Seven Possible Echo Fighters In Smash Ultimate

With the announcement of Echo Fighters, there is a new possibility of more fighters getting into the game. Just who will we see in Smash Brothers Ultimate?

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PhoenixUp208d ago

1.) Samus already has a Dark Samus skin, which is different from Peach having a Daisy color scheme in prior games cuz Dark Samus & Samus look exactly the same except for colors.

2.) Unless Shadow & Knuckles are both assist trophies, it’d be great to have Shadow as an Echo Fighter

3.) Doesn’t seem right to have an Echo Fighter of a character from another series to be based on another one. I understand people felt shafted when Ganondorf was made a clone of Captain Falcon, but we don’t need another CF clone of villain from a different series. Hades deserves his own unique move set.

4.) In pretty certain Zelda will have Hilda style clothes & possibly hair scheme just like Palutena has an alt costume for Viridi.

5.) Ken would be excellent choice since it’d be an excellent callback to his roots.

6.) Yes to Funky Kong since the DK series is overdue for a new rep.

7.) We already saw all8 costume for Inkling in that trailer, so I doubt that Octoling will be included especially since Little Mac got his costume count cut down from 16 to 8.

FallenAngel1984208d ago

“The issue with that though is Meta Knight has an alternate skin that makes him look like Galacta Knight”

Didn’t stop you from including Dark Samus on this list, which Samus already has a skin of.

“Another idea thrown around is having a playable Ms. Pacman. It is amusing, but it feels as if this were to happen, she really would be like Pacman but with a bow. Things can They can change things around for her, but at that point, it gets nonsensical.”

Doesn’t stop Pikachu, Bowser Jr, Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, Robin, Ice Climbers, Corrin, Inkling, Mii Fighter, & Pokemon Trainer from having alt gender skins. And in Pikachu’s case it’s just a heart shaped tail that’s changed along with a hat and a luchadore outfit. There’s no reason not to have Ms. Pac Man as an Echo Fighter when you have so many other similar examples present.