What Makes A Person Sell Their Entire Retro Games Collection?

Nintendo Life: Can you give us some background on your gaming history?

Kevin Bowers: My father used to own a Commodore 64 many years ago and that was really my first taste of computers and gaming. I absolutely loved Street Surfer; I never got far but I still remember the music that became faster as you gained speed! Then there was BombJack that I must have played to death. Unfortunately, the C64 died and I remember wanting a Donkey Kong Dual Screen Game & Watch, which I never managed to get my parents to buy.

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TGG_overlord211d ago

I would say some of the following things:
1. Debt
2. Wife or gf
3. Sickness
4. Lack of space
5. Lack of interest
6. Worrying times

mikeslemonade210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

I sell everything from last gen to pay for current gen systems. I got the systems all on trade in credit and still have a lot left over.

Deep-throat210d ago

Collecting games is a mistake unless you're planning to sell them later for big money. Risky investment though.

CobraKai210d ago

I collect them. I keep them with no intentions of selling. One day digital versions will forever be unavailable, but I can always pop that cartridge back in and fire up a game like it was released yesterday. My kids can play games that others may no longer be able to due to rights or licensing issues. At this point I’ve got a piece of history.

mikeslemonade210d ago

Yea it’s stupid to collect if you’re not going for a complete collection.

And also one day all the games will be on PC anyway.

shinoff2183210d ago

I mean I collect games because I like to play them. They will still be on my shelf long after the eShop and psns and whatever ms calls their's are shut down. I have a crazy amount of games in my backlog. PS3s online will definitely be dead before I even finish it's backlog. So sometimes it's not a mistake as you wrote. Sure I did invest in these games to the point of being able to play them in the future

ChrisGTR1209d ago

Collecting anything is always a mistake, the companies trick you into thinking there's value in making a complete set when there never was any value to beging with. You want proof, look at what beanie baby's are going for on eBay. Basically the same as what pops will be worth in 20 years, nothing.

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shinoff2183210d ago

I was about to start a list but um you got it covered aka life

RainbowBrite211d ago

A welcome to the real world? You gotta pay for sht, you know? That's life

Father__Merrin210d ago

I've unfortunately done this. Once your family starts to grow in afraid all that game collections strewn across your room has to go.

I had shed loads of SNES carts, master system carts, Gameboy carts etc etc all of it's gone I'm afraid.

Should have kept castlevania sotn and ff8 limited edition with the mug and t shirt dammit........

shinoff2183210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

I have 4 kids and let me say your game collections doesn't have to go. They are sustainable, in fact I didn't really get into collecting until I had my first kid

TheEnigma313210d ago

Meh when you realize you will never play them again and you’re hording

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