Resident Evil 4 is still the pinnacle of action-adventure

"Resident Evil 4 hit every note it attempted to. The gameplay is intense, the bosses are epic, the characters and writing are charming, and the progression system is so damn addicting." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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NecrumOddBoy120d ago

You mean survival horror? RE is not the pinnacle of either. But it's still a great game.

T2X120d ago

It was the Father of them. Lol.

naruga120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

it is a very good action game indeed, really enjoyable....but has NO fing relation with Resident Evil game...this along the 5-6 sequels derailed the series to sht level (aka RE7)

Bimkoblerutso120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Alone in the Dark pretty much laid the groundwork for the genre, actually, and there were quite a few games prior to RE that played with elements of survival horror (Sweet Home).

RE is the first game that they coined the actual term "survival horror" for, and it was definitely the game that popularized it, though. I don't think anyone is scoffing at the legitimacy of the franchise, but it certainly wasn't historically the "Father of them."

mcstorm120d ago

I loved Rez 4 for me it's been the best Rez game created 1 to 3 were very good games but I though Parasite Eve games were better. Rez 5 was to bright I found and could not get into 6 which has made me miss 7 but I will give it a go at some point.

KillBill120d ago

Not even that... RE4 is not even the best of the RE series in many opinions.

mikeslemonade120d ago

RE4 is the best legacy RE. But the best action game belongs to either Zelda or MGS.

ThanatosDMC119d ago

Winback: Covert Operations > RE4

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Gatsu120d ago

I think many would disagree with that statement. RE created the genre.

NecrumOddBoy120d ago

I should have specified RE4. Not the entire series

Imalwaysright120d ago

No. Original Alone in the Dark created the genre.

Sirk7x120d ago

I think he meant it created the action-adventure genre. It definitely created and popularized over the shoulder shooting though. That was a first.

Darth Gamer120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

The Resi series to me has always had a special place in my heart. I've been gaming for about 40 years now. Resi 4 though I have mixed feelings about. Even though I consider it to be a fantastic game in its own right, I also consider it to be the beginning and what started Resident Evil's downward slide. It started to become more of an action game and less of a survival horror one. The games following were made to try to attract more of the ever popular Call of Duty player (as did a lot of games of that time) which in my opinion has ruined the series. Resi 7 was a great addition though trying to bring that Resi game back to its beginnings and return to what originally made the series great.

SuperSonic91120d ago

Look at the article: its from Nintendo Enthusiast a Nintendo centric site being salty because a Ganecube exclusive lost exclusivity and went ti PS2 and sold many many times than the Nintendo version.
I get it now.
Nintendo fanboys' Stockholm Syndrome is really a mental disease.

Sirk7x120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

This is literally the only mention of the PS2 in the article, and it's praising the extra mode it had on it:
"And don’t even get me started on the Ada’s Separate Ways story introduced on PS2, and action-packed Mercenaries mode — both of which are basically full games on their own." There's also a link to a Playstation Enthusiast video, so I doubt the writer has a problem with the platform.
I know you like to troll alot, but at this point, you're actually lying about the content in the article for those who didn't bother to read it. There's nothing salty about this article people; He's giving a glowing review of every version of the game. Also, the Wii version was the best until the recent release.

Movefasta1993120d ago

Dead Space 1 mops the floor with any resident evil game.

jivah119d ago

Id say code veronica was easily a better game imo. Id take that a sequel to that over any new re game that comes out

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SuperSonic91120d ago

God of War or Uncharted 4 is

Prubar120d ago

Only a matter of time before a Sony fan comes to cry lol.

Unreal01120d ago

Or this is someone's opinion? You know people can have other opinions right?

SuperSonic91120d ago

No. I am a huge Shinji Mikami fanboy and I love all his games from pS1. Hell Vanquish is more enjoyable action.
You should be happy future games are better than RE4 cos that is a good sign.
Coz if RE4 is the best that means the industry has become stale stagnant.
GoW is better. Better premise, story, writing, action gameplay, etc.
Trumps everything before it.

OffRoadKing120d ago

Says the crying xbox fanboy.

SuperSonic91120d ago

Yes and I played RE4 to death on PS2 as a huge Shinji Mikami fanboy myself.
God of War is untouchable.

theshredded120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

You mean cinematic games with simple filler gameplay? I own a PS4 and only rent those types of games. The gameplay is nowhere near the presentation it's too simple and generic but the adventure part is definitely there.

