Is Sony responsible for bringing Nintendo and Microsoft together?

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

Nintendo and Microsoft have clearly been getting very close lately. The two have not only teamed up to allow for cross-platform multiplayer in any game that features it but are now also prominently marketing it as a hot new thing. This is in stark contrast to Sony, which has taken a strong stance against allowing cross-platform multiplayer with Switch and Xbox One. What I want to know is—how did we even get to this point? Why is it that Nintendo and Microsoft are suddenly so cooperative? Sony’s authoritarian attitude might be a big factor in this situation.

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chrisx115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

When your on top those below you begin to co operate to try to bring you down. all of a sudden xbone and ninty fanboys are all chummy buddies LOL .personally I could care less about crossplay. as long as I'm getting these amazing exclusives I'm good to go. it is what it is.

UltraNova114d ago

True. Sony is also responsible for outselling the xb1, WiiU and Switch combined...why wont MS and Nintendo team up and make a console together? Sony is also outselling them in sold games(both 3rd party and 1st) why won't they team up and make games together and release them on both platforms?

You see until aby of that ^^ happens, crossplay on a couple titles and a trailer will be as inconsequential as rain drops falling in the ocean. Stop losing the forest for the tree people.

DwightSchrute01114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

I wasn't aware that the ps4 and switch came out at the same time?

Last time I checked ps4 was out years before the switch so how can you compare sales?

Typical dumbass sony fanboy logic.

Muzikguy114d ago


It's easy to compare sales. Look at how each has done in their respective periods of release. Why you so quick to discredit someone when the answer is right in front of you?

UltraNova114d ago


PS4 is outselling the switch on a monthly basis. I would return the..."compliment" but you are not worth it...not remotely.


PapaBop114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Honestly, I hope we do in the future see a MS/Nintendo console collaboration. Let MS design the home console and let Nintendo do a handheld variant. MS would benefit as it'd give them the momentum they once desired in Japan while Nintendo would benefit because a lot of console gamers have no interest in them anymore. They'd give Microsoft some much needed diversity in exclusives, just imagining a high end graphical Zelda or Mario running in 4k has me drooling.

Still, it's a fantasy, Nintendo and Microsoft are just far too different from each other as companies.

NewMonday114d ago

MS makes you pay to play "FREE-TO-PLAY" games, so XPlay would bring in more money.

NotoriousWhiz114d ago

But Sony is not "outselling" the Switch, Wii U, and Xbox one combined. It is "outselling" the Switch, Wii U, and Xbox one, individually.

yomfweeee114d ago

Dwight, he included Nintendo's last gen system and current gen system... so his comparison is legit. Maybe comprehend facts before calling someone a dumbass.

2pacalypsenow114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Funny when the Switch first came out and was selling like crack, Nintendo fans loved to talk about sales and how it's outselling the Ps4, now that they came back to the real world, not so much, and now sales don't matter again.

Obscure_Observer114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

@chrisx @Nova

Take off your biased googles. Microsoft and Nintendo has been working together for some time now, as Microsoft has allowed some of their studios to work with Nintendo to release games on Nintendo´s Handheld Video Game Systems.

That said, yes, their partnership is stronger than ever now. And to have a prideful/traditional Japanese company as Nintendo to joying forces with an American company like Microsoft which is no popular in Japan is nothing but an embarassement to Sony imo.

Sony has made their choices and now it´s time to face the consequences. I personally don´t think this partnership will hurt Sony in a short term context. But the future? Remains to be seen. Time will tell, but i hope Sony to not regret their decision.

Baza114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

What does Sony have to gain for going crossplay? Nothing. Sony’s online community has the best numbers. They are leading the pack every month in console sales. Nintendo barely has an online presence so it makes complete sense why they are interested. And Xbox is constantly playing catch up to Sony.

fungusar114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

You forgot the 3ds

Skull521114d ago

I don't think Sony is responsible at all. Microsoft and Nintendo listen to gamers and the gamers have spoken. In the same games, people want to play together regardless of the hardware. Mad props to the companies for making it happen. They aren't teaming up, Sony is excluding their fans from the broader gaming community.

So if Sony is responsible for anything, it is not letting their community play with their friends, and that is their choice.

XabiDaChosenOne114d ago

@DwightSchrute01 He also added the WiiU in there as well which released before the PS4 but I'm sure your emotions played a factor in you missing that.

