How Nintendo Switch Online Can Be a Viable Successor to Virtual Console

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

Nintendo has announced that the upcoming Switch Online subscription-service will replace the Virtual Console. This could be a great move if done right.

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strayanalog120d ago

Well, yeah. I definitely am interested in seeing how they go about it, but the ball is in Nintendo's court and they need to be careful what kind of shot they make.

InKnight7s120d ago

I can't understand why Nintendo don't bring back all old titles? Pokemon Colossuem, Zelda, MGS, RE4 and RE0 will boost the hardware sales by 2 million at least instantly and will create another great selling point.

DialgaMarine120d ago

It can be if they provide more than just NES classics. I imagine they will. Hopefully they do both portables and consoles up until GBA and N64