As Time Goes By – Mass Effect: Andromeda

As Time Goes By returns to Player 2 with a look at the much-maligned Mass Effect: Andromeda. Has time (and a few patches) been kind to this space RPG?

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Gridknac143d ago

If your pc is stout enough, this is one of the best looking games to ever come out. The dolby vision hdr is something to behold on a 4k screen.

starchild143d ago

Yeah, it looks really nice. The gameplay is actually pretty awesome too. Especially the combat. The storytelling didn't seem up to the same quality level as the previous games, but certainly not nearly as bad as some make it out to be, IMO.

BiggerBoss142d ago

The game itself looks great, but there's no helping those animations...

Wtf were Bioware doing?

EDKICK142d ago

Bioware's most inexperienced team was rushed and had to outsource facial animation stuff, if I'm not mistaken. Super unfortunate that EA rushed it, 6-8 more months would have done this game some good.

Skull521142d ago

Shame it never got an X patch. Looks really good but soft on the XBOX.

instantstupor142d ago

I forget, is this the game where they had HDR and then dropped support later, so you have to have something like an old version of the game *and* older nvidia drivers to make it work? I remember hearing a lot of praise for one of the big PC games in terms of how HDR looked, only to have it later taken away.

Gridknac142d ago

It launched with just hdr10 support and then later added Dolby Vision hdr to it. I'm not aware of any thing being taken away. My copy is up to date and it supports both.

AK91143d ago

This game was a laughable mistake from start to finish I can’t believe how badly EA messed it up, it will forever be a black mark towards them for a LONG time.

DialgaMarine143d ago

Probably killed the franchise, that’s for sure. If Anthem is successful, we’ll never see another Bioware ME for sure.

BiggerBoss142d ago

EA is a pro at killing franchises. After they murdered Dead Space, I officially refused to buy another EA game.

And the fact that they SOMEHOW managed to ruin a great franchise like Mass Effect, well that kinda speaks for itself...

Segata142d ago

Bioware is the first studio EA killed without killing it. Anthem looks mediocre. They have not made a great game since DAO and ME2. Saddens me. DAO is my favorite game of theirs.

Razzer143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Disagree. Once the problems were fixed, I thought it was actually a pretty good game.

UCForce142d ago

It was good, but this ME game is by far the weakest of them all. What even worse is that EA completely stop supporting MEA post launch meaning there would be no Single Player DLC for MEA.

Jmanzare142d ago

I got the game at launch and loved it. It's not my favorite mass effect game but it was still a good game

TheColbertinator143d ago

Halfway through I gave up. No more chances for Andromeda.

shinrock142d ago

I'm in the same boat. I just don't like the characters, they all annoy me.

potedude142d ago

I made it about 1/3 of the way. My time is too valuable.

kevnb142d ago

It’s too bad because the game could have been much better received if they delayed it a year.

Segata142d ago

Still would have had poor writing and acting.

kevnb142d ago

That could have been fixed though, oh well too late now.

InKnight7s142d ago

This game could recieve a revive if EA did what SE did for FFXV, they released a decent game technically but bad story and finishing and that helped to get less hate and far from bad game.

Andromeda is odd and still running so awkward and alpha like stage animations.

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