SuperSonic91120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Id rather play a $60 PS4 father and son story or brotherly love game than $60 jumping game whos plot is the same tired and old stuck in the past "rescue the girl" from a huge gorilla or spiked turtle.

salmonade120d ago

You're a complete liar. God Of War's gameplay is not simple or generic in any way, shape or form.

TheKingKratos119d ago

God of war/uncharted4 is movie game with filler gameplay ??
Yep you never played either

GamesMaster1982120d ago

I am a massive Sony fan , but even I would not rate GOW or Unchrted 4 over the memory’s the classics ie Resi and 2 Silent Hill and 2 etc have me . Don’t get me wrong they are 2 of the best games this gen . But they just don’t hold a candle to the menorys them classics gave .

The Wood120d ago

Try playing them now. . . Nostalgia is a progress blocker. .

Res 4 was a very very good and enjoyable experience. . But games age as will God of war leaving our nostalgia to fill the voids in gameplay, story. Graphics and so on. Some of my old favourites have been surpassed. I'll never forget the first time I played metal gear solid 2. . . Switching pad ports or watching my pad move via vibration. . Problem is the gameplay doesn't meet today's standards. . As the industry has grown older, so have my tastes and expectations. Indie games are my guilty pleasures and you could argue that they are the games that used to be full price level games. . . . . .could you imagine a game like gow being an indie level game in 20 years. . . . Mad

Concertoine120d ago

DMC 3 and Bayonetta are better action games than GoW

yellowgerbil120d ago

That or bioshock all easily stand above any re game

PhantomTommy120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I was certainly thrilled by the endless waking in Uncharted 4. Who needs bombastic action when you can have two characters talk to each other while walking?

New GOW has really fantastic combat but some pretty poor pacing in some areas. Load up Resi 4 and count the seconds until you're in full control of Leon and taking out Las Plagas like a badass. Load up GOW and watch Kratos cut down a tree, row a boat, cremate his wife, go hunt with his son....... action adventure.

P_Bomb119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Not everything needs to pander to the Michael Bay crowd either. Action for the sake of it gets boring too. That’s why Chris in RE6 turned out the way he did. Gotta top that bombastic boulder punch. Fast forward: Umbrella corps. Pure shooter. Pure suck.

SquareBurgers119d ago

Neither reinvented anything like RE4 did the entire genre.

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MetroidFREAK21120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

RE4 is still really fun to play. The Wii version still stands as the best version due to the excellent pointer controls. (In my opinion of course)

Deep-throat120d ago

I've played almost every version (GC, PS2, Wii, PS3, and PC UE).

The PC version is my fav. Almost no loading, 60fps, truly epic fan made high res textures.

Braindeadninja120d ago

Why are people giving this guy dislike? Was the pc version bad?

shinoff2183120d ago

Motion control is what made me hate the Wii. I mean I still play mario on it only the side scrolling one. I also feel that's when Mario party started to suck

MetroidFREAK21119d ago

Some games used the motion controls very well. Like RE4 for instance. Metroid Prime 3 (and the trilogy collection in 2009) made great use out of the Wii Remote. The Call of Duty games on Wii also had some great pointer controls and you could be super accurate with them too. Was a lot of fun back in the day :)

Gatsu120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I think I have to agree with this. I'm replaying it currently for the 1000th time and it's every time so much fun. There is a few bit creepy moments, even though it shifted away from the survival horror. I love RE4, but I'm so glad that RE2 Remake will take us back to that which the series is most known and loved for.

RE4 had such a huge influence on many popular games along the years.

paintedgamer1984120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

The thing that people forget is theres a reason why re 0, 1, 2, 3, and cvx qre so different than 4567 is because graphics and hardware have evolved a metric ton. These people bitching about how shit re 4 is (which i agree about 5 but mainly 6) 5 and esp 7 are still decent games in their own right. You want to play re survival horror... play 0- cvx and stfu and let us re fans enjoy the different even if its not a traditional sh game. While re4 did so many things different as the games mechanics were getting really stale and old... re4 is regarded by GAMERS... Not you diehard re elists from back in the day... GAMERS as an amazing game and 1 of the best if not the best in the series.

babadivad120d ago

6 was better than 5 IMO. I guess mainly because I was able to play this one co-op with my bro on PC. But I licked how each character played and felt unique. All of their stories were unique but also over lapped. It was great. You could't get the whole picture until you beat the game.

