Pokemon CEO on Switch's success & why it's the right time for the franchise to appear on the system

Pokemon CEO and president Tsunekazu Ishihara wasn’t always a believer in Switch. In fact, he told Nintendo prior to its release that it wouldn’t be successful.

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FallenAngel1984120d ago

Wouldn’t anytime be the right time for Pokémon to come to the platform?

Seems like standard PR speak to me

-Foxtrot120d ago

If they said back in the Gamecube days that a full on, traditional Pokemon game was coming to the Gamecube like what people were begging for they would have boosted sales quite a bit lets be honest if they marketed correctly. I'm not talking about that Colosseum or Gale of Darkness spin off crap either.

Madmoose120d ago

Dunno about Gale Of Darkness or whatever, but Colosseum was dope.

OneLove119d ago

Crap? Those games were pretty good. I could never find gale of darkness anywhere though.

FallenAngel1984120d ago

The quote wasn’t about when to bring Pokémon to consoles, it was when they’d specifically bring it to Switch

DJK1NG_Gaming120d ago

He saying this because last year he said it was going to sell now he backtracking.

pinkystinkinc120d ago

it make a lot of the money so we decided to put a the game on it

KillZallthebeast119d ago

It's Nintendo's new handheld. Pokemon company has exclusively made the main games on there, and I can't honestly see Nintendo making a new mobile only 3ds successor at this point.