may give it a whirl but despite all the crud that Blizzard has shoved into the game there is a lot of quality of life things I don't think I could go back to not having. Flying, lower level mounts, Dungeon/Raid finder (because the chat is normally filled with the lowest of the low and finding anyone to play with is an annoying chore.)

It's great Blizzard finally listened and is giving classic servers though.

iofhua113d ago

The trailer is old news, and so is the confirmation that they're making a classic server. I was active on the official WoW Classic forum months ago but haven't been following it lately because rehashing the same threads over and over again gets boring after a while.

However confirming the patch level is something new. The forums have seen big arguments over that - confirming 1.12 will alleviate some of that, I hope.

If this one turns out well and brings in a lot of new subscribers, I hope they consider a BC and WotLK server too. WotLK was my favorite.

Duke19113d ago

So wait - they are just trying to roll it back to an old build? I was under the impression it would be a "rebuild" of the old content but with some new graphical/gameplay improvements from more recent WOW patches?

PurpHerbison113d ago

Got excited thinking they released another trailer. Didn't happen. Then I got excited thinking they released more news. Didn't happen. 1.12 was confirmed over a week ago.