I can't understand why RE6 gets shit on so much.

Gatsu120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

You're right, games do often change during the years when more advanced hardware comes. I'm glad they have tried different approaches with their games. I love how the new engine and graphics make RE2 Remake look like, they can really push the horror to the limit with the lighting etc. One thing I kinda hope, is that Capcom will come up with some amazing new villain again if they decide to do RE8 or more. I miss Wesker :3...

GamesMaster1982120d ago

So because graphics evolve you have to turn your game to a COD shoot fest ?. They could of easily made 4,5, 6 more survival horror . They simple chose not too. Simple limit ammo add save only points etc job done . But no they had to please all the bang bang kids.

TheCommentator120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

If Capcom rejected DMC as the template for RE4, why did they agree to changing every aspect of the RE franchise with the crap-tastic RE4? Great that you like it, but it's the gaming equivalent of swapping out a banana split for a taco. Who cares that you like the taco that Capcom turned your banana split into when we all deserved another dessert?

Let's put it this way: Naughty Dog didn't make The Last of Us into another Uncharted game, did they? If Capcom didn't want to make RE anymore, all they had to do was make it a new IP instead of cashing in on the RE name.

Leon's quest to save the President's daughter from a space parasite... sorry, but it's a crap RE game.

shinoff2183120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Not even close young guy. The older ones were better by miles in fact without those older ones there'd be no resident evil. Also the old style was not getting old and stale it was perfectly fine. Re4 I may have taken to a little better but the story was completely whack. Like the story really just sucked and why the hell was sub zero trying to sell me stuff

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SuperSonic91120d ago

Yes the PS2 version influenced many

TallonIV120d ago

The PS2 version was the worst version lol

shinoff2183119d ago

I bet it sold better then the gamecube version though

firelogic120d ago

The entire castle section is a slog.

Nintentional120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

How?? The progression opens up so much more, the castle is amazing to explore and so much collectibles to find. New enemies, bosses,weapons and set peices make it amazing to explore and it reminds me of Castlevania and Bloodborne. RE4 is a 10/10 game with excellent progression, pacing, graphics, and gameplay.

paintedgamer1984120d ago

Well said, the magnum fully upgraded in the later levels is a must. I really just wanted re5 to be more of the same as re4 but changed way too much. Like how 0-cvx were all very similiar with different storys and characters

Gatsu120d ago

I love to kick ass in the castle. So many maniacs.

paintedgamer1984120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

The bang bang kids? My 1st re was 2 and then played the remastered of 1 and all the others on gcn and 4567... and i loved 4. Im so glad it wasnt like 0-cvx. It was getting stale. Not the story but the god awful camera, graphics... mainly the camera. The puzzles were amazing and not so over abundance of ammo (survival horror) was great too but it needed an overhaul and thats what 4 did. Just look at the damned improvements...

+better camera
+better controls
+better/more guns
+more ways to attack enemies
+great story
+upgraded weapons
+much improved graphics
+different paths
+more enemies types
+upgraded stuff in general (health/ect)
+improved ways to use health
+improved head shot skill
+gun upgrades (armrest)
+addition of the red beam sight
+much bigger inventory (upgrades too)
+ what are you selling/what are you buying STRANNNGERR... The merchant hands down was also an amazing addition...

Now please... add all your non bang bang kids negatives to re4 and i bet these things off the top of my head outweigh yours... ohh 2 more

+reason to really seach the world because of sockets for items that garner more $$$ and well hidden weapons
+the addition of mercerneries and adas missions that let you get the type writter annd hand cannon. BOOM

shinoff2183120d ago

It was horrible the story sucked, and I completely stopped playing re games. Even 7 to me sucks. I hated the fps view. I'll say it's a helluva experience in psvr though. It's fun as hell playing in vr

paintedgamer1984119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Ok even if the story sucked in re4... so many things sucked about previous games. Like all the improvements i stated above were seriously lacking in previous games. Hopefully the remake of 2 will fix most of these issues.

Still its your opinion... which doesnt stack up to most of critics and gamers alike. Re4 has also prob been bought and played more than all re games

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