Microsoft’s New Studios Will Help Them Appeal to the Market in the Future- NPD Analyst

More studios means more content, more content means more chances at appealing to the market.

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Ninja_Ryu118d ago

Probably but they will never appeal to the Japanese (jrpgs) market.

NewMonday118d ago

MS doesn't have a good record of managing studios, they need a new guy to run 1st party independently from the current management.

Bhai118d ago

"Microsoft’s New Studios Will Help Them Appeal to the Market in the Future" - NPD Analyst

No, really? I mean, I thought they acquired 'em for fun!

Godmars290118d ago

"No, really? I mean, I thought they acquired 'em for fun!"

Possibly, given their actual track record with buying studios.

Bhai118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Haha yeah man I upvoted you, we know this 'objectively', how they destroy their own studios is vivid enough... the destruction of Rare was epic, Eurogamer did a whole article on it by the name of "Who Killer Rare?"...

But my point was the satire on these ^^^ articles... hahaha damn they're trying to salvage anything that can work for MS, hehehe they've been trying to even put a positive spin over MS showing multiplatforms at E3 as them coming back with a vengeance... hahaha we all know at what platform they're gonna sell and get popularized more ;)

Godmars290118d ago

The only real thing to do is wait for results of what those studios put out to show if MS really listens to fans or only gives lip service while following their own agenda.

MuddyWaters118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

How odd, a person who works for NPD thinks this is a very positive sign. Come to N4G and it's all but pessimism and negativity, like most if not all Microsoft topics here. Usually by the same members too.

It's been said many times now, the CEO of Microsoft has given Phil Spencer full confidence and made his role more significant within the last year. This is why they are able to invest in 5 new studios and make such a bold announcement.

Microsoft is showing they are listening, now it's up to all of you critics to support them. Otherwise it just sounded like concern trolling with no real interest in them improving their gaming portfolio.

trooper_118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

The fact that New Monday got downvotes for the obvious truth shows that it struck a nerve. Microsoft really doesn't have a good track record with studios. Hopefully the studios they acquired do well.

BiggerBoss117d ago

Microsoft needs to hire somebody who ACTUALLY cares about games to run their 1st party studios.

Phil Spencer was in charge for YEARS, and we see what that accomplished: GEARS, FORZA, HALO.

We need someone NEW at the reigns, to bring NEW IP, and not just the same old bullcrap.

DiRtY117d ago

Double standards here.
Just facts, hit the disagree button all day, it won't change it.

Sony is not known for managing studios well either.

BigBig studios: Founded in 2001, acquired by Sony in 2007, closed by Sony just 5 years later in 2012.
Evolution Studios: Founded 1999, bought by Sony in 2007, closed by Sony in 2016.
Millenium Interactive, Founded in 1989, bought by Sony in 1997, renamed Guerrilla Cambridge, closed in 2017.
Incognito Entertainment, Founded in 1999, lost all their staff, closed in 2009.
Zipper Interactive, Founded in 1995, bought by Sony in 2006, closed just 6 years later in 2012.
Psygnosis, Founded in 1985, 2005 Psygnosis brand was dropped and renamed to SCE Studio Liverpool, closed just 4 1/2 years later in January 2010.

PrinceVegeta117d ago

I think they did, I remember they announced a new head of MS studios.

NewMonday117d ago


most of them are British studios who have a hard time because of government taxation policy.

Sony keep going and evolve their studios instead of backing out after setbacks. they backed the Last Guardian and David Cage even though they aren't blockbusters because they know quality and variety are important.

But MS Spancer said he want's everything online and ruined Scalebound because he wanted it to have online co-op even though Plantinum Games can't do that part, and then Spencer bailed on them after he messed them up.

DiRtY117d ago


"most of them are British studios who have a hard time because of government taxation policy"
So is Rare and Playground, yet they are doing just fine for MS.

"But MS Spancer said he want's everything online and ruined Scalebound because he wanted it to have online co-op even though Plantinum Games can't do that part, and then Spencer bailed on them after he messed them up."

Ah forget it.

You already made up your mind, no need to confuse you with facts. You will always find excuses, strange-and-not-proven-storys to make it fit your point of view. MS could cure cancer, you would complain about doctors losing their jobs.

Godmars290117d ago

"Double standards here."

