Three games are leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of June 2018

James writes - "We’ve reached that time again where get to find out which games in the Xbox Game Pass library are soon to be leaving us. Do you want to know exactly which ones will be gone from the subscription at the end of June 2018?"

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Nodoze213d ago

Exactly why I would not want to support this.

starsi360213d ago

£7.99 a month (or £4 a month with the recent half price 6 Month deals that stack) ... and you wouldn’t want to support it because 3 titles that have been on it for an age are removed and new titles added ... leaving well over 100 games on?

213d ago
Ciporta1980213d ago

Do you actually subscribe to it? I have just subbed for the first time this month and there is no way anybody is playing at least 85 of those 100 games. I can't believe the cheers at E3 when they announced fallout was joining game pass. Seriously who is excited about that? You can buy it for about £3

BiggerBoss212d ago

I hate the idea of Gamepass (because it promotes mediocre 1st party games), but obviously games are going to go in and out. Does anybody even care about these 3 games?

Goldenarmz212d ago

I subscribe to it, and its a bargain. And Fallout 4 NEW is 15 at most places in the US unless you wanna buy it used. But you also get 99 other games that you can browse through and check out. I have played a number of games on it. Just because YOU dont find value with it doesnt mean it doesnt hold value. Fallout 4, State of Decay 2, Division, Elders Scroll, Gears of War 4, is worth the 9.99 price tag.

212d ago
shaggy2303212d ago


Promotes mediocre games? How do you work that one out.

If Microsoft wants GamesPass to succeed surely they would want good games on there not mediocre ones.

Also Forza Horizon 4 isn't going to be mediocre.

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aconnellan213d ago

Are you going to cancel your Netflix subscription too? This isn’t really news at all

bluefox755213d ago

Well, Netflix actually has a lot of great content.

RauLeCreuset213d ago

I keep seeing these gaming services (Game Pass, PS Now, etc.) compared to Netflix, but games are consumed differently than movies and shows.

Cobra951213d ago

Apples and oranges. Movies you watch; games you play. Movies are exactly the same every time through. Worthwhile games vary with your participation each time through. There are very few movies I want to keep around forever (and I get those outside of Netflix). Most good games, I want to keep. The last thing I ever want to hear from a gaming service is that they're taking away some of my games.

213d ago
BLAKHOODe213d ago

If you like the game after playing it on GamePass, uhh, maybe BUY IT? And at a discount even. It leaving GamePass is not the end of it's existence.

Baza213d ago

Game Pass and Netflix are not comparable. The similarity is they are subscription services.

mrmikew2018213d ago

It would be nice if the MS exclusive stayed on Gamepass, sort of like the Netflix originals.

But I kind of see the point you were trying to make.

Godmars290213d ago

Though, they make as many stinkers as good content.

Then again, Netflix makes it's own content where by contrast MS is far more dependent on 3rd party.

mcstorm212d ago

@mrmikew2018 I think that is the idea going forward Microsoft IPS will stay in it once in it. I'm not aware of any coming out of it so far but I maybe wrong?

Mmmkay212d ago

yes, i cancelled netflix. it sucks compared to a few years ago. their originals are mostly crap and the rest is gone missing

No Way212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

bluefox, so does Gamepass, what's your point?

343_Guilty_Spark212d ago (Edited 212d ago )


Netflix took years to roll out great content. I guess you weren’t born during the DVD- barebones streaming catalogue era.


There are a lot of great games I would not replay either due to the tremendous investment they require and lack of time or that I completed to such an extent it is unnecessary to replay. Now certain games are so magical I have to replay them. It’s the same for certain movies too.

I could watch Bladerunner 2049 and Avengers Infinity War million times. I could play Halo CE and FF8 Panzer Dragoon over and over again.

Games and movies aren’t so different. I think a proper analogy is Mcintosh vs Honey Crisp Apples.

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Kribwalker213d ago

because like they said at the beginning that games will rotate out and new ones will come in? There will be new games announced close to the end of the month (or after like Fallout 4 etc that got announced at E3)

213d ago
letsa_go213d ago

Microsoft has their biggest fanboys shelling out $179.87 a year for xbox live + xbox game pass, and at the end of the generation, they won't have anything to show for it. All those games will be gone. $179.87 x a console generation of 6 years = $1,079.22, and you won't own anything at the end. No thanks!

BLAKHOODe213d ago

Unless you have a serious hoarding problem, chances are, you've thrown something away or got rid of something you bought. So, if you were going to lose that stuff - not own it anymore, why did you buy it in the first place?

You think after 6 years and $1080 you would have nothing to show for it, but you were at least entertained playing games provided to you by GamePass those otherwise boring 6 years. And $1080, over the course of 6 years, having access to 100s of video games, some on day-1 of release is really cheap for a gamer.