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Gunstar75114d ago

It's "couldn't care less".

All gamers should agree the cross-play is a good thing.

Or do you only have friends who play on PlayStation?

chrisx114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

thanks for the "correction", corrector but that was a typo and u know the edit rules here. I didn't say I don't agree Its just not something on the top of my list. most of my friends game majorly on the PS and no one's hyped about Crossplay.

Gunstar75114d ago

No offense intended. I see Americans often say "could care less" which makes no sense.

Muzikguy114d ago

I don't agree it's a good thing. Apparently it's not to Sony either or we would have it. Obviously they'd be losing out somewhere and that's why we don't have it. I don't get why it's so hard for people to see that. Are they really that selfish? If you or anyone thinks crossplay is important just buy the system your friends have and problem solved. No money? You'll live without that one game then and move on. Life is too short to worry about petty things like that

Muzikguy114d ago (Edited 114d ago )


Americans say a lot of things that don’t make sense lol

(And yes I’m American)

outsider1624114d ago

Here's a conversation i had with my friends on party chat:
Me: What do you guys think of crossplay?
Friend 1: oh man, would love to have that.
Friend 2 : yeah, would love to beat xbox guys.
Friend 3: what's that?
Me: it's a feature that allows ps4 players to play with players of other consoles.
Friend 1: when are we getting that?
Me: we're not. Sony won't allow it. For reasons i guess.
All of them: ah well that would have been awesome.
Back to playing games...

So you see, while it would be nice to have crossplay. We're not losing sleep over it.

jivah114d ago

I fail to see how "could care less" is wrong. I care just enough to read something and to comment. There's more room to not care there.

Gunstar75114d ago

Hi @jiva

By saying you could care less you are saying the is still room to be less interested.

By saying couldn't care less, it means you care as little as is possible and there is no scope to care less

Does that make sense? 😉

jivah114d ago

That would be the default thinking. Except well not purely. I care very little for crossplay. Doesnt interest me. Yet i read all the articles. So it doesnt cause i care enough to read about it and have the conversation in the first place. Versus. Just shrugging it off and going to another subject. Id say there's room for both.

Gantrfaxx114d ago

Yeah, most of my friends have a Playstation. Cross play is cool but i do not miss it or need it at all. What i need are the good games.

Cmv38114d ago

Gun, I literally only have friends who play 0s4
I don't know any one with an Xbox or switch.

rainslacker114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

I have more friends who play on PC than Xbox. That being said, I'd say that we're all pretty much in agreement that we don't really care about cross play with other platforms one way or another. It's cool if it's there, but we wouldn't be stressing about it if it wasn't. In fact, I think 99% of the games we play don't allow it anyhow. But we're the kind of gamers who actually get together to play games in the same room. I have a lot more fun doing that than playing online. Only exception would be MMO's, but I got out of those....but of course I'm just one anecdote in the broader spectrum.

The topic is interesting I guess, and I don't disagree that it's a good thing, but I'm not saying that it's an absolute must. Put me in the list of people who would be pro cross play, but generally not going to be very active in trying to get it.

More broadly speaking though, I'd say that most people don't care one way or another. PS/PC cross play was one of those "oh cool" type things, but no one made their purchasing decisions on it. At best, it only affected the sales of games that offered it, and I doubt it did much to affect those sales one way or another. The only reason it's become such a big fuss lately is because now it's a console war thing. It kind of was last gen too, but the media didn't decide to crucify MS over it for the long term, so the articles about it were few and far between. In the interim, everyone just forgot, or didn't care, and I doubt things have changed that much since last gen.

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Muzikguy114d ago

New day same bs articles about something that isn't even an issue.

Doggy123114d ago

New day yet still your mother lets you on this site - when is she gonna learn?

SuperSonic91114d ago

Microsoft and Nintendo brought their fate upon themselves. The reason they are in survival together mode is because of their own business decisions and practices and Sony has nothing to do with it.

ChrisGTR1114d ago

That's why nothing ever changes. Sony fangirls making up excuses for sonys bs practices. Speak for yourself , as a PS4 owner I would like crossplay along with amazing exclusives.

