Kingdom Hearts 3: exclusive interview with Tetsuya Nomura

Speaking to Italian magazine Multiplayer, Tetsuya Nomura said their team has always found it difficult to pin down the right timing for announcing Kingdom Hearts III due to a number of factors. This includes constant pressure from fans asking what project they are working on, wariness on game information leaks that spoil big surprises, and risking having gamers believe in fake rumors. If and when these happen, Nomura dreads having to deny or respond to these information.

“The same thing happened with the remake of Final Fantasy 7,” said Nomura as translated by Kingdom Hearts Insider. “I am well aware of the fact that we announced it too early, but even in the industry, word was beginning to spread that we were working on the game, so we just decided not to keep it more secret and officially reveal it.”

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PhoenixUp120d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced in 2013 to promote the future of the franchise after Dream Drop Distance released the year prior and KH1.5 was going to release later in the year for the western market

Final Fantasy VII Remake on the other hand looks to be steering people’s attention away from the eventual Final Fantasy XVI. This is the longest we’ve gone without having any news on the next numbered FF game.

Michiel1989119d ago

FF 7 IS the next numbered ff game, or do you want to label 7 remake as a mere side project? I just hope they get rid of the spamfest that was 15's combat and implement turn based in some sort of way.

PhoenixUp118d ago

No that’s just a remake of an already existing game

Pyrofire95118d ago

But it is what they're doing instead and a huge freakin undertaking that everyone had been clamoring for for years.

PhoenixUp118d ago

Are you incapable of counting? FFVII already exists. No matter how much effort is put into this remake it isn’t a new numbered title.

That’s like saying the Residient Evil 1&2, Yakuza Kiwami 1&2, Persona 4, Metroid 1&2, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Metal Gear Solid, Mega Man, Mega Man X remakes are considered new numbered titles in their respective series.

strayanalog120d ago

You don't say?!

Tetsuya, a lot of gamers have been waiting most of their lives - with some not even being born yet - for a title like either one of these to come along and you're actually defending the idea that announcing it early was necessary?
It's okay to defend Square Enix's decision, I suppose (after all, they are your employer) but the excitement was there, trust me. It wasn't going anywhere. Two decades, or a little less, of fan hounding on just Final Fantasy 7 can attribute to that. As for leaks and rumors, deny them or stay silent. Everyone else does.

FallenAngel1984119d ago

In direct comparison Dragon Quest XI got announced in 2015 and got released only 2 years later

Nebaku119d ago

That game is probably less than half as ambitious than either of these two, so it's a pointless comparison.

The 10th Rider119d ago

I take it you haven't played Dragon Quest and have no clue about just how big the series is over in Japan?

rivaldoo777118d ago

I bet dragon quest 11 will sit on 90+ metacritic whereas KH3 looks like a low 80s game

Nebaku118d ago

@The 10th Rider Sales has nothing to do with ambitiousness.

Even if it did, both KH and FF also do remarkable overseas, thus nullifying what little point you had.

Old McGroin119d ago

Yup. Always a bad idea to announce a game 57 years before it's ready for release.

thatguyhayat119d ago

Hes been on a roll with honestly lately he even fired shots at final fantasy 15 too

DethWish119d ago

Can you expand on those "shots at ff15"? Sounds intriguing

InKnight7s118d ago

Him and Tabata spreading his mediocority among the XV and canceling everything looked so cool in 2014 and 2013 trailer and scaled down all animations and battles and erasing a lot of cities fight.

fonduktoe119d ago

And this after finding out the sky is blue? What a day...

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