Paladins runs at 60fps on Switch and it's superb

One of the strongest Switch conversions we've seen so far, Paladins delivers 60fps in docked and portable modes - and with most visual features intact compared to Xbox One X. The main aspect that takes a hit is resolution, running at a dynamic 900p with many drops below that number. Tom explains all.

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Kribwalker115d ago

And it’s crossplay with Xbox which is quite cool

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starchild115d ago

That's really good. 60fps makes a huge difference.

CrystalFantasy115d ago

Lol paladins.

Wake me up when they have Overwatch running 1080p 60fps.

Prince_TFK115d ago

Wake me up when you can play Paladin or Overwatch on the go with your PS4.

Eidolon115d ago

Isn't it a fast-paced online-only competitive multiplayer? if you're on the go, finding a decent connection might be an issue for most people.

badz149115d ago

wake us all up when switch+xbone+PC have more players than PS4+PC

luckytrouble115d ago

Vita...remote play...been a thing for basically ever. I know it's an easily forgotten collaborative feature between Sony devices, but still. Either way, people tend to forget, THESE ARE ONLINE GAMES. SWITCH DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A 4G NETWORK.

So basically you're at the mercy of free wi-fi or tethering data. Online only titles on Switch are not this amazingly convenient thing people seem to think they are.

cigi115d ago

@badz149 well they have none...
That is really the point pony

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Jrios355115d ago

You're going to be asleep for quite sometime, then lul

wonderfulmonkeyman115d ago

Wake us up when your own unrealistic expectations of a machine twice as small as a PS4 even matter.

Paladins running as good as it does now is still fantastic given the hardware differences.
Only an anti-Nintendo fantard would be mocking this.

3-4-5114d ago

I've played bored quickly.

Tried Paladins out and I actually like the gameplay just as much as Overwatch...maybe a bit more but I liked the character options better for their play styles.

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ChickeyCantor115d ago

I find it funny how people argue switch can't handle overwatch, im not interested in paladins, but the visuals are adequate for such a small device. Overwatch can easily do the same without losing its flair.