Pro Skater once got Tony Hawk a $4 million royalty cheque

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was huge in its time but how much did the game's endorsee get for giving his name to the series?

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ObviousGoldfish205d ago

Bet he enjoyed getting his ass crammed harder by Skate than any check.

Dark_Knightmare2205d ago

Bro could you hate any harder. He got 4 million in a freaking royalty check which is more than you will ever see in your life not to mention being considered the greatest skater to ever live and making hundreds of millions from that and endorsements. His name is attached to some of the greatest skateboarding games ever made so I truly don’t think he really cares about EA’s skate and judging by skate being dead other people don’t either

NarooN205d ago

What a pointless comment lol. Why would Tony care about Skate doing well? Hell, Skate died before the TH series did, which isn't saying much but still makes your comment look even sillier and dumber than it already does.

ilikestuff205d ago

Cheque? Cheque? Is it anything like a check?

Brave_Losers_Unite205d ago

I saw Tony Hawk at the airport a few days ago in Jersey

AK91205d ago

I’ll never ever forgive Activision for THPS 5 that game was an abomination

ilikestuff205d ago

1,2 and 3 were friggen bangers though. Dave Murra freestyle bmx 2 was badass too.

PurpHerbison205d ago

4 mil doesn't seem like that much for how huge that series was.

Seraphim205d ago

because 4 million isn't the total he received. It's one of many checks....

I'll just quote the bloody article
"Although not going into an exact figure he got for the whole series he does mentions that around the release of the fourth game, he got a royalty cheque of a whooping $4 million"

PurpHerbison204d ago

Ah, assuming I didn't read the article? It was only like 3 sentences long and what I said still stands either or. Small amount.

Profchaos205d ago

If love to see the original games remastered but sure to the amount of licensed content in the game everything from music to skaters to brand names plastered on every other ramp it seems like it would be impossible to do these days.

You especially can't leave out any tracks without losing the feel.

I think it's the same even for a backwards compatibility release

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