Zeref212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

uhm since game pass wont disappear at the end of the gen and Next Xbox will be backwards compatible you're not losing anything.

Most games will stay there. And exclusives are confirmed to stay there forever.

you say all games will be gone as if they're not going to add new ones.

Doggy123212d ago

I through my old ps3 and Xbox away cus I wasn’t gonna let game uk give me £30 for it

letsa_go212d ago

@Zeref ok, stop paying for the game pass and see if you have access to all those games forever.

ImGumbyDammit212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Your point is nonsense. Stop paying for PSPlus or Gold Live and see if you have access to those "free" monthly games they give you. Or see how that online play works without paying for those services, no more online with COD. Battlefield or other games. Stop paying for Netflix and see if you have access to those videos, Stop paying for Amazon Prime and see all those benefits go bye-bye. Stop paying for PSNow and see if you will be able to stream those games. Don't pay your electricity bill and see what will happens there. That is how the world works you don't pay for something you don't get the benefits.

letsa_go212d ago

@ImGumbyDammit, no it seems you understand my point....which is when you buy a game, you own it until you decide to sell it. Even with digital games, you can potentially get screwed. In 10+ years when the servers to download the games no longer exist, then what? How do you play the game you paid for? You will only be able to play it if you have a physical copy. Anyway, basically all I am saying is you are paying all that money and at the end of the day, you own nothing. Whereas if you spent that same amount of money on physical games, at the end of the console cycle or 10+ years down the line, you will still have those games. That is all I am saying. And I agree that paying for online via psn or xbox live is a farce, something that microsoft made acceptable last gen, and that we now all accept. It is silly to me that on my pc, I have access to that same xbox live infrastructure for free. You would think that would piss off anyone with an xbox, but it doesn't. When microsoft decided to offer their first party games on pc, it eliminated any need I had for my xbox one, and I sold it. In the long run, it is saving me that xbox live subscription fee, and I can play with my few friends that are the xbox holdouts if the opportunity arose.

Prince_TFK212d ago

Oh is a mandatory to pay for Gamepass if you own the X1.


letsa_go212d ago

@Kun_ADR I never said it was mandatory. This article is about the removal of certain games on game pass though, so that is what I am talking about.

Gh05t212d ago

I go out and spend $56 on a steak, eat it in 30-45min, and all I have to show for it goes down my toilet.

I could be mad, I could spend less, or I could just ENJOY it during that time understand what I am doing and making my own decisions.

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blady_man212d ago

There is no denying that this i a lot better than ps now!! Ans i have both consoles

NatFanBoyRestricted212d ago

Opinion. What's your opinion on Netflix or Redbox or PSNOW while you're at it?

KickSpinFilter212d ago

Netflix is great for their produced content, ok for tv shows, worst for movies. Amazon ok for movies ok for their shows

WilliamSheridan212d ago

You also don't have Xbox, another reason you won't support it

JerseyDon212d ago

The games are supposed to be used as a trial so you can buy it if you love it. If not you should expect it to be taken off

babadivad212d ago

I look at is as a game rental service, because that's basically what it is. You get to sample tons of games. And if there is any game you REALLY want to hold on to, you can buy it at a discount. What is the problem with that?

Aenea212d ago

Don't have a Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime sub either huh?

PETE1985212d ago

I assume you also refuse to pay for services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix? Rotating content on subscription services is common practice and is likely based on stats that Microsoft utilise highlighting number of downloads or something similar.
I subscribe to this service, the price per month is minimal for most people who have some sort of income and with the recent (ish) announcement that first party will be avaliable day one (yes some wait but with recent studio acquisitions/creation will increase first party roster).
The service is a steal, even if you just play 1 full priced game every 3-4 months the service is saving you money.

Nintentional212d ago

You better not be subscribed to netflix my guy 😂😂

mark_parch212d ago

me and a friend game share it and recently got the half price codes so it's only going to cost me £2 a month for the next 2 years. and I get sea of thieves, state of decay 2, crackdown 3, forza horizon 4, gears of war 5, ashen and the many many other games so any body who tries to tell me that isn't outstanding value for money clearly has an agenda

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TheDriz213d ago

Wait, why take games off game pass?

Vits213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

This is something inherent of any service that offers third-party content. It was agreed between Microsoft and third-party publishers that a particular game would be part of the Xbox Game Pass for a certain period of time (One year at least). Eventually this period of time runs out and said game has to be withdrawn until a contract renewal.