Not really. Not when those Sony studios managed to make notable IPs like Motor Storm vs nothing under MS management after being bought.

rainslacker117d ago

They used to have a pretty good track record with their studios. Ironically, managing studios was Spencer's job before his first promotion.

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thatguyhayat118d ago

I swear on my spiderman collectors edition if they screw ninja theory over they will suffer my infinite tweet wrath. They have a track record of screwing over devs, while some were excited, I for one was scared on what could happen

343_Guilty_Spark118d ago

Was Evolution or Sony Online Entertainment screwed?

Godmars290118d ago

Was taking you seriously until "tweet wrath".

Aenea118d ago


Sony Online Entertainment was never part of Sony PlayStation...

UCForce118d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark Well, it’s suck to see Sony shut down Evolution Studio but at least Sony let them finished their game first. Sony Online Entertainment want to be independent, so they changed their name.

thatguyhayat118d ago


Theres so much and so little i can do lol

agent4532117d ago

I know what you mean:

Lionhead Studios ended up making only Fable games nothing else.

Turn 10 has only made Forza nothing else.

343 studios is forbidden from making games outside of Halo....

Godmars290117d ago

Keep on tweeting, Mighty Tweet Man!


rainslacker117d ago

SOE was sold off, it didn't buy its independence.

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NXFather118d ago

But will that be through their own doing or Japanese national pride.

Aenea118d ago

Don't think national pride is a big issue in Japan...

NXFather117d ago

Well My mom is South Korean and I have met Japanese people and I can say from my experience as well as all I have seen that Asians and all other nationalities first choose the home team.

rainslacker117d ago

The reason Japanese people choose Japanese consoles is because they have substantially more Japanese support than the only non-japanese console has.

Having ninja theory won't change that. Having the bigger Japanese 3rd party support won't change that. There are hundreds if Japanese games that we never even hear about on Sony and Nintendo consoles, and that's why people choose them. National pride doesn't even have to be a considerarion.

NXFather117d ago


Guy you don't know what your talking about.

I am Asian I know how asians are. Yes those things do matter that you listed but, you are deceived to think national loyalty does not play into decisions.

NXFather117d ago


Deceived by satan that is.

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343_Guilty_Spark118d ago

JRPGs are niche. More people are playing games like Overwatch, Fornite, Skyrim, GTA, and COD than all JRPGS combined. It makes no sense to create a brand new studio to do what studios based in Japan can do.

Aceman18118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I'll take a jrpg easily over all those games with the exception being GTA which I'll buy along with them.

These new acquisitions better make games I'll actually care about, and they better have full creative freedom.

343_Guilty_Spark118d ago

Well most people aren’t you. You do know what niche means right?

BiggerBoss118d ago

You literally mentioned Skyrim, a game from over 7 years ago. Lmao.

Bhai117d ago

You could be right about 'playing', 343... doesn't mean sh!te though regarding console selling and marketshare raising :)
-FFXV moved consoles
-DQXI moved consoles
-Persona 5 moved consoles
-Zelda always does that
-Overwatch, Fortnite DOES NOT move consoles, they're everywhere !!! ...

Hahaha GUILTY you're just playing naive executing MS' card, 'our hardware doesnot move, so lets show 'em more players are playing SoD2'... mwahahahaha! XD ;)

Ninja_Ryu117d ago

The Xbox one feels like a niche console this generation

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Muzikguy118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I can't believe this "analyst' said this.

Gamingbolt too go figure

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UCForce118d ago

It’s up to them. But here two things I want from MS First Party Game:

First, A Single Player Focus game and a Memorable character and great gameplay as well with no MT and no modernization.

Second, in my previous statements, if one of MS First Party Studio want to create a shock value in their game, then MS have to let them do their developers to do their own vision, not interfere them.

Also one more thing, stop saying making Single Player games are so “complicated”. I know it’s hard to make Single Player games, but that is a challenge and I promised to you, MS. If you made Strong Single Player game, your work will pay off.

TheCommentator118d ago

"MS have to let them do their developers to do their own vision, not interfere them."