Muzikguy114d ago

Dis-a-gree!! You can NOT sit here and act like you’re the saving grace of gaming just because you want something that others don’t feel is necessary. It’s not “Sony fangirls” at all. More like entitled brats, but you know. Just because you want something or think you should have something doesn’t mean that it’s in Sony’s best interest or even yours for that matter.

ChrisGTR1112d ago

So your saying if I own a switch and want to use my epic account with all my skins ive been accumulating for the past 6 months I should just shut up and make a new epic account and rebuy everything for it. Yea that makes perfect sense. All cause Sony doesn't want to play fair. Sonys turning back into the ps2 days Sony, arrogant and anti consumer. If they keep this up they're going to end up with another PS3 situation.

Eltortugagames114d ago

Crossplay I agree don’t really care about. However their handling of epic accounts with fortnite and them being locked is compete bull no way around that

TallonIV114d ago

LOL sony fanboys have been in full damage control his this cross play issue arose. It is what it is.

UCForce114d ago

But I bet you will be their new toxic, won’t you ? After all, toxic fanboys replace another toxic fanboys. I’m not panicked at all. Because I predicted this from the beginning. The cycle will repeat itself.

2pacalypsenow114d ago

There's no damage here, its not a big deal.

In a few months, it will something else the PS4 doesn't do that every gamer wants.

Last year it was BC this year is Cross play...

Silly gameAr114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

It's kind of like xbox fans are in full whiney baby mode over something they don't really care about. It definitely is what it is, and anyone with common sense can see what it really is and why you guys are so gung ho about it.

rainslacker114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

And MS fan boys have been in full on accusal of Sony mode since the first Rocket League report happened. What's your point?

Also, exactly what damage has this caused Sony that they really need to be defended against?

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343_Guilty_Spark114d ago

I don’t think either Nintendo or Xbox is losing sleep over Sony. Both are making tons of money. But I know for you the only metric of success is the number of plastic boxes sold.

2pacalypsenow114d ago

Well Sony did make MS go and buy a bunch of studios and make a huge announcement.

BiggerBoss114d ago

Well PlayStation is making a sh*tload more money than Xbox right now, so Microsoft must be feeling pretty salty... just like you are 😂

-Foxtrot114d ago

It becomes the Game of Thrones...then when Sony falls Microsoft will invite Nintendo to their castle and perform some Red Wedding shit

rainslacker114d ago

Maybe. But it's not really Sony's doing. It was MS and Nintendo that worked together to make it happen, and good on them.

That being said, I'd say it's a bit too soon to say that Nintendo and Xbox fan boys are being all chummy. I haven't really seen a lot of that going around, and for the most part, Xbox fan boys either still knock Nintendo Switch, and it's fan boys, and Nintendo fan boys seem indifferent to Xbox, as they tend to spend more time knocking Sony.

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lociefer115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

It seems nearly everyone forgot Aaron greenburg's comments last gen when 360 was dominating.

now let's try imagining if xboxone was dominating ps4 this gen, would a move like this (partnership) even cross microsoft's head ?

Apocalypse Shadow114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

The ones pushing this seem to forget lots of things connected to the company that lies, misleads and manipulates its console base. A few concessions and the base forgets the company wanted to control their gaming habits for increased revenue. But Sony gets called "anti consumer" when they saved gaming as we know it and has a reputation for providing an excess of games.

If I owned a Mall, the stores within it can't tell me how to run things. They abide by the rules they signed before setting up shop or pack up and leave. Sony is the mall. Sony allows those within it to sell their wares in exchange of a fee. They can sell products. Just not run the mall. Unless they say otherwise, Sony's policies are to be followed.

These articles always seem to mention the benefit for Sony's competitors who are losing, but never how it would benefit Sony. Always talk about lowering barriers without considering the agendas behind it. I could claim nintendo and MS are anti consumer for any number of things. But they would be ignored. Having to pay for Xbox live to play free to play games? Who cares. There will be no articles. Sony is anti consumer. MS is leading the marketing blitz trying to discredit Sony on twitter constantly. Because this is this generation's **CROSS GAME CHAT**

Nice to have, benefits a few, but no big deal. 34 million plus subscribers. About 46 million aren't. And in that 34 million, there are those like me who don't care for online multiplayer all the time. And only pay for free games, discounts,cloud saves, etc that outway the plus price of $25-$59 a year.(paid one $25, $40, $40 and $50) Gamers, guess how much I saved on games and how many plus games I have for $155 in 4 years? But played multiplayer less than 20 times.

