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Grant Gaines: "One of the biggest issues with anime/manga games is finding the sweet spot between quantity and quality. As much as fans want to see their favorite character(s), something that becomes increasingly important as the cast expands, no one wants to play a dull game either. Some games have tackled this doing only the essentials, something that worked quite well for Dragon Ball FighterZ, where as other games accepted they’re just not that complicated. New Gundam Breaker was always more towards the fun side, though it also eliminated a lot of series. With a new developer, customization, cute girls and Gundam, will it break expectations or is it a broken mess?"

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Rangerman1208210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

After Seven Deadly Sins, LWA and this, I'm already starting to lose interest on any of Bamco's upcoming anime games (except maybe My Hero Academia). Sadly, despite how underwhelming this game is compared to its precessors, that still won't people from getting incredibly hype on their games solely because it either has cute anime girls or has one character that they like.

stefd75210d ago

I got this last Thursday and took the day off work to play it and have never been so disappointed in game...and I even have No Man Sky. I have got all the other Breaker games and played them to death. I even went to Tokyo to get the 3rd one for ps4 and Vita. But NGB was just a punch in the chap. Played it for 3 hours and went out and traded it in at Game the only problem was that It cost me £45 but only got £28 trade back. I hope Bandai are ashamed of this pile of utter crap.

Rangerman1208210d ago

They better be, because even the japanese gamers hated the game. After the flops that were Seven Deadly Sins and LWA:CoT, I do hope Bandai Namco will learn its lesson and do better next time.

Or you know, just localize Gundam Breaker 3 already, because not only did they disappoint the PS4 gamers but also the PC gamers who were looking forward playing their first ever Gundam Breaker game.

And is it me or adding dating simulation in a game like this felt like a forced gimmick? As if Bamco knew the game wasn't going to live up its expectations so they threw in dating simulation thinking it would be its saving grace. Thankfully, thanks to the negative reception it got in Japan, it didn't help much.

stefd75210d ago

There is an option to skip all the cut scene crap and you know you can get an English version of GB3 breaker edition . You have to import it from some sites, Play Asia is a good one i use and CEX have 2nd hands on the website.

Giraiga13210d ago

There's always Play-Asia you know. Is things like these that makes me wonder if Bandai Namco is doing all these crap just so that everyone can support Play-Asia.

Joshua13210d ago

OOF. This was worse than Gundam Versus. At least in that game I wasn't forced to play through the crappy dating simulation and clunky mechanics.

I might as well throw the dice and call New Gundam Breaker the "Star Ocean 5 of 2018". Why? Because not only is inferior compared to its precessors and garnered negative/mixed reactions from western fans (plus PC gamers) but also from Japanese fans, and when that's the issue with your game, then you know it's going to end badly.

The only way Bandai needs to do is to either give us a new and better Gundam Breaker game with the same gameplay as 3 without any forced gimmicks and bring back the old team, OR localize Gundam Breaker 3 for the west. I mean, just look at Star Ocean 5. After its failure, Square had to remaster Star Ocean 3 and 4 for the west and Japan to make it up.