Maybe if you quit talking $#!+ all the time and did a little research, you'd have realized years ago that MS does give their studios freedom to do what they want. I'm not even going to bother to provide links because there's so many times it's been talked about.

thatguyhayat118d ago

No they dont, former lion head studios confirmed in an interview they had no freedom. They had a new ip in development a sci fi game but was told to scrap it and keep developing fable. Look at what happened with scalebound too. The developer didn't want to have a multiplayer in his game but was told to and after difference of opinions they canceled the game. You can check hes tweets if you want. Cause he showed his frustration there

TheCommentator118d ago

@ that guy

You show me your sources and I'll show you mine! ;P

neutralgamer1992118d ago (Edited 118d ago )


No we don't need to see your source because facts are in front of our eyes. Right when they bought the gears IP they basically told that studio to shelf its new IP in favor of gears

Go ahead look it up since it seems you like looking up things. They are so dumb because when the bought rare they thought donkey Kong was part of the purchase go ahead this is a fact look it up

As a fan of gaming I don't want to sound like I am hating on them I just don't want them to keep making the same mistakes again and again

I am not even asking for every developer to work on single player games but if there is an idea from their developers to take some chances and make a brand new story driven IP give them time and resources

Xbox brand is where it is today because it had early success with Xbox360 and thought we could just keep making the same games. Nintendo and don't both take chances while ms should have learned from both

trooper_118d ago

Bwhaha, freedom?

There's several developers who complained about working under Microsoft. So why was Scalebound canceled if they gave developers freedom? Oh...wait.

81BX118d ago

Love the fake concern here. Like every game on xbox is the same. Get over it dudes. MS has turned over a new leaf. While you guys keep crying about the same old talking points, gamers have moved on. Look at all the non freedom devs have. Smh

Edito118d ago

Yes you a right, many times talked about, they never walked the talk... They just talk... That's what most think they will do, I think they will screw with all these studios.

UCForce118d ago

@81BX if I remember correctly, Lionhead did want to create a game that was dark and gritty, but MS just completely refused it. MS have another problem that called is their sensitive side which mean MS don’t like their game to have shock value.

Heavy Rain was supposed to be Xbox 360 Exclusive but the game did have kidnapping scene that MS tried to censor it. QD disagreed and they switched to Sony for better results. Like I said, If one of MS First Party Studio want to create a shock value in their game, then MS have to let developers to do their own vision, not interfere them.

Johnyra118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Triggered.He didn't even say bad things.

BiggerBoss118d ago


Yeah, im sure that Black Tusk (the Coalition) just LOVED cancelling the game that they were working on just to make a new Gears game. Real creative freedom right there.

TheCommentator117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

@ Bigger Boss

"Black Tusk started with a team of approximately 20 full-time staff in 2012 as the project began preproduction, adding staff to grow to almost 100 by the end of 2013. That’s when the Microsoft Studios mothership presented it with a unique scenario and a difficult choice. We could continue working on the IP we were working on," Crump says. "Or we had the opportunity to take on Gears of War."

"I’d be lying if I said there weren’t some people on the team who were disappointed when they found out the thing they’d been working on for so long was going to be shelved," Crump says. "If you’ve been in the game industry long enough, you’re going to go through project cancellations. People go through this period of mourning a bit. You have to give them that space and time to go through that, the sense of loss that people have around something they’re invested in." But according to Crump, in the end, the final decision was a "no-brainer."


Any other ignorant comments?

UCForce117d ago

But still, I rather let them focus new IP instead of Gears. Because it can give them a new identity.

BiggerBoss117d ago


So you would rather ANOTHER Gears Of War game INSTEAD of brand new IP??

Does that really sound like creative freedom to you?!

LandoCalrissiano117d ago

If they didn't give their studios freedom then why would they be putting a lot of their eggs in the indie scene? SoD2, ori, (publishing) cuphead, etc., along with the delays of crackdown shows in recent history that they are fine with earning less revenue that indies bring while giving games they believe in extra time. Things like lionhead and Scalebound must have had problems so large that dumping money into crackdown is a better option than pursuing those things at the time. For a company nicknamed moneysoft sticking with indies and canceling projects doesn't seem like it brings in the bucks, but this grew sales and users which proves something is going right. There is no way in hell crackdown brings in more money than fable. Either they have more freedom than people think, or they really aren't as money hungry as people think, which is it?

agent4532117d ago

The only studios that Microsoft has given creative freedom and to do as they please is Microsoft Studios and Rare

rainslacker117d ago

Wasn't the coalition working on a new ip when ms pushed gears into them? Their other two.major studios make halo and forza. Lion head only made fable. Rare I guess was given freedom to make Kinect games. Ms wanted bungle to make another halo.and they didn't want to.

