If Streaming Is the Future of Console Gaming, It Might Be Screwed

Alex Cranz writes - News of the next generation of consoles has slowly trickled out over the last couple of weeks. None of the news gives us a clear view of either Sony or Microsoft’s consoles—instead we’ve only gotten teases of each.
All told, they paint a picture of a future that will be a natural step up from the current generation, with no grand leaps in technology if you’ve spied a game playing on a high-end PC in the last year or two. In fact, the most interesting picture painted is with regards to how we’ll play a lot of these games. Specifically, it looks like streaming games from some central server farm could be a major component of the next generation of games—and if that’s the case, we’re really screwed.

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DarkVoyager144d ago

“If Streaming Is the Future of Console Gaming, It Might Be Screwed“

If the future is streaming I’ll quite gaming. I can’t stand lag and video compression.

agent4532143d ago

Just like gamers who said about not paying to play online but caved in anyways.

fiveby9143d ago

100 % streaming the future? Maybe in 30 years. But anytime soon replacing locally stored content? Highly unlikely. There will be some hybridization of cloud and local cache at some point. Maybe certain types of games will be streamable to large audiences but 4k / 60 low latency is something the current technology is broadly incapable of supporting.

shinoff2183142d ago

It's just not logical all over the world.

Gamist2dot0143d ago

I'll quite too but will just play all the old physical/digital ownership games.

indysurfn142d ago

Yeah I would collect lots of them from goodwill and just play them.

ChrisW142d ago

Just like those old businessmen on the trains nosily rustling their newspapers to turn the page or fold it to a decent size so they aren't brushing anyone with it... I can't help thinking, "Get with the times! Buy a table to read the news. It's quieter, more compact, and save natural resources."

FinalFantasyFanatic142d ago


But do we have the technology for this? That a hell no for most countries.

ChrisW142d ago

I wonder if those disagrees are because I typed "table" instead of "tablet"

Meh, whatever! This is N4G. It's to be expected.

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3-4-5143d ago

Streaming can't be the standard / Normal, until the internet companies raise their overall speeds everywhere.

The internet speeds are the bottleneck and no matter how awesome consoles are, Streaming will be a glitchy buggy mess if speeds can't keep up.

The higher the graphics the more date = the worse it will get.

WilliamSheridan142d ago

Speed isn't even the issue, it's latency

TheDriz142d ago

Go ahead and quite! lol

ChrisW142d ago

America's Internet sucks. On average it's slow, unreliable, and ridiculously expensive.

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PhoenixUp144d ago

It’s not the future, just an alternative method

AcidDvl143d ago

It can't be the future, most people in the world don't have the Internet bandwidth required to stream games.

Most people in big cities may have, but there's plenty of consumers who don't. Some don't even have Internet connection for that matter.

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fonger08143d ago

I think we're just about on the cusp of a full streaming future. Stateside, we will see pretty decent advances/progress in terms of internet availability and speed here in the next 10 yrs, of course assuming our government fulfills some of the initiatives we've put in place. 5g, rural broadband, and satellite will finally give people high speed internet they so need and deserve. Then there's the next gen of gamers, some of which have never used nor needed physical media to watch movies, music, or even play video games. Their adoption to a "all-digital" form of entertainment only grows year by year.

Secondly, and I can't understate this enough, the publishers, developers, and console producers want an all-digital/streaming future. From a business perspective, it will cut costs and increase profits by leaps and bounds. No brick and mortar deals, no shipping/logistical costs, and most importantly it will give them control. Of course though, they understand they need the market to be ready for it, and it won't (shouldn't) be an over-night switch from physical to complete digital. I'm a bit old-school, I loved the smell of a new cartridges, or the joy of opening a new jewel case, so I'm not exactly enthusiastic about the idea of full streaming. That being said, being as a new dad, I rarely have time to sit down and play on a TV, so in theory, if they can get it work (streaming) fluidly and being able to play anywhere/anything, I'm at least open to the idea.

jukins143d ago

Guess people dont want things to change. It's coming though. Internet speeds are climbing new technologies that provide almost lossless compression are being tested it's only a matter of time.

Psnow is a glimpse and although it can be laggy or blurry at times it also can be as good as playing it at home I frequently play warhawks on psnow and most of the time feels just like I'm on ps3

fonger08143d ago

Exactly, Sony didn’t spend the money on PSNow implementation and continually adding software/improvements if they didn’t believe it’s not at least a “part” of the future. Sure there are plenty of the “get off my lawn” group that will continue to deny this future, but as any business person knows, “if you’re not changing, you’re not growing.”

PiNkFaIrYbOi143d ago

Umm, doubt that it is even ready stateside, still too many issues with it. Interent services vary widely depending where you even live in the U.S. I don't see it being an effective option any time soon really.

KTF26143d ago

Internet availability!
I tried local streaming on Gigabit LAN and the lag difference is noticeable
I'm talking about less than 10 meter CAT5e cables and one Gigabit Switch

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