If and when everyone can play together, some gamers will just jump to the next NO BIG DEAL controversy. But ignore the other issues.

Muzikguy114d ago

cross game chat was even less of an issue as this. I can't believe how people were making that to be such a huge deal. Never, and I mean NEVER, have I played a game while talking to someone playing a different game. That's just stupid

Araragifeels 114d ago

So you saying that Xbone owner have to pay for Xbox live to play a free to play game which no subscription is required in other platform.

ConsoleGamer114d ago


" I can't believe how people were making that to be such a huge deal."

It is easy: in addition to boosting xbox live network play, Microsoft wants crossplay with sony to win people over, who were willing to buy an xbox but wouldn't do it because they want to game with their friends on ps4.

So they start a "gamer friendly" campaign to put pressure on sony, shill outlets further push the agenda and sony haters jump on train and unbiased but thoughtless gamers and journalists follow without realising that they support a shady company which loves to use dirty tricks and lies to reach their goals.

With nintendo it is similar. Nintendo knows well that their online subscribtions will be low for the next years so they would want to make sure that those few who game online have a big enough playerbase in reach for the few third party games that release on switch.

Muzikguy114d ago (Edited 114d ago )


Yes, exactly. Sony has everything to lose in this scenario. The biggest winner is probably Nintendo, but it’s definitely not something that would help Sony at all and I can see why they wouldn’t do it. Makes perfect sense

MuddyWaters114d ago

"If I owned a Mall, the stores within it can't tell me how to run things. They abide by the rules they signed before setting up shop or pack up and leave. Sony is the mall."

When I am at the mall I can buy a drink at one place in the food court and food at another, they don't discriminate like Sony does. Sony's version of the mall is your Coca-Cola cannot be sitting at the same table as your friends Pepsi or your other friends 7-Up.

Muzikguy114d ago


No. So many people are trying too hard to make analogies so it works for them. Things aren’t always that black and white. This is not a mall-type analogy issue, or any of the other weird things I’ve read in the thousand articles we get over this. Just because your analogy makes sense to you doesn’t mean it plays in the scenario at hand

shaggy2303114d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow

"But Sony gets called "anti consumer" when they saved gaming as we know it and has a reputation for providing an excess of games. "

Saved gaming as we know it?

Exactly when did this happen? was it back in the eighties when industry nearly died and everyone said home consoles where a fad and then Nintendo released the NES?

"MS is leading the marketing blitz trying to discredit Sony on twitter constantly"

Again, where are these Tweets trying to discredit Sony? don't forget that Sony at the start of this generation tried to discredit Microsoft in a huge way with the whole "This is how I share games with my friends" video that they did.

Are Microsoft perfect? certainly not, they've done an awful lot of dodgy stuff in the past, but neither is Sony.

At the end of the day the reason they don't want to do cross-play with Xbox or the Switch is due to people buying DLC on the Xbox and playing with the same DLC on the PS4. Sony see this as them loosing sales, and its the same reason they didn't allow EA Access on the PS4, because they felt it would make their PSN look bad.

ShottyatLaw114d ago

Cross game chat was one of the best features from last gen. Not all of us game in hyperbaric chambers.

I guess you're right, though. If you're not interested in online gaming, then cross game chat and cross play are quite similar. For example, why should anyone care about your opinions on either online feature if you're not even using them?

yeahright2114d ago

Nintendo didn't save gaming as we know it. they saved gaming period. Sony saved gaming as we know it. Meaning gaming would look a lot different right now if MS had their way. Our consoles would have been always online drm machines, used games would be a relic of the past, you'd have a mandatory camera that spied on your reaction to advertisments that MS would then go back and sell to said advertisers, if you wanted to share games, you'd have to pay MS. And MS was sticking by all of this even after a huge negative backlash. Sony saw this fan feedback and reacted accordingly. MS didn't budge, they knew what their fans wanted but thought they were in a dominant enough position that they could force it. Then when the preorder numbers for consoles came back and people chose Sony over MS my wide margins... once it hit their bank account, then and only then did MS make changes. So yes, Sony saved gaming as we know it.

Apocalypse Shadow114d ago

Big ups to muzikguy,araragifeels,consoleg amer.