That doesnt seem much like allowing freedom to me. Maybe they're allowed to have more input on the design of the games they are told to make, but to to start.something new ms hasn't really shown they are for that

TheCommentator117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

@ Rainslacker

"Wasn't the coalition working on a new ip when ms pushed gears into them?"
Thanks for reading the quote I pulled from the article.

"Their other two.major studios make halo and forza. Lion head only made fable."
Yeah, but that fact doesn't prove that MS is responsible for the developers only making those games. Again, where's your sources?

"Ms wanted bungle to make another halo.and they didn't want to."
Yeah, that one is true because Bungie wanted to make Destiny, and look how that one turned out. Could you imagine the flak MS would have gotten for producing Destiny instead of another Halo? Wise choice on MS' part, don't you agree?

rainslacker117d ago

So you're saying that two studios that traditionally made those games, are responsible for always wanting to work on those games? Talented devs, who all have their own ideas for what kinds of games they want to make? That defies all logic.

And so what if Destiny was a bust. And how exactly did it turn out? It made a lot of money, and the first one was pretty good by many people's accounts. The second had some stupid crap attached to it, but that has nothing to do with MS saying no, and not allowing Bungie the freedom they wanted. In fact, MS saying no, is exactly my point.

It's easy to look back with 20/20 vision, but MS didn't take the risk. They didn't afford them the freedom, and nothing really suggests that MS allows their studios freedom, because as I laid out, outside of SoT, none of their studios is making anything new. Even their new studio, the Coalition, is now making Gears, instead of going after what they originally started with.

TheCommentator116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

@ Rain

"Even their new studio, the Coalition, is now making Gears, instead of going after what they originally started with."

Now, I'll repost part of the quote I pulled from the linked article:
"That’s when the Microsoft Studios mothership presented it with a unique scenario and a difficult choice. We could continue working on the IP we were working on," Crump says. "Or we had the opportunity to take on Gears of War."

You obviously don't care about facts as long as they're made up and come out of your mouth. You assume that because the devs are only making sequels that they didn't want to and are being forced? How dumb. Besides Black Tusk, all five of the new MS studios praised MS for their creative freedom too, and Rare, but you can't be bothered with quotes or links when all you want to do is sound important and make trouble.

Pull an article that says MS is forcing 343, Turn 10, or any other devs and maybe we'll talk... otherwise STFU because you remind me of Trump's "fake news".

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Rachel_Alucard117d ago


You're living in dreamland if you ever think anything will come true from MS of all people. They are trying to rake in checks, instead of fans.

Vasto118d ago

What you saw was just a small sample. More studios are coming.

Ninja_Ryu118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Whatever you say bud. I've seen comments like this a decade ago from the Xbox community smh

gangsta_red118d ago

I've actually seen more comments from the Sony community. For even longer.

Ninja_Ryu118d ago (Edited 118d ago )


Sony and Nintendo has proving themselves this generation already. The exclusives speaks for itself. Now it's Microsoft turn to release better exclusives after a decade. We have to wait next generation (Xbox 2) for that small sample. It can take up to 2-3 years to develop a AAA game

BeardedDrachen118d ago


What comments have you seen?

UCForce118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

@Gangsta_red You and @Vasto from MS community will make more N4G comments in the next few years. I’m pretty sure you would be happy that N4G will be finally take over by Xbots. After all, you want this to happen. Just saying.

TheCommentator118d ago

If you watched the conference, you'd know that Phil talked about not being done with studio acquisitions yet. They doubled their first party portfolio and made a rather strong goal of becoming the best first party publisher in the world, at the same time adding that they were just getting started with this pursuit.

343_Guilty_Spark118d ago

Phil did say they are not done with acquisitions.

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Bhai118d ago

Funny, NOTHING... absolutely NOTHING MS does this generation works... BC, cloud, X-play... nothing helped them save upon their falling marketshare... hehehe while Sony keeps loading up more and the highest marketshare all along, this new move itself sees only Ninty getting the upperhand... more proof crap stays crap, no matter what you do... zero improvement, that is xb1 ;)

Vasto118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

LMAO, nothing worked. So clueless about business.

All we care about is the $$$$$. Thats how you step on the E3 stage and announce 5 new studios, Xbox One X delivering True 4K pc quality performance, Backwards compatibility 4K Enhanced titles and Xbox Game Pass delivering over 150 titles per month for only $9.99.

You can have your sales numbers. Give us the $$$$$$$$$$ LMAO