Forza Horizon 4 Car List Leaked Because of Windows Store

The Forza series has always been about fast cars, but with Forza Horizon 4 Car List Leaked ahead, is your choice of vehicle in it?

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Majors2221d ago

That's some list they've got

cfc782221d ago

Ford escort RS turbo 😀 on the roads of GB in FH4 😂 the dream is alive.


Forza Horizon 4 enters Steam Deck Top 10 following delisting announcement & Summer price cut

Steam Deck stats show that Forza Horizon 4 is now in the top 10 played for the handheld device. An 80% discount and FOMO does help its cause.


Microsoft Is Sending Free Forza Horizon 4 To All Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Who Purchased Its DLC

Microsoft appears to be setting a great example for its fans by sending them free codes for Forza Horizon 4.

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OtterX23d ago

I'll give praise when praise is due. This is a great move on Microsoft's part. Kudos.

.....Forza Horizon 4 should have never been delisted this early though. I never particularly cared for the music, they could replace or remove music tracks for all I care. You don't see Gran Turismo delisting their games bc of licensed music. Make better decisions in the production stage if the music you choose is going to cause the entire game to get deleted from gaming history.

BeHunted23d ago

"You don't see Gran Turismo delisting their games bc of licensed music."

That's false. You assume it's music license? It's the same with Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo Sport was released in October 2017 and delisted in 2023. All servers shut down, impacting the game's functionality.
Forza Horizon games, when delisted, you will still be able to play multiplayer. .

OtterX23d ago

Yea you're right. I completely forgot that one was actually delisted. My apologies.

Profchaos23d ago

But it's not just music that's a problem the cars themselves are licensed to along with car accessories.

It's like licensing for any sports game or even a old-school Tony hawk game where every inch of the game is a licensing agreement from boards and wheels to skaters to music.

It's the biggest problem with sports game longevity and driving falls into the category

glennhkboy22d ago

It is not the licence of the music, it is the licence of the cars.

gold_drake23d ago

im confused.

wouldnt you have the game already if u bought dlc for it ?

BeHunted23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

No, with Game Pass there's extra deals that gives you 10% off all DLCs. You don't need to own the game.

gold_drake23d ago

so people buy dlcs without owning the games for it ?
mkay lol

CrimsonWing6923d ago


Could be cheaper to buy DLC on sale if you enjoy the game a lot on Gamepass and then wait for a sale on the game if you want to “own it.” 🤷‍♂️

Skate-AK23d ago

I do it all the time. Buy a season pass while it's on sale and then Gamefly the game. Still cheaper than buying it.

LabRat23d ago

If it's a MS first party game you could assume the game will be on the service forever (obviously this game has licensing deals that don't allow that). So yes, people can and do buy dlc for games and assume they have the base game for as long as they have gamepass. Crazy right? We live in a world where people choose how to spend their own money.

DarXyde22d ago

So apparently people really are buying DLC for games they rent.

That's very interesting. I'm quite interested to see how this shakes out for Call of Duty this year. Given FH4 is about 6 years old though, if it's any indication for the move going forward, you'll be waiting a while for that benefit to come through. Possible 5 full COD iterations later.

porkChop22d ago

Call of Duty games don't get delisted due to licensing though.

DarXyde22d ago

Sure, and they're regularly put out. Being delisted hardly matters with an annual franchise.

My point is I'm interested in seeing what DLC purchasing trends look like for those playing Call of Duty on game pass

ocelot0722d ago

Same, As it could turn out costing people more. With cod mw1 and MW2 I played both monthly right up until the next cod came out. So mw1 (2019) - cold war and MW2 - MW3. MW2 cost me £58 on disc. Think I bought the battle pass twice. If I was to do the GP route. It cost me £8 a month for GP so total cost £96 and at the end of that I loose access unless I buy it or continue renting. Then if I buy a few battle passes. It's just going to cost a lot more.

However, Credit where it's due. I felt ripped off with MW3. Wish I didn't buy it. At least with the new black ops I can rent on the cheap for a month. If I enjoy i can get it on pc or playstation. If I hate it i got to try it for £8.

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Forza Horizon 4 hits all time high player count following delisting announcement

Forza Horizon 4 is set to be delisted later this year, which has caused many players to check out the game causing it to break player records

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OtterX26d ago

Standard is $11.99 and Ultimate is $19.99 right now on Steam, so it's a good time to pick it up and own it.