EA is Overlooking the Value of Battlefield V's Single-Player Offering

While DOOM Eternal and Wolfenstein: Youngblood will fly the single-player shooter flag in 2019, Battlefield V, for now, is the only AAA FPS with a dedicated campaign set to release across the remainder of 2018, and EA is failing to capitalise on that marketing opportunity.

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PhoenixUp116d ago

Why does having a single played mode need to be marketed? It’s there and people know it’s there.

LawlessSXE115d ago

People know it's there, but people are also convinced that it's not worth their time. That's an attitude that EA should be trying to dispel.

Skull521115d ago

Just toss it out and focus on multiplayer, go back to the roots of the series.

Jinger116d ago

The real meat and potatoes is in the MP anyway.

Sciurus_vulgaris116d ago

Outside of the cutscenes not much was invested into the campaign of Battlefield 1, the AI was terrible, missions were often recycled from conquest maps and many levels felt like tutorials. I fully expect BF V’s campaign to have the same corner cuttings as BF1 and Battlefront 2’s. The presence of a single player campaign in Battlefield V is not something EA should be praised for.

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AK91115d ago

Well this is EA so that’s not really surprising

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