Just to illustrate:
Next month, DiRT Rally, Dead Rising 3, Limbo, Ultratron, Metal Slug XX, So Many Me and Pharaonic will reach the end of theirs contract time and therefore may be withdrawn from the Game Pass (again, this depends on the willingness of Microsoft and third-party publishers to renew the agreement).

Concertoine213d ago

Dead Rising 3 would be weird to see go since MS published it.

TheDriz212d ago

Yeah I guess it would just be nice to be able to play those later. Now I cant. Didnt think this was exactly netflix. I get why it has to be but I stopped using Netflix for the same reason.

213d ago
CrimsonWing69213d ago

What!? That’s so lame i thought this was like a vault you’d be able to play any game in there as long as you’re a member and they’d continually build up the library... not cool, man... so you might as well buy these games if you want to always have them.

Cobra951213d ago

Agree with the "lame" and "not cool" parts. I've known about this downside all along, which is one reason I stayed away. Another is that I hate the idea of games as a service. I want to continue owning my games, as I always have.

No Way212d ago

Do you know much about GamePass Cobra? There is nothing stopping you from owning the games (forever), even after they are withdrawn. You also get a discount on said game.

On a side note, what does "games as a service" mean exactly? That you get whole games for a monthly cost? Or that you continually pass for the right to play a game, that they upgrade over time? I don't know....

Bronxs15212d ago

i also like owning my games. but i've bought games and regretted it. so considering that stores like blockbuster that rented games are no more for me. and the cost of gamepass is about what a rental of a new game would cost me for a week or two. it's good to treat game pass like a rental. you can sub for one month and try out a game before you purchase it, especially new first party games. and if you actually beat the game and don't think you'll play it again you saved a bunch of money. if you play the game and turn out you don't like it, you didn't have to buy it to find out so potentially saved yourself money there too. most likely for me, i'll want to play the new halo 6 campaign when it comes out but will not want to drop 80 dollars (canadian) on a new game. so i'll prob sub for the month and play the campaign. then when the game prices drops as it eventually will i will pick it up to keep in my library and return to.

sprinterboy212d ago

I see positives for both sides tbh, depends on each individual gamer.

TheDriz212d ago

Yeah canceled my sub. I thought I was given access to these games but if the can just pull them then I’m out. I don’t care about the legal stuff figure it out

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gangsta_red213d ago

You have that option, you can rent them and if you like it, buy it.

213d ago
GNCFLYER213d ago

Same. Every forum where game pass is pitched has it as the best thing in the history of gaming.

Not once until now have I heard games leave the service.

Zeref212d ago

all games will be there for at least 6 months.

Prince_TFK212d ago

“so you might as well buy these games if you want to always have them.”

Well isn’t that the point? Gamepass is a rental service so why would you expect to own any of the games?

sprinterboy212d ago

The mind boggles buddy how gamers can't grasp it's simply a rental system. It really is not rocket science haha. Game pass and ps now is a good option for gamers on a small budget who can only buy 3 or 4 games a year.

sprinterboy212d ago

Most of the game pass and ps now games can be bought for under £5/$5/5€ from any used games shop. These services are like a rental service more than anything imo.
I pay £12.99 a month for "boomerang rentals" UK based for renting any game I want. I buy the exclusives then rent games I'm not sure on tbh, works a treat for me.
Lost count now on how much I've saved from not buying shit games at full price.

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_LarZen_213d ago

Phew. Not interested in any of those. So many games to play.

Specter229212d ago

Was that idiocy necassary?

BiggerBoss212d ago

If he had a PS4, he would have zero reason to get an xbox.

Kavorklestein212d ago

He said PHEW. Implying he didn't care about those specific titles. Not Xbox games in general.

Unless he wanted to get an Xbox... then he would have a reason, right?

Rocket Science!

BiggerBoss212d ago


I mean, if you prefer having less games, and more terrible exclusives, maybe THEN I could see you wanting an Xbox.

_LarZen_212d ago

I have all the consoles. My comment was aimed at GamePass tho. A fantastic service. Just glad the games that got removed are not in my backlog of games to play.

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superchiller213d ago

They really should call it LamePass, terrible idea renting video games.

KickSpinFilter212d ago

Looks like for not much longer, going to start offering downloads also. But will see.

BiggerBoss212d ago

They're not really the same thing though...

When MS finally releases their streaming service that they announced at E3, THEN you can compare the two.

thisismyaccount212d ago

Quality wise PS now shits bricks on GamePass. Jrpgs, the Batman Arkham games, Bioshock trilogy, borderlands, dark souls 2, dark cloud 2, disagea collection, devil may cry collection, fallout 3, new Vegas, every god of war game, and maaaany more compelling games.

Kribwalker213d ago

$10 a month over 100 games VS. $60 for one?