Yeahright2...dude, that was right on the money. Not only correct, but you know your gaming history about what nintendo and Sony did. Bravo.

rainslacker114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

The screwed up thing about the cross game chat controversy last gen was that there was a real technical reason why it wasn't possible on PS3. Sony said why. Yet Sony was still constantly accused of being anti-consumer, with that being one of the examples to support people's accusations.

I could understand if people said they didn't have enough foresight to put in more memory, but it had nothing to do with being anti-consumer, and there was absolutely no reason why Sony should be against letting their own users talk to one another.

Now, people are saying that Sony is locking people's Epic's account, which I think is still Epic's doing because they are going by compliance standards most likely. But how much heat did MS get over locking Minecraft updates and functionality behind Live? A few articles when it came to light. Seems everyone understood why Sony wouldn't allow XBL accounts on PS....even the Xbox fan boys. But not countless articles about how MS was being anti-consumer for requiring it for those who already owned the game....just because MS spent money to acquire Mahjong. In fact, the whole thing maybe had 2-3 days of media attention, then nothing since. Even the PS fan boys seemed to have forgotten about it.

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TheSplooge114d ago

They did, but maybe it was because of Sony's horrendous network security last gen?

BiggerBoss114d ago

Are you still crying about that?😂 I got some free games out of that, so I'm pretty happy. How bout you?

TheSplooge113d ago

So a couple of $10 games is worth peoples credit card info? And yes, i got little big planet, probably the only game that was worth having.

Ausbo114d ago

Microsoft was incredibly stupid with that last gen and they were called out on it.

Now Sony is being the dumb one.

One is history and one is present.

Generally, current news focuses on the present

MonChiChi114d ago

?? MS was like that the entire current gen up til a few weeks ago.

Madmoose114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Actually yes, I think that it would. Like others may have already stated even when the 360 was doing well last gen, they had no problem working with Nintendo even LAST gen. As they had no problem allowing their IP's to be used on Nintendo systems and working with them. That's the good thing about history, it's already happened. So we can't BS and conveniently go back and say that they're only doing it because of anything going on this generation. As how the hell could given that they didn't have prior knowledge to it or how things would turn out?

And I know tt makes for good clickbait, fanboy chest puffery and perhaps helps make some people sleep better at night and feel better about their box of choice, but if facts and history have anything to say about it, sony had very little to do with this IMO as it was already done See unlike gamers on the board, these guys aren't really caught up in the console wars bruh. And I know given that we live in a world these days where facts aren't really as appreciated as they should be, that doesn't change the fact that in this matter, yes, the ideas of crossovers and working together had already crossed their mind. No need for guess work in this.

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admiralvic115d ago

Why is this even an opinion piece?

While I guess you can say Sony is responsible for bringing them together, a lot of it has to do with them both standing to gain something, a fact that wasn't true in the past. The Switch is the only real console where there is enough of an overlap for a company to team up with them (Wii U and those before it didn't have many big third party titles to really bother) and the different demographics make it easy for both sides to work together, without losing benefit.

One of the biggest arguments I see for PlayStation doing cross-play is their exclusives. Even without the edge of more units out, they still have their amazing first party titles, along with a wide array of third party games. What makes Nintendo and Microsoft such a good combo is two distinct and very important facts.

First off, Microsoft will get anyone looking for a more traditional experience, higher performance and/or better online experience, where as Nintendo score buyers interested in portability and/or Japanese games, with both benefitting from their own exclusives. The other highlight is Microsoft cares more about North America (really US), where as Nintendo wants Japan, something that Sony also wants. Since both companies essentially want different territories and Microsoft honestly has no chance in Japan, Nintendo doesn't lose anything with their partnership.

Outside of this, both companies really need to market any advantage they have, so it makes sense they'd make a video. They really have nothing to lose and want to do anything to gain some of the marketshare, even if it means possibly losing sales to their friendly competitor.

AKR114d ago

"Why is this even an opinion piece? "

Because I'm free to share my opinion on a matter.

Gantrfaxx114d ago

Yeah, you are free to do so, not that you must though. I know that everyone has the right to feel important on the internet, so there's so much spam and pointless stuff.

ninsigma114d ago

They'll drop one another as soon as it becomes viable to do so. I wouldn't read